Dressing while expecting!

Along with friends asking me about registering, I have had many ask about what to wear when expecting! I know it’s different for everyone, but I’m happy to share what worked for me. I’ve officially been pregnant during all seasons. What I will say, and stick to, is to wear what you have until you can’t anymore! Turn dresses into shirts and add leggings. Be creative, comfy and cute…when you feel up to it!

One thing that I really found to be important were tanks. These were good because you could wear them under a shirt that might be getting a tad short or you could wear them with a cardigan. The longer the tank, the better. The belly is growing, so if it’s long, the tank can grow with you. While you are in the early stages, a little gathered material looks cute as well. 

I did have several flowy tops, that I loved! I think most you could clearly tell I was expecting!

I found that when I was pregnant, I wanted to look pregnant. I didn’t want to just look fluffy, which I think can happen easily with certain maternity clothes. I wanted my shirts to hug my tummy, which isn’t typically the case when I’m not pregnant. I’ll never forget the time I was wearing something with an empire cut and an elderly lady asked me if I was pregnant…. when I wasn’t. I think it was then that I vowed when I was pregnant, I would look the part. Although, I really think with my build, it wasn’t hard at all….oh, and considering I had twins.

Since I am petite, my belly popped out pretty quickly both times I was pregnant. I did, however, still have a stage where I felt like I looked chubby and not pregnant. Back to the snug fit; I felt like if it was hugging my tummy, maybe people would realize I was pregnant and not just look at me, trying to determine. I might have been delusional, but I think it made me feel better.

With jeans, I could not do them from very early on. Any restriction I had down low was VERY uncomfortable for me. My first pregnancy, the majority of the time it was cool outside. I loved leggings. I would wear them with sweaters, jackets, cardigans, anything. My second pregnancy, I bought maternity jeans the second I became pregnant because I wanted to give them a shot. I did try a belly band-type thing both times, but only lasted a few wears. I just didn’t find them to be comfortable or stay in place very well. With jeans, I liked the ones with full panels because I felt like they weren’t cutting into my tummy. With twins, I did run into needing to cut the elastic at the top because I got a little too big for the panel.

I think leggings were great in the summer for dresses turned tunics.

I couldn’t do heels during either pregnancy. I did maybe a few times my first one, but with the twins, not at all. I had a lot of pressure and I actually read that heels could cause more pressure and strain, and I in no way needed that! I liked flats with a little cushion for support! Of course, I aimed to wear cute ones as well.

For dresses, I usually love smocked, sleeveless and long, but I really didn’t wear them much while pregnant. Again, it goes back to that feeling-like-I-look-like-a-sack thing. I preferred a little snugness around the tummy in a dress. Now, come about 30 weeks and summertime with the twins, I gave in to the smocked sacks. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are cute. 

And just for giggles, here I am the day before Knox & Sloane were born. I think it was the biggest dress I owned.

For sleep, I didn’t want any restriction. By halfway through both of my pregnancies, I was in Brent’s t-shirts. I was most comfortable that way, and when you are fighting for a few hours of sleep, comfort is a key factor. 

I thought I would share since I’ve had lots of questions! I have purchased several pieces of maternity clothing, but mostly from the clearance rack! I wanted to throw some “official” pieces in. Hope this helps!

Each week, with both my pregnancies, I posted pictures of my growing belly. Those can also kind of give you an idea of things I liked to wear during the day! Here are the posts from my first pregnancy with Cohen and here are the posts from my second pregnancy with Knox & Sloane.

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*I’ll be posting the Erin Condren giveaway later today. I had some troubles last night accessing comments. 

Happy Monday!


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    I loved all you maternity clothes. I really enjoy seeing women embrassing their pregnancy and showing off their baby bumps! I know I will one day!

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    Comfort really should be the #1thing! And of course looking cute :) I found the flowy tops to be too bulky and I just felt like a frump. I loved any shirt with rouching on the sides. Good news is that they make so many maternity clothes now you have tons of options!

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    Megan you looked fantastic pregnant!!! I wish I looked half as good!!! I love how you wanted to wear things that accentuated you pregnancy- so beautiful!

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    So cute I always tried to be cute, but some times it is hard. Love the twin pregnancy belly it didn't look you gained anything but in the belly. So cute so you have 3 kids now? I am thinking about doing it again soon, and keep thinking about the weight gaining and all the sickness not neccesarily my favorite part.

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