Are you all having a good week?

It rained here, again, yesterday. The sun ended up coming out in the evening, though, so we will see about today and the rest of the weekend. I’m REALLY hoping for a nice weekend :) 

I spent most of yesterday going through the kids clothes, closets, containers, etc. So much stuff. It’s really kinda crazy. I mean, I have no idea how they’ve managed to walk their little legs around town to shop…or order things online. Geesh!

Nonetheless, I think I’ve weeded some things out. I have a few boxes and things piled up everywhere and I’m thinking about having a sale on the blog. I get paranoid that I’m no good at sales. I have no idea how much shipping things costs; I have no idea how much to ask for things. The list goes on. I’ll be debating.

Knox was a little fuss bucket while waiting on his bedtime milk last night, not unusual. However, as usual, the second he was finished with it, he became a little clown.

Brent was playing peekaboo with his lovey and then all the sudden he grabbed it and started pulling it off and on his face by himself. Brent played with him for a while and then I came over to watch. Brent grabbed his phone (and hid it) so he could record it :) I could watch this over and over again.

Adorable baby boy. Genius baby. duh. 

LOVE. —and I like the volume up, but you will have to excuse the proud er obsessed parent voices.

and from my favorite bud vases…..with almost dead flowers….


*Twin Treats later today or maybe combined with next week.
*Erin Condren giveaway here.
*SheSheMade discount code here.


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    Love keeping up with the twinsies!! As far as clothes sales.. I would just do one big box of boys/girls clothes in each size. Then you only have a couple boxes to ship. SO much easier than selling each piece individually. I used to sell all of Kam's expensive clothes on ebay and just did flat rate shipping.

    Can't believe how big the babies are getting.

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    If you don't want to go the route of selling on the blog, you should look into consigning at a local consignment sale. Lots of churches etc.. host them twice/year and there are even some that are specifically geared toward moms of twins and multiples.

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