I actually started this post last week at the hospital. Therefore, it kind of pertains to our hospital stay. I was trying to be as optimistic as possible. I kept thinking how I had a baby in the hospital, but I knew he would be okay. I kept praying he would get well soon. I was just thankful to have him. So thankful to have two babies to hold now. I was feeling stretched thin between going back and forth from home to hospital and starting to feel a little under the weather.

I’m also working on optimism today. Sloane went to the ped yesterday and tests came back that she also has the  metapneumovirus. The doctor does not think that it will get as bad as Knox’s did, but we have to keep a close eye. Her cough has been much worse and she looks so sad. I know they will both be back to 100% in no time, and so will I, but it’s not been an easy week. No matter how rough, still so much to be thankful for.

And yes, the title of my post yesterday was supposed to be “Man, oh man” …ha. Sorry for the delirious, overlooked typo.  

I’m thankful Knox is getting closer to 100% everyday.

I’m thankful Sloane slept better last night with her crib elevated.

I’m thankful it was just a respiratory virus and it will pass. It’s been a bad respiratory virus, one that’s put us in the hospital, but I’m thankful we came home. I’m thankful Sloane hasn’t been to the hospital and praying that continues.

I’m thankful the initial scare of being in the hospital with another sick baby wore off rather quickly.

I’m thankful for a good hospital with a good staff, in the same town, to take care of Knox.

I’m thankful for grandparents that kept Sloane, at our house, on her schedule and happy as a lark.

I’m thankful for the smiles I got from sick children around the hospital. They are sick and they are still smiling.

I’m thankful I can function on little sleep.

I’m thankful Brent was able to be at the hospital all last week as well. Our kids will always come first.

I’m thankful for modern technology. When Brent took Sloane to the ER Sunday night, texts and calls wouldn’t go through. We used the app “Tango” on his iPad & my iPhone. I was able to hear what the doctor said and see Sloane. We also used this while Knox was at the hospital and Sloane was at home.

I’m thankful even though I got sick, it didn’t last long.

I’m thankful for medicine.

I’m thankful this, too, shall pass.

Again, we greatly appreciate your prayers!

Hope you have a good day!


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    Praying for Sloane. I was thinking about you being in the hospital so much with Knox, I'm sure it was a flood of memories and mixed emotions. So thankful you can be optimistic about it, and that he's home and had great care! Hang in there!

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    You are such a strong mama and your babies and husband are so lucky to have you. It is so hard to see the light in situations like this but you are so inspiring. Sending prayers your way!

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    You always find a way to be thankful. You are such an amazing mommy! And I know the Lord loves your steadfast faith/belief in him.

    Thinking and praying for y'all!

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