appSmitten is a company that specializes in finding the perfect apps for you! I’ve been getting their newsletters since September and they have been so helpful. I’ve been able to determine what apps I want and need!

Seriously, what did we do before apps that told us the weather, organized our lists and found the best coupons! The list goes on.

Get this – appSmitten just me know there is a Girl Scout app that will tell me WHERE to buy Girl Scout cookies, because let’s be honest, I will run out and need to find more.

They have people. People that find apps, test them out and decide whether or not they are worth your time! There are over a million apps out there. Which are worth downloading? Will you use them? Is there one that is comparable or better? The appSmitten people answer all these questions for you. They send you all the information you need to know right to your email address via newsletter. You can have the newsletter, with the app info, come daily or weekly.

By signing up for the newsletter, you will find out what apps you must get and believe me, I’ve saved a time by trusting them to let me know!

They even have an appSmitten Kids newsletter that lets you know about fun and educational apps for kids and family.

One of my blog buddies, Katie, happens to be a contributor for appSmitten!! Her page is HERE. This makes this even more legit for me because I know she is trying and recommending good apps. Her focus is on family related apps, such as memory-keeping, toddler education, & probably soon-to-be baby apps and such! 

So, if you need some helpful app tips, be sure to get the appSmitten newsletter :)


disclosure: I teamed up with BlogHer to affiliate with appSmitten. I was happy to do this because I had been already using appSmitten and believed in the service. Therefore, wanted to share it with you all :)


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