Pillow Love

I thought it would be fun to have some festive pillows for February. Pink & red, of course :)

I ordered a bulk pack of chevron in a variety of colors, so it’s nice I can kind of change those out as I want to use them.

The heart pillow was Cohen’s pillow from Children’s. It was in his room and the nurses and such signed it while he was there.

I have some more Valetine’s goodies around the house. I’ll try to snap a few pics and post those soon.

Here are the dumplings today. They are being SO funny. We went to lunch earlier. I have some other great pictures of them that I’ll post soon. Let’s just say they love their sunglasses, haha.

Hope you are having a good Saturday!


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    I adore the pillows! Cohen's especially, how precious to have that! I still have the kidney pillow thing they gave me after my transplant. Haha!

    Happy Saturday sweet lady! Give those babies a hug for me!


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    Where did you order the chevron pillows from?? They're gorgeous! I love that you still display Cohen's heart pillow…what a sweet reminder of his life. :) the twinkies look so cute!!

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    Awe… never mind the pillows (besides the sweet heart pillow from Cohen) the "dumplings" are quite scrumptious looking if I must say so myself:)! I love Sloane's onesie and sweater… where did you find the fashionable sweater?


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