Not a spider....

Someone left a comment in my last post asking if I saw the spider in my first picture.

I FREAKED OUT.....thinking I had missed a spider.

I read the comment on my phone, so I quickly tried to get a window open and my blog pulled up to see.

I thought surely I would have seen a spider, right?

Have I ever mentioned my fear of spiders? Yeah, it's huge. Major.

I HATE them.

Have I ever mentioned I'm pretty terrible at proof reading BEFORE I post a blog post?

I am.

Which, I'm sure you know if you've been reading much ;) Typos, run-ons, the whole bit, you will find.I don't sweat the small stuff, obvi.

Thankfully, it was not a spider, but I will probably analyze pictures better, haha..

Between "shake-it" being applied to the picture and our granite, the spider...

Was actually some hardware..screw top things..for something...


Thankfully, I didn't have a heart attack from a huge spider via picture yesterday.

Hope you are having a good weekend :)



  1. Holy moly that DOES look like a creepy spider! Lol, the thing people notice. I love their jammies too, what kind are they? I have a very hard time finding Pjs I like for Simon. :/

  2. I totally thought that it was a spider when I saw the picture in your last post too! Creepy!

  3. I can't believe someone noticed that! And I thought I was observant..lol I love Sloan's sleeper! She always has the cutest sleepers..where do you find them?! I've been reading your blog faithfully...I usually just don't take the time to comment, but I love keeping up with your fam! :)


  4. Wingnuts (not u or your sweeties, the hardware!) : ) Too funny! Glad there is no infestation haha! Love the baby pic, they are just too sweet.

  5. Ha! That DOES look like a spider!

  6. Thank you :) I just got a great laugh out of that!

  7. lol, that does look like a spider. I can't believe anyone noticed that either.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Wow that does look like a spider & I have the same fear!!! Thankfully it wasn't ;)

  10. when are you gonna get the boy's eye fixed up. it looks really weird. isn't it also a sign of brain damage?

  11. Oh my goodness, that really does look like a spider. Whew.

  12. Why is it all the people who leave rude comments never have blogs/emails you can reply to?

    Jacquie, in case you didn't know it is NEVER okay to tell someone their child looks strange and ask such a rude question! I am so tired of people thinking they can say whatever they want about anyone/thing just because it is online!

  13. AH I am sorry Megan!! I did not mean to freak you out!! I should have worded it better, sorry!!! I HATE spiders as well!! Sorry again! Have a good week! Hope Knox starts feeling better soon!!

  14. This is making me LOL all kinds of ways. :) So glad it was not a....dun dun dun....SPIDER!!!!


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