Midweek Randoms

Is it Thursday? I’m still not sure how my days get so off.

  • Well, even though I’ve probably been in a cupcake coma since about Monday, I still managed to lay in bed and eat half a box of Special K Vanilla Almond this morning. Lovely, Megan.
  • I like cereal with a tiny bit of milk, but I swear plain milk messes the babies’ tummies up. I just got some Pure Silk coconut milk from Target, so I’m going to give that a go.
  • Speaking of babies, Knox & Sloane are still having skin issues. I think they just have sensitive skin..on their face, anyway. I’ve been using less detergent and double rinsing their clothes. I was thinking wash cloths and towels might have been getting them with the detergent in them still. Now, I’m thinking when I wipe the oatmeal off their face it’s irritating them. Heck, who knows, but I feel bad about all their bumps : / Not to mention, I probably have every California Baby cream under the sun now.
  • I’ve been pretty productive the first part of this week. I’ve utilized my time as best as I could during nap time and I’ve gotten stuff done. Last week, I felt like they weren’t wanting to nap and I was listening to them talk in the monitor the whole time. This week, I feel like they’ve been sleepy heads.
  • Some days I get quite a bit done and some days I get nothing done. I’m over the shame of either.
  • So far, Brent hasn’t asked me to do laundry again, so hopefully I’m caught up.
  • Dinner still isn’t something I’ve been doing much of. It seems the witch finally sucked in Knox from about 5:-6:30. He doesn’t cry, but he just kind of fusses and wants lots of activity.  Brent plays with them both when he gets home at 5:30 since we are starting bath time about 6:30 right now. 
  • Last night was the first night I’ve cooked dinner in probably a few weeks. I’ve cooked..or put together..smaller things, but a lot of times Brent puts something together for us after we get the babies down and I’m pumping.
  • I like cooking, but then I eat and I want to do is sit and do nothing after. Therefore, I wake up to this in the morning….

 Is it as unappealing to you as it is to me? haha. To wash dishes at night or in the morning. hmmmm.

  • I do NOT have a “green thumb”….but somehow I’ve managed to keep this African Violet going for a few years. It blooms on and off most of the year. I’ve always had it in the kitchen window. I think it’s so pretty.
  • I woke up with a crick in my neck/back yesterday, which also gave me a headache. I NEVER get headaches, so I assume it was a package deal. It got worse as the night went on, but felt better by this morning.
  • Brent travels a little bit for work and I think the babies and I are going to start going with him some. We thought it would be nice for a change of scenery and to sometimes make a weekend trip out of it, too :)
  • The polka dot top from my last post is from Forever21. I got it when I was about halfway through my pregnancy with Knox & Sloane, but I feel like they had it not too long ago.
  • The cupcake carrier is from a local grocery store, but here it is on Amazon :)
  • Oh my word. I just now about broke my ankle running to the door. I have a “please knock” sign piece of tape with marker written on it over the doorbell, but I never realized people would knock so loud. Elton REFUSES to stop barking at knocks, bells, dings, the wined, etc. Argh. 
  • Our new coffee table/ottoman arrived last week. I LOVE it. I wanted something soft and squishy that the babies could pull up on, but something that could hold a tray, too. I’ve not used Scotch Guard, but should I? That helps prevent stains and stuff, correct? I was thinking ahead and determined we have white carpet so I know plenty of stains are in our future and stains on ‘stuff’ are probably the least of my worries.
  • I still need to do a Christmas post. I kind of ended up skipping that. I also want to get the first year or two of my blog into a book and then start doing one each year. I’ve been saying I was going to for forever, but I need to do it so I’m not trying to get caught up on it in five years. I know of Blurb and Mixbook. Have you used either? Do you like?

Have a good day!



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    Megan, I meant to scotchguard our ottoman but didn't, and now it has some stains. However, it's patterned so they aren't too apparent. My thoughts: Scotchguard would be bad for the babies to suck on. If they tend to chew on everything in sight, I wouldn't do it, especially if the fabric is easy to clean to begin with (I made the mistake of getting something loose weave-y – though I still love it).

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    Gosh you sound like me! My barking dogs are Driving me insane!!! I swear they got worse once the babies came along! I also haven't cooked in forever, and some days I feel like super mom and some days not so much! Also, when you find a good site to print your blog let me know! I want to do that too!

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    I've used blurb to "slurp" my blog and I only got done the first year, 2008. There were 250 some posts and it took me about 2 weeks to customize it. There are others out there that are simple to use, but I don't like the layout. For instance.. blog2book prints your blog continuously.. so your posts start midpage and some pictures continue on the next page. I like one post spread out over two pages and I wanted my pictures bigger. SO.. it was worth the extra work involved. I still haven't ORDERED it though. I keep thinking that I need to do 2009, 10 and 11 first. There is just never enough time. Sigh.

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    Love the ottoman. We went with all leather because Owen has tube feeds and has always been a puker. You can always put a blanket over it when the kids are playing and area rugs will be your best friend to protect your carpet.

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    I think it'll be fun for you all to go away with Brent. I'm sure Brent will enjoy having y'all go.. :)

    I do the dishes before we go to bed.. I usually am cooking by 0800 so it has to be done prior.

    Do you like the California baby line? I don't like what I'm using right now for Chelsi.

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    I've recently told my husband that we are on a cereal diet and we'll be eating cereal for dinner from now on. I'm hoping to get at least a week out of this no-cooking thing.

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    My youngest son has/had sensitive skin. The DR recommended using a fragrance free detergent for clothes and a fragrance free wash and lotions on him. We started using ALL FREE detergent and we use Aveeno baby wash & lotion that has no fragrance. Since we made the change, his skin has been SO clear. Just thought this might help! Good luck!

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    My daughter have super sensitive skin and allergies to dairy and soy. I would defintly try washing the towels and washcloths (as well as their clothes) in a "free and clear" detergent. That worked wonders for us. Our dermatoligist also recommened Theraplex Emmolient lotion, its pricey but SO worth it!

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    Both of my kids had sensitive skin as babies and we found that washing at least our tops in the Dreft(or a fragrance free detergent) with their clothes helped significantly. If anyone else is holding them put a receiving blanket on their shoulders or wherever the kids are laying. I also used Aveeno on the kids!

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    I think scotch guard is a lifesaver/furniture saver with little ones! I have microfiber couches and that has saved them with the girls rubbing their grubby hands all over them- lol!

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    My son had horrible skin issues from 4 to 12 months. We were even referred to a dermatologist at TX Children's Hospital. Needless to say, the best products were Dove unscented bar soap (apparently liquid soaps are horrible) and Cetaphil lotion. Thankfully, he finally grew out of it. I also know of lots of babies with dairy allergies and they get pretty kind of "rashy". I hope you find something that helps!

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    I have a 5 year old that has allergies to dairy and eggs. He also has eczema. Since I started using Norwex detergent his skin looks great. The detergent contains no soap, so you dont have to rinse more than once. I had to get used to not having suds in the washing machine. Even his allergist was amazed at his skin at his last doctors visit. Good luck!

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    Hey Lady! Scotch guard – FOR SURE. Just make sure to cover the legs or it will leave a gross drippy film. Learned that by experience. :) As far as blog books, I just published mine through lulu.com because I wanted it to have the look and feel of my blog. Still a pain to put together but I'm hoping it will turn out okay. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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    OMG, girl, I can totally relate to all of what you said about your days–sometimes getting a ton done, sometimes none–fussy baby in the evening–sometimes bumpy baby skin! However, I have all this with only ONE baby–you have TWO! Also, I was wondering what makes you think your plain milk upsets the babies? My girl maybe be having some tunny issues and I am trying to figure out HOW to figure out what is bothering her.

    Also, I love that ottoman, what a good idea for little tots!

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    Megan, My son has super sensitive skin. We found that it gets worse during certain seasons (we are in the Midwest). It took us forever to figure out that his face was breaking out in part becouse of the type of detergent daycare was using. We have to use Dreft or Tide Free. Regular Tide gives his face, arms, and other spots red dryed scally areas. The dermatoligist (sp?) gave us a couple of perscriptions to try. He also said not to use Johnson & Johnson soap, but to use a sensitive skin soap. We also had problems with my sons diaper area. Come to find out he is allergic to the Dry material in the pampers. Feel free to email me if you want the name of the medicine we use. It works wonders.

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    I want to print my blog too! I am reading your comments for ideas.
    I would love to know your pumping/nursing/feeding schedule. Mine are a few weeks behind yours. How much do they take in a bottle now?

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    I would worry about the toxicity of ScotchGuard, although I haven't researched it too much. I know you are concerned about that kind of thing, though.

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    Jude had eczema bad when he was smaller. For his face, I used Aquaphor (Up & Up version). It seemed to work okay. I couldn't find any type of baby lotion or moisturizer that would work for his dry, red, bumpy skin. I read somewhere that Shea butter is great for eczema. I bought him Jergens Shea butter & it worked wonders! I lather him up with it every night before bed, all over his body. He very rarely has breakouts anymore & his skin is always super soft & smooth!

    I also read somewhere that there are really very few irritations to detergent, whether baby or adult. Not sure how true that is, but I thought it was interesting. I used All Free & Clear until Jude was 10 months or so. I now use whatever is on sale, Tide, Gain, Downy, etc. He has yet to have any type of reaction, so I thought that info might be true? Who knows???

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    maybe their sensitive skin is an allergy. put a dab of their food in one spot on their face and see if it leaves an irritated mark. it's very common, with many different foods.

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    My son had trouble with his face in the winter, especially if he drooled at all. We just rubbed a little aquaphor in after his bath at night and he would wake up the next morning like a new "man." Just an idea! It's probably not anything you're doing – just the dry heat + baby drool + etc.

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    Megan, if you know anyone who sells Amway their laundry soap is the best. My son has really bad skin issues and my mom suggested that I try their laundry soap. What is different about it, is that is washes completely through the clothes and leaves absolutely no residue. It cleared up all of his skin rashes. It also leaves the clothes super clean. I have been able to get any and all mud out of his white baseball pants. If you are interested you can look Amway up online and call them. You can probably order it over the phone or online when they set you up an acct.

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    Megan, love the ottoman!!! so cute!!

    So, this is going to make me sound like a nut, but did you notice the spider in the 1st picture? I know that makes me sound crazy but I just noticed it haha!

    Have a good weekend with your sweet babies and husband!!!!!

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    have you tried coconut oil on the babies' skin?

    we use it for everything — dry skin, diaper rash, chapstick, lotion, frizzy hair ends, etc. it's organic, versitle, and last a LONG time!

    and dishes? are awful no matter what time of day you have to do them! we don't have a dishwasher, so I understand!
    I've found that listening to a radio show (my favorite is Dave Ramsey) while doing the dreaded-dishes-duty helps me focus on getting them done. I oscillate between wanting to do absolutely *nothing* after my kids go to bed, and wanting to have a clean kitchen to start the day fresh with when we wake in the morning….

    love your ottoman!

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    have you tried coconut oil on the babies' skin?

    we use it for everything — dry skin, diaper rash, chapstick, lotion, frizzy hair ends, etc. it's organic, versitle, and last a LONG time!

    and dishes? are awful no matter what time of day you have to do them! we don't have a dishwasher, so I understand!
    I've found that listening to a radio show (my favorite is Dave Ramsey) while doing the dreaded-dishes-duty helps me focus on getting them done. I oscillate between wanting to do absolutely *nothing* after my kids go to bed, and wanting to have a clean kitchen to start the day fresh with when we wake in the morning….

    love your ottoman!

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    I have an almost 3 yr old and a 15 month old and both of them have horrible skin! I recently took my son to a dermatologist and he recommended Vani Cream. It's sold behind the pharmacy counter, but you just have to ask for it. It comes in a bar soap and lotion. We use the bar soap for both of them and the lotion just for my son. I just put Aquaphor on my daughter's bumpy cheeks and arms. I have seen a huge difference in her cheeks! And the dr. said there are no side effects for using it long term. You might check to see if it's ok for babies as young as yours, but it is helping us so much!

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    Both my boys had very sensitive skin as babies and nothing really seemed to cure their bumps/redness until we started using CeraVe. You can buy it over the counter. It's expensive but worth it. Within a few days their redness was gone.

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    My almost 3 year old has had HORRENDOUS eczema. Makes my heart break when he has a flare up! It has gotten better in the last year, but we have a prescription from the dermatologist for when he breaks out badly. I also find Cerave lotion and Aquaphor to be wonderful products.

    Please post where you bought your ottoman (when you have time of course)

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