Man, oh man

There may be a few complaints throughout this post. I don’t feel like I do it often, but now is probably expected :p

So, the sickies hit us and they hit us hard.

I do think we are on the mend, though. Knox seems to be doing really good. He is pretty much quarantined to our room. We thought by today we would have he and Sloane back together, but yesterday her cough got really bad. It’s like she coughs and then starts to gag or choke at the end. It doesn’t seem to bother her, but she looks awful and it just sounds like she is straining so hard to hack something up and nothing comes. Anyways, last night, her fever spiked. Brent took her in and they said it really sounded like she had drainage and that was what was causing her cough and choke. Honestly, Knox’s never sounded that bad. It was more so his breathing that sounded bad. So, if they think it’s drainage, I’m not sure about the fever. They were going to swab her for the virus Knox had. They told us to call in 24 hours to get the results. Hmm, okay. So, until she seems better, we are going to keep them separated.

I started feeling awful on Friday afternoon. By Saturday morning I felt so awful and I knew I had to get meds or I was going to get worse. I went to Urgent Care and they checked me for the flu. Thankfully, it was negative. The doctor said she was surprised I could still talk as red as my throat was. Shockingly, my throat hasn’t really hurt at all. They said I more than likely have a upper respiratory infection. They gave me a shot and some antibiotics and told me avoid babies until my fever broke.

This morning, 48 hours later, it finally broke. I’m still not getting too close to them as I don’t want to risk it.

It’s made me sad to hear them around the house and to see their little smiles, but not be able to hold them. It’s also made me sad to think Sloane is sick and not be able to hold her. Brent has been getting in lots of snuggles.

I’ve tried to rest as best I can, but it’s not been easy. Brent has done great and my mom has been here over a week. Thankfully, I had a large stockpile of frozen milk. However, when they eat, I pump. So, I’ve prepared all their bottles for the past two days, and washed them after and kept up with the pumping. Fun times. We will continue bottles today and hopefully get back to nursing tomorrow. I definitely have an opinion on which is easier 😮

We’ve also got to start the oatmeal train again. They were doing fine with it, so I’m sure they will have no trouble starting back up. So, once they are back in the same room, our schedule will pretty much change.

So, yeah, we hate the sickies around here. And to think, the doctor said it was more than likely caught from dirty hands. Of course, we have no idea whose hands, nor is it really the point. He just said as little as we have taken them out, it was more than likely spread through someone’s dirty hands. So, if you come over, I’ll believe you if you say you just washed your hands, but you’ve still touched something since then….I’ll make you did it again before baby lovin :)

Sick babies break my heart.

Modeling her new hat :)

He was exhausted after coming home from the hospital…

*Don’t forget there are some iPods for Cohen fundraisers going on this month. Check those out HERE. Knox & Sloane were so thankful to see each other via Face Time in the hospital.

*I had written in my planner to take time to respond to emails last week, but obviously did not have the chance. Forgive me! I’ll work on it this week.

Have a good Monday!



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    Hi Megan! I pray you are all reunited soon! My son does the same cough/choke thing when sick. Our doc said its from his sinuses draining and not to worry as long as hes not throwing up every time. Its so hard to see our babies sick. My 15 month old has had 3 ear infections in the past 3 months and it kills me to hear him cry in pain.

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    Hope you ALL feel better soon!!!

    So interesting about germs. My daughter is 13 mos old and hasn't been sick yet, but her dad stays home with her and I KNOW he is awful about hand washing and such! Just the luck of the draw for your poor sweeties, I guess :(

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    Aww, here's to hoping you all feel better so soon! So amazing for you to keep up on feeding and pumping while you are sick–I am sure it is SO hard.

    Sloane's hat is just adorable!

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    Those two are so stinking cute it makes me sad that they have been so ill and that you caught the bug as well. Keep hand sanitizer in every room and make sure no one touches the precious babes before using it.

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    Hope everyone feels better soon! We kept hand sanitizer in the kitchen, nursery, and coffee table for guests. We were probably annoying about it, but no one wants sick babies. Oh, and a travel one on the infant car seat and diaper bag!

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    Poor mamma (and whole household). I'm sure you know this, but it bears repeating!

    "Your milk will not transmit your illness to baby, but it does have antibodies in it that are specific to your illness (plus anything else you or baby have been exposed to) – they'll help prevent baby from getting sick, or if he does get sick, he'll probably not be as sick as you."

    From the super-great and informative website:

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    awwwwwwwwww, hope everyone is better really soon!! I was very on top of people about people washing their hands when my girls were babies….people forget that germs linger on EVERYthing, even their cell phones, keys, etc.
    Hang in there!

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    Lisa beat me to it. I was going to say something about your milk helping the babies when you are sick because it could give them antibodies of whatever you have. Maybe pump and Daddy can give them the fresh milk via bottle?

    I had strep when Luke was 6 weeks and I kept bfing him to try to keep him well. I just tried not to get close to his face and I washed my hands a lot.

    Hoping everyone gets well soon! I'm sure this is making you want a long vacation, lol. Hang in there- we all think you are doing an amazing job! I love seeing updates of the babes since Luke is just a few days younger than them. It makes it neat to see what yours are up to!

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