Love really is...

all around :) (Love Actually)

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Ours was very nice.

Thanks for the sweet words on Knox & Sloane's Valentine that I posted yesterday afternoon. I think several people commented about having to do a double take before the noticed what their onesies said :)

Thought I'd post a few pictures from yesterday :)

These crack me up. They were looking at my mom.  

He loves to look at her...

Not sure what Knox is doing, but his face cracks me up in the picture on the left.

 I put together a little Valentines for them :)

I didn't decorate really this year because I've not unpacked seasonal stuff. I did post the pillows I got this year the other day, here. These are a few things around the kitchen. Who doesn't need heart shaped marshmallows and Target mini cupcakes? Don't worry, I do have some homemade treats I'll post later, in the next day or two :)

The babies got fun treats from my mom. Unfortunately, someone else, besides Knox & Sloane, will have to eat those cupcakes that she made, haha.

Speaking of, how cute is the cupcake holder? It holds them down in the inside as well...

Remember how I mentioned I will be sharing a recipe? We took white chocolate fudge to my OBs office yesterday. YUM. I'll get the recipe posted soon. The babies had fun playing with everyone.

Brent got me a few goodies, which included roses & cookies from Mrs. Fields.

I got him a few things, but I think his favorite was from the babies :) They attempted to make him handprint hearts. They kind of look more like flowers, but it's the thought that counts, right? They really wanted to grab things as quick as they could, once the paint was on their hands. Therefore, I couldn't get them to turn their hands in quick enough to shape the heart. Still pretty sweet.

I've actually since this project for a few years now. I thought this would be a good time to try it out. Probably a bit easier with older kiddos. All I used was canvases & finger paint and a lot of wet paper towel. The nice thing about these canvases (I got them at Wal-Mart. They are 8x10 & thin.), if you mess up, you could wipe off with a wet paper towel or just a wet towel. You had to do it pretty quickly, though. You can probably see where I did some wiping, but in person, it mostly looks clean white. Sloane, as you can see was all over the place, grabbed the canvas, but I was able to wipe most of it off. I will say, though the finger paint said "washable", I washed the load twice and it did not come out of the towel I used or Sloane's shirt : / Yes, I know now to do something like this while they are only in their diaper ;)

Brent and I went to one of our favorite restaurants on Saturday night to "celebrate" Valentine's with a nice dinner. No, he doesn't typically where razorback belt buckles, but it's more comical and he liked to sneak it in lately.

Hope you all had a wonderful day!!

*Don't forget the Monogram Chick giveaway this week!



  1. All cute pics as always but that pic of Brent & Knox is hysterical. :) Very cute!

  2. These are so adorable!


  3. Oh my word-they are the cutest! Do you know where your mom got the cupcake holder? Love it!

  4. How precious are they!! Chelsi is sending them a little something soon.. :)

    Brent & Knox expression is almost the same!

    You are pretty!!!

    That cupcake holder is really nice..

  5. So precious! And I love the cupcake holder - where did you find it?

  6. Where did the cupcake carrier come from, it's too cute!

    The babies are just adorable!

  7. Loved this post! You look great by the way! Question: Where do you buy your chevron fabric for pillows and things? Also where can we get one of those cupcake holders??? xoxo Becky

  8. Is that Carbonara from Delasandro's?! Yummm! Looks like you guys had a wonderful valentine's day!

  9. your brown boots and polka dot shirt!! where did you get them???

    such fun on v-day for you guys!!

  10. LOL the belt buckle cracks me up. It is funny - I get it!

    Love the little beebs' outfits! It is soooo cute how Knox looks at Sloane. You can tell he adores her!

    I love your top as well!!! Where did you find it!?

  11. So sweet! Looks like the perfect day. :)

  12. Such a cute idea with the handprint hearts! I made my husband a handprint American flag with our oldest son when he was 6 weeks old. Though it turned out, I look back and wonder what was I thinking! The things we do for memories and sweet gifts! :) Knox and Sloane are precious and growing fast! Glad you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  13. Hey Megan,

    When I worked in daycare if we wanted to do handprint things with tiny tots like Knox and Sloane, we did it when they were asleep. If they are soundly sleeping, they probably wont even wake up. (This technique works well for painting nails, too)

    Very cute!!

  14. I am new to your blog...all of your valentines' pictures are so cute!

  15. If you'll use their feet for the hearts it will also work. :). I used to do hands and feet while they were sleeping too! It's almost impossible to keep that age from scrunching those fingers up otherwise!! ;)

  16. Oh and I don't know where she got yours but the cupcake holder is made by Fox Run Craftsmen and is about $25. You can find them online for sure! :)

  17. You look amazing!! Love that outfit and wish I had it to wear out this friday night (actually I have it all but the shirt and the amazing hair!) And of course, the babies are the cutest!!

  18. Try turning the babies hands upside down next time. I did the same thing & then realized if you turn the hands upside down and overlap the finger part (of each hand individually) it comes out looking just like a heart. Hopefully that made sens :)

  19. Isn't it amazing to see the babies grow? My son is a couple days older than the twins and it is amazing to see how they react to things now.

    And we do his footprints every month on a canvas and when I was pregnant I imagined it to look like perfect little baby feet each time, but he is always moving so all the foots prints are wiggly. But I have really come to love it more like that.

    Love seeing the updates of the twins since they are so close in age to my little guy!!

    And I also love that cupcake holder!!!

  20. They are the cutest valentines EVER!!! The girls have been carrying around their valentine from Knox and Sloane all week! I love the picture of you and Brent- you look fabulous mama!!! :) hope you had a fabulous valentines day!!!

  21. The twins are adorable & getting cuter day by day! :)

  22. Megan you are always so thoughtful with your decorations and gifts. I got my little boy the same monkey that Knox got. He loves it and it is something that he snuggles with all the time! I thought of your family while I got it. Have a great day.

  23. Those babies are so adorably dressed in every picture! How do you keep all those clothes organized enough to find them!!!? Way to go on the caute kids!

  24. All of those sweets are making me hungry! Love the labels used for the OB's office.

  25. okay, I could write this same sentence everytime you post... "they are SO cute I can hardly stand it. such darling babies... so doubly blessed!"

    I am totally coveting your huge jar of gumballs on your counter. How fun is that?! I may need to copy you and have those bright treats on my counter soon!!


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