Knox update

I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted any updates on here. I have been tweeting some, though.

I don’t have too much time as Knox needs lots of TLC right now. Bless his sweet heart.

He IS doing better, but still not good enough to go home :(

He is still SO congested. He will do good for a few hours, but then the yucky stuff returns. He has to be suctioned quite often. They are also having to do some deep suctions where they have to go down his nose. It’s awful. He is so horse from screaming. I absolutely hate it for him. It’s so sad and it makes my heart hurt.

The doctor said he is on the road to recovery. It’s just much slower for babies.

I’m going home to feed Sloane in the mornings and afternoons and her grandparents are with her during the other times. Brent goes to see her in the evenings so he can give her a bath, bedtime bottle & put her to bed for the night. I’m so grateful he is able to be with us during the day this week.

Knox is starting to want to play a little and his smiles are returning. Still lots of tears and whines, though.  He just doesn’t feel good most the time.

He has grown a new love for napping on mine and Brent’s chest, but he’s doing good in the crib during the night. Of course, every few hours he gets quite aggravated with breathing treatments, temp check, CPT, etc. All part of it.

This is just a phase, but gracious a sick baby breaks my heart.

Sweet Sloaney. She is SO funny. Her grammy sends us pictures throughout the day and she gets so excited when we come home to see her. The girls nails, though, they are growing SO fast. We’ve been cutting and filing them almost every other day. She scratched her head up in her sleep last night. She’s been giving out lots of laughs an few poop blowouts. Still stinking cute…

Thank you all again for the thoughts and prayers. We definitely feel them!!



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    Sick babies are never ever fun but hospital stays make it a million times worse. Hope you feel all of our prayers wrapping you and Mr. Knox in love!

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    My son was hospitalized with RSV when he was little and it was the worst…as if the sweet kiddos aren't miserable enough then they're coming in doing breathing treatments at 3am, temp checks, etc. I know it all has to be done, but the poor babies can't sleep (and neither can us mommies! :)) Hang in there! I hope he's on the mend soon! Lots of love and prayers coming your way!

    I can't wait for Knox and Sloane to be reunited! They have to REALLY miss one another!

    Continuing to pray! :)

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    I have been checking for updates…I imagine Knox and Sloane miss each other too. My son-in-law is a twin and then we have the trips so I know that special little bond…..I am praying for all of you.

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    I've been thinking about you all day wondering how Knox was doing; maybe it's time I broke down and joined twitter! Praying he's feeling better and home soon!!

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    So sorry this has happened. My son (now 8) was in the hospital with RSV for 9 days when he was 3 months old. It is just so hard for their little bodies to fight this. He is in the best place and it is nice to have some help from the nurses etc. now. But I am praying for you all and hope that the little guy feels better very soon!

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    I will continue the prayers for all the precious Marshalls! Knox is right where he needs to be and hopefully they will get everything under control soon and have him feeling 100% better! I know you must be exhausted! Hugs all the way around!

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    Megan, just wanted you to know I have been thinking of you and sending prayers up for Knox. When my little girl was in the NICU they had to do the deeper suction a few times because of the extra secretions from the CPAP tube…it killed me too. Glad to hear he is on the road to recovery. Thanks for the update.

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    I see Sloan has the same turtle rattle from Baby Einstein that Jade does. She LOVES hers! And Jade's nails grow like crazy too – she is constantly scratching me. I feel bad cutting them so short, but I feel like I have to to protect us both!

    Continued prayers for sweet Knox… seeing your baby sick is absolutely no fun.

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    Many many prayers for all of you Megan!!! Poor Knox!! And I can't stand all of Sloane's sweet smiles here- praise god she is doing well- I can't wait for all of you to be reunited at home!! Hugs!

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    I've been wondering about y'all! Glad to hear he is doing better but I know it is so hard on us mommas to see the sick littles! Still praying for you guys to get better and get to come home.
    Baby fingernails grow faster than ANYTHING! I give mani-pedis daily over here!

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    Hey Megan :)

    Poor Knox! I can only imagine that sweet horse voice from having to be suctioned! Nothing's worse than a sick baby and feeling helpless. Brynley got her first cold last night so she's been pitiful and so congested. I'm continuing to pray for Knox that he gets better! Sloane is a cutie and look at her in that diaper with all her chub I love it!!


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