Happy Half!

Well, kind of…

Today is Knox & Slaone’s half birthday! They are six months old. I know, I pretty much say it every month, but six months? Half a year? Too fast, yes. Time, slow down.

What can I say, they I wanted a cookie cake :)

Since I honestly document the good, the bad, the ugly & the pretty……it’s not such a happy half.

Knox started getting congested a few days ago, again. Then, a cough. By about 5pm yesterday, I took his temp and it was 100.6. He had spit/thrown up his previous feeding. It mostly had yucky stuff that was congesting him. So, we took him to the ER by about 6pm.

When we got there, his fever was 100.7. The tests & x-rays showed that he was negative for RSV, but tested positive for metapneumovirus. Which, from what they explained is a respiratory virus. Still, something he somehow caught. They had to suction him several times as he kept choking on “stuff” :( They had to put the tube down his nose to get more. He got a breathing treatment also. Basically, it sucked. We left exhausted and not really knowing what to do to help him besides suction, Motrin, Tylenol & snuggles. We will follow up, or go see his doctor tomorrow.

Brent snapped some pics as our families were wanting updates. What’s an update without getting to see our little man 😉

We got home from the ER about 1am. He slept for a few hours on his tummy without many coughs. He woke up pretty pitiful. He ate and wanted to go back to sleep. After that nap, he actually woke up with a few giggles and smiles, but we didn’t hold our breath because it didn’t last long before he got fussy, stuffy and wanted to go back to sleep. Not to mention, he’s still spitting/throwing up after eating. Hopefully he is keeping some down.

{If you were wondering if the newer iPhone takes better pictures. Here is pretty solid proof. The newer phone took the bottom right picture. The bottom two were taken within about fifteen minutes from one another so the room lighting hadn’t changed really. Random, sorry.}

Here is his one sweet grin today. And here is Sloaney from yesterday. She has been such a ham with her smiles and giggles lately. I especially like how she got her toy up on her arm.

I’ll do an “official” six month post in the next day or two, when they are up for it. Brent’s mom was going to do a little family photoshoot today and some six month pics of them, but we had to postpone. Hopefully next weekend.

Thank you all for the prayers, tweets, texts, etc. Praying Knox feels better very soon!


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    Awww Megan!! I pray sweet Knox feels better so soon!! And I pray that you're all able to stay well in the process!! Happy half birthday to the cutest twins around! (PS their birthday and my younger daughter's bday are 3 days apart- just fun fact! Hehe)

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    Bless his little heart. That picture with the oximeter (is that what it was?) on his toe killed me. Poor little guy. I hope he's better very soon and that you guys get some rest. And happy half birthday to Knox and Sloane.

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    Poor sweet boy. I'm surprised they didn't send you home with a nebulizer to do the breathing treatments at home. My son frequently gets croup (his upper airways/throat(?) area swell), and we keep all the stuff at home for breathing treatments on hand. Either way, hope he feels better soon, and hopefully, everyone can get more rest tonight.

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    So sorry to hear your little guy is sick. I don't have one of these, but I hear that the NoseFrida nasal aspirator is awesome. I definitely plan on buying one for baby number two. My son is 16 months old now and I'm not sure if I could use one at his age.

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    I hope he feels better soon. You need to get a nebulizer for your house. Ask the doctor. It will make a big difference and will keep you from going to the er.

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    Aww. Happy Half Birthday to the babes! Sick babies are the worst worst worst. :( They always look so pitiful and sad. :( Hope you…I mean…THEY enjoyed that cake. Yum!

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    Hi Megan! From a pediatric nurse, just wanted to let you know that you are doing everything right…keep him suctioned (with saline if you have it), tylenol or motrin for fever, and watch him closely for signs of respiratory distress. It also helps to put his mattress at an angle so that he's sleeping upright. It is common for them to vomit because the mucous either gets caught up in the back of the throat and causes them to gag, or it makes their tummies feel yucky. Hope it goes easy on him and stays away from Miss Sloane!

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    Happy half to your sweet babies! My twins are 2 months old, I love reading your posts, sort of a preview for what I'm in for! I hope Knox feels better soon. I'd love to know where you got that Grateful Dead onesie, I definitely need to add that to my little ones' wardrobe!

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