Guess who just came home….

Yep! Knox is so happy he is home and I’m so thankful we are all home. Having two babies in two different places was close to torture.

He is ready to get his voice back and very thankful to have use of his left hand again. 

He isn’t 100%, but is getting closer everyday. He is still going to be having breathing treatments and nasal suctioning. The goal is not to need the nasal cath suction. We can’t do that at home. He’s had a good 15 hours or so and sounded good this morning. No wheezing or choking.

He can’t be around Sloane until Monday. You guys should have SEEN how big she smiled at him when we let them see each other, from afar. I really wish I would have bee recording. So sweet!

We are still praying Sloane doesn’t catch metapneumovirus. We hate this virus and she has already been very exposed. We are also praying Brent and I don’t get sick. I’m a little bit iffy right now, but the pediatrician basically say everyone will probably get sick and then well, so we’ll see.

And no, we won’t ever again think that staying at our house for 29 days will keep us healthy. 😉

Thank you all, again, for the prayers. We appreciate them SO MUCH!



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    So glad everyone is home. My son caught the flu at around 4 months, and we still to this day have no idea where he got it. We kept him away from people as much as possible, and were insanely careful not to expose him to even a cold. And then boom! Flu. Anyway, I'm glad Knox is on the mend and praying Sloane avoids this.

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    Yay! So glad he is well enough to come home, what wonderful news ; ) Hope you are all able to avoid the nasty virus…lots of prayers for continued recovery & a healthy rest of the winter!!

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    YAY, YAY, YAY! Thank God!

    I SO wish I could have seen Sloane's face when she saw him…just the thought of it could make me tear up! :) I can't imagine how much they've missed each other!!!!! :)

    I will continue to pray that everyone stays well and that Knox is back to his oldself in no time! :)

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    Oh thank God! I don't know how you do it! You totally make raising twins easy, makes me want twins! ha! I can barely handle the 1 that I have.
    So glad everyone is back home and hope that no one else gets sick!

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    What a happy blog entry! I am so pleased to hear your little prince is back home, and starting to feel better. I also would have loved to seen Sloane's smile for her brother's return home. Continuing to pray for you all, that this virus doesn't grab the rest of you. Thank you for the update, and enjoy your family all together again.
    Sending hugs and butterfly kisses to those beautiful babies!
    A Mom-Mom in NJ

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    Yay! What a handsome man! So glad he is back home now, praise God! Very soon he and Sloan will be back to playing together! We will be praying yall stay healthy!

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    Yay! So glad he's home! Hubby and I have been praying for you guys. We will continue to pray that he continues to heal and that sweet Sloane doesn't get that nasty virus.

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    So glad he is home!!! It's always so scary when they are that little and sick like that! I just got Vj and Liam over ear infections and RSV!! Then Liam had the lovely stomach bug all wk!! If it's not one thing it's another!! I'm in the doctors office so much with all of them that the receptionists know my voice on the phone!! How sad is that??? HUGS to all of you!!

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    Hey Megan :)

    I'm so happy Knox is home!! Prayers that you guys don't get sick but if you do that it won't be bad. No matter how hard you fight germs they somehow manage to get in blah! I thought we'd done so good to stay away from any chances of getting sick and the inevitable happened.

    I can only inagine that big smile Sloane gave Knux and I bet it melted your heart! That is the sweetest thing ever!!


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