I’ve gotten lots of emails, tweets, texts, etc. and I’m having trouble keeping up so I thought I’d do a quick post.

They did admit Knox to the Children’s hospital here in town last night. Yesterday about 5pm, his wheezing had gotten much worse and he was pretty much choking and projectile throwing/spitting up every time he tried to eat. So sad.

The doctor said with metapneumovirus it basically has to run it’s course. They told us it could get worse before it gets better so he might be in for a few days. One nurse told me this is pretty much RSV but typically more congestion. Since he’s having a hard time eating, they have him on IV fluids. He is also getting breathing treatments, chest therapy (where they tap on his chest with that little round gadget for a few minutes while he is getting a breathing treatment), medicated nose drops, suction & saline. (I’m no good with actual medical terms.)

He’s pretty pitiful and I hate it for him.

He was actually pretty giddy after they transported us from the ER to Children’s. He was giggling at the nurses and kicking and playing. This is before he got really mad at the blood draw & cath. Pretty cute for a sick guy.

He did sleep some last night, but had to be interrupted quite a bit for his treatments and such.

The nurses and doctors have said Sloane’s chances of developing metapneumovirus are pretty high since she has been very exposed. We are praying that is not the case. I’m going to be coming back and forth to feed and spend time with her. So, I’m planning to wash up and switch clothes each time.  And because she looked ridiculously cute yesterday (she went on a car ride with Brent)…..

Thank you so much for the continuous prayers!



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    Will continue to pray for sweet Knox and for mama traveling back and forth!! Hopefully he has a very fast recovery!! And praying Sloane doesn't get it too!!

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    First of all, your babies are precious! Praying Knox gets better quickly, Sloane doesn't catch anything, and Mommy & Daddy get some rest and peace of mind soon! xo

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    Praying for you and the kiddos. It's hard when 1 is sick, much less y'all having to worry about Sloane getting sick too. That's horrible. Hoping she stays healthy and Knox gets well soon!

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    Continuing prayers for you guys! Seeing little ones sick is just the worst! Sometimes I think it is harder on the parents then the actual pain they feel!

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    I am so sorry – not much worse than a sick little one – especially one that is hospitalized. One comforting thing is that you know he will be well observed. I am praying for Sloane. We were so blessed that the trips never got ill – and they went to church, etc almost immediately after they were home from the NICU. This can be such a nasty time of year for illness. I bet he and Sloane will really miss each other……

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    Praying for you all!!
    My girls have had metapneumovirus several times and had to be admitted each time. It's just awful. It seems January-April are big trigger times for viruses for my family.
    Hang in there. I'll be praying for Sloane.

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    I can't believe how happy Knoxy looks despite being so sick and poked and prodded…that must really calm you down and bring a smile to your face. And Sloane is just so gorgeous!

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    Praying for your sweet boy. I look at your babies almost everyday and praise God with you that they are here and healthy. My children love to check for videos of them. They are both so truly beautiful and precious! I will also pray for protection for Sloane!

    Cathy Prell

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    My little one was admitted to the children's hospital when he had severe jaundice. Your in good hands, all the nurses and doctors were great. Praying for your little one, and you and Brent. It's tough on mom and dad too.

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    So sad to see him on the hospital bed! :( I'll be praying for all of you – you're going to be exhausted. :( hopefully he'll start to feel better soon and Sloane won't get it!!! Hang in there!!!

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    Poor little guy! Hope the treatments work quickly, and he gets some relief. It is so sad when they have to be admitted. Praying for a quick recovery for Knox, and that Sloane stays healthy. Prayers for you and Brent also!

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    Ugh. One thing I have not done before is have a nursing baby at home and a nursing baby at the hospital! Praying for Knox to get well (and that sister doesn't get it) but also for mom! Take care!

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    Just wanted you to know that the same thing happened with my grands (twins) and it is very hard. We kept the little girl at our house, so our daughter and boyfriend could stay in the hospital with the baby boy. It was a good thing she had stored breast milk, as the hospital was an hour away. Lexie did end up getting RSV from Camden, but because we were looking for it, it was caught early and was much less severe. Praying for you all~

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    Keeping your little man in my prayers! It sounds like he is getting the BEST care from you and the doctors and nurses. I will pray for a swift recovery and for miss Sloane….oh, I hope she does not get it:)

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    I'm sorry he's sick. My baby who is the same age has been in PICU for nearly 2 weeks now. She has a heart condition so they just take their time with her.. So glad you got him in before it got worse. Praying for all 4 of you xx

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    Aww…poor little guy! I don't usually comment much, but when my little boy was 6 months old, he had a very similar virus that landed us in the hospital as well. Nothing much could be done for him, it just had to run its course as well. Lots of breathing treatments and suctioning, which was no fun.

    The good news is that he recovered beautifully and had no lasting effects. Hopefully Knox will recover quickly and Sloane will not get it at all.

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    I'm so sorry that Knox isn't feeling well. I'm sure being at the hospital with him is hellish. You all are in my prayers. I know he's be perfectly fine and so will Sloane (who looks very cute in her pictures!)

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    I will pray! I feel so bad for your little guy. Poor little guy just can't catch a break from the congestion and now it's become this… Hang in there and keep us readers posted so that we know exactly where prayers are needed most.

    And not that you would, but don't ever think for a single second that Knox getting sick makes you any less than an incredible mom!!

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    Poor little guy : ( Lots & lots of prayers & well wishes that he is well & out of there quick! (And that you, the hubby & little miss sloane all avoid it!!!) Sending good thoughts..

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    Oh my goodness Megan! I just saw on Twitter that y'all are at the hospital. I will be praying for Knox's speedy recovery, for strength (both physically & emotionally) for you and Brent, and that sweet Sloane won't become ill!

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    I don't usually comment on blogs but I wanted to let you know your family is in my thoughts. I should have commented sooner to just to say hi. I also have 6 month boy girl twins. We actually had the same due date! I delivered at 34 weeks on July 31. My babies spent about 3 weeks in the hospital learning how to eat so I know all about leaving babies at the hospital and how challenging it is. They did come home on the same day so I never had to experience having one home and one there. Your house must feel so incomplete right now! I hope Knox has a speedy recovery and Sloane stays healthy!
    Keepus posted!

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    Megan – ignore "Jaquie"… she posts on my blog all the time and she is an absolute IDIOT. She isn't even a real person and that's the best part of it all.
    I am thinking of you guys and praying for baby Knox!!!! I hope he makes a super duper quick recovery!

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    Poor thing! I hope he gets better quickly! You are a great mother and don't let anyone, esp someone that hides behind a computer, tell you differently. Praying for y'all.

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    Jacquie, why would you say that? To say the least that is rude and incorrect. I can't believe a person could even think that. I hope you treat your own babies with more respect than you have treated Megan's. I could say more, but I'll restrain myself.

    To Megan; I'll be sending prayers your way and I hope that your sweet baby feels better soon.

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    I hate to respond to someone so vile at all (especially since this is my first comment), but that comment from Jacquie made my stomach turn. What kind of horrible person says something like that to anyone?

    I am saying lots of prayers for Mr. Knox! I know he will feel so much better soon. You are both AWESOME parents :)

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    Megan – Know that I'm thinking and praying for little Knox and you and the family! Praying for a quick recovery and that you'll all be home soon, better than new! Hang in there!!

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    Oh, Megan! I'm so sorry he's so sick!:( The first thing I thought of was how likely Sloane was to get it!:( He's in good hands…all the way around! Take care of yourself too and ignore the nimrod who tries to bring you down! Some people are so pathetic…I would actually feel sorry for them…if I gave a rip about them! Love, hugs and prayers from Kansas!♥

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    Hoping that they can quickly get to the point where they will just send you hope with a nebulizer when he can keep some liquids in his belly. I can remember nursing when the viruses would visit. I'd have to let them nurse for 5 mins or they'd throw it all up. They'd cry and want more but couldn't let them unless they kept that down, and then we could add more time to it. It's very scary!

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    Whoa! Someone was M-E-A-N, MEAN to Jacquie when she was a babe. Her mommy? Her daddy? Must have, cuz she sure doesn't know a good mommy when she she sees one.

    Her post? Sour grapes, really. She's just not a very good mommy herself, and is compelled to drag the good down with her.

    Pitiful. Pit-i-ful. Spend your time elsewhere, please. No one here wants to hear your hateful spew.

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    praying hard for your little man. I know it must ache to have your babies hurt in any way at all. You're such a sweetheart and a fantastic light for your little ones… Keep us posted–so, so, so much love and support from us!!!

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    Oh Megan, I'm praying for Knox to kick that virus to the curb! Poor babe. He's just a day younger than my little man, and it makes my heart do somersaults to think of seeing him feeling so crummy. Prayers, prayers and more prayers being said for you!!

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    I continue to pray for your family everyday (just general prayers for happiness! :)) but I will now be praying specifically for your sweet Knox that he gets well and is able to come home, and that Sloane stays well!

    Lots of love and prayers coming your way! :)

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    I'm so sorry to hear that Knox has been so sick. There is nothing worse than that worry you have when your kids aren't feeling well.
    I will most definitely pray for him and for Sloane as well.

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    Oh no – I go away for a few days and saw your post – poor sweetie :(:( I'm so sorry you guys are having to deal with this. Hopefully this too shall pass and you will all be home safe, sound, and healthy!

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    Hey Megan :)

    I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers and I feel so bad for little Knox! The ER is the last place you and Brent wanted to go but I'm so glad they are keeping a close watch on him and that with breathing treatments he should be fine soon. Prayers Sloaney doesn't get it! I'm so bad about commenting lately but just know I think about you guys often :)
    I love the cookie cake you had made for their half birthday. It makes my stomach hurt to think they (Brynley is just 2
    weeks younger) will be a YEAR old 6 months from now. Can't wait to read their 6 mo post and hope it won't be long before Knox is feeling better! He's probably the cutest smiliest baby even though he's sick!

    <3 Laura

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    I'm so sorry Knox is sick! I pray he gets bettervsoon and that ms sloane escapes it! Nothing like having to split yourself in half to care for them both

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