under the weather…..

kind of.

Speaking of weather, it has been getting close to 70 degrees here during the day and down in the 30’s at night. Crazy. This time last year, we practically had a blizzard.

Luckily, Knox’s little tummy issues last week seem to have pass. It must have been something I ate. I’m keeping an eye on it.

Unfortunately, he started getting a little cough. He’s always been a congested baby, but this cough was different. He woke up Sunday morning with it. He coughed all night, while sleeping, Sunday night. Monday morning, he woke up with it and Sloane sounded like she was getting it. So I scheduled them to see the doctor.

I won’t talk about how we were running late, and I called to let them know, and the proceeded to have us wait an hour and a half. Okay, I will. A little uncalled for. I’m not sure if they really thought keeping two, 5 month old, potentially sick babies chill for an hour and a half was feasible. Luckily, they were in good moods and pretty giggly, see below, but still. It was making this momma bear upset, not to mention we missed a nap and a feeding. Although, Sloane did decide she would take a snooze. I totally understand having to push us back some, but to intentionally make us wait to be the last patients of the day. Our appointment was at 3:00. I called to let them know about five minutes before that we were running a little late because Brent was on his way to get us. She said be there be 3:15. We got there at 3:25. She (receptionist) said she would make sure they could still see us. Five minutes later she came back and said they could. Doctor walks in our room at 4:55.
****I’m adding this part in several hours after I posted it and after some comments. I totally understand that we shouldn’t come first. I would have rather been rescheduled. I know there are sick babies and babies with appointments and ultimately, the wait was our fault since we were late. I think even if they would have let me know that we would be bumped to the last appointment, that would have helped. Then, I would have had time to feed them, change them, etc. Instead, I was putting it off and waiting in case the doctor came in. I definitely see and understand everyone’s point of view. I guess I just thought it could have been addressed (by letting us know how it would play out) differently 😉 

So, the doctor checked them both out. Of course, they weren’t coughing too much when we were there. He said they sounded good, inside, after listening to them. As soon as he heard Knox’s cough he said he had some concern about it. He said based on the cough and the way his eyes looked, he had definitely been exposed to RSV, but right now his was more bronchial. They did go ahead and run the RSV check, but we’ve not heard back on that. He said we need to keep an eye on the cough and that ultimately it will let us know if it’s turning into RSV. He said if any wheezing starts, to call right away. He said it may get worse before it gets better, but it may just kind of stay as a cough and pass. He said to try to keep them as hydrated as possible. He said keep a cold mist humidifier going and do saline as many times a day as possible. We have one humidifier, but their room is pretty big so Brent is going to pick up another today.

We’ve tried so hard to keep them away from everything and everyone, but clearly, it’s not possible. Yesterday was the first time for them to leave the house since Christmas Day. I know they will and need to be exposed to things, but the thought of them being so little and one or both babies in the hospital, scares me. Sick babies in the hospital isn’t something I ever want to deal with again. So, we figure if we don’t need to take them anywhere right now, we won’t. Our doctor told us when they were itty bitty to really aim for April, as far as getting them “out in the world.” So, something snuck in the house.

There was very little coughing during the night last night, which I’m thankful for. They slept good, but by about 6:30am the coughs started. Knox coughed for about the first 30 minutes of his morning nap, but then it seemed to chill. He did okay while he was awake. He wanted to eat a lot longer than normal. He is back down for a nap now, and coughing off an on.

Sloane weighs 14lbs2oz and Knox is weighing 14lbs. Still tiny tots, but they’ve each almost gained two pounds since their appointment a month ago!

They really were being little hams at the doctor. You could see in Knox’s little eyes that he didn’t feel great, but he was still a bag of laughs. Neither had a fever, also a plus.

I mean what else was I going to do for an hour and a half? Take pictures & video, of course.

Getting ready to go….

Where did my little baby go?

He loves my hair..

Sloane was tired…

Sweet thing was tired when we got home, too…

Here’s to hoping our week goes with little sickness.

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    i'm terrified of my three month old getting sick!! we live in florida so it's a very warm winter here and we probably go on errands out of the house 2 or 3 times a week. i'm still strict about other people washing their hands around him but its scary how easily your baby got a cold :( i hope it doesn't get any worse and passes quickly. i cant think of anything worse than a sick baby

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    Oh Megan we are going through the same thing here! I rarely ever have my kids out. We went out (to a family members house) the weekend before last for the first time since New Years and yet my four month old came down with a cold. I took her to the doctors today because she was coughing and turned out she had bronchiolitis and is now on a four times a day breathing treatment. I hope Knox gets better soon and his doesn't take a turn like Lucy's did!

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    i hope they get better soon. my middle child got RSV while in the hospital so sadly germs are all around. Wash hands a lot (which I know you do).

    Get used to dr office waits especially at that hour since it's after school is out. Our dr's office has the right to cancel an appointment is we are more than 15 minutes from the scheduled time (stinks). It's a domino affect of adding patients in,patients being late or more complex. And our dr's office is more likely to make sure that a healthy child gets taken back quickly this time of the year so that they are not exposed to the germs (which I appreciate). But then again our dr's office doesn't have a well side and ill side. Just know that the dr didn't do it on purpose and probably felt terrible about the delay. Specialists require even longer delays…

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    We have a Crane cool mist humidifier (got at Target). We have the elephant.It's super cuter and puts out a lot of mist. Also, it has an automatic shut off when out of water. I have a very sicky baby due to in home day care. He's 15 months and already has tubes. I recommend running the humidifier during naps too. Make sure you keep their door closed. We bought a Vicks night light (plug in green light with strips) too. It makes a huge differnce for him with the coughing!

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    Can you use a little bit of the Vicks for babies on him? Rub a little on his chest, back, and the bottom of his feet.

    I like early morning appointments! Never around lunch time or after school hours.

    Hope they get better soon.

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    I'm sure you'll keep a close eye on K&S, my 6 month old was just hospitalised for 4 days with RSV, which seemed to creep up out of nowhere, it can be very nasty, but luckily, at 5 months, they are not as vulnerable as newborns. Unfortunately, they can't really do much except suction, and if you raise the crib matress with a pillow under the matress, it helps promote drainage (there's ALOT of mucus with RSV)

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    Sorry if this comes across as snarky, but here's the other side of the argument about your doctor's visit: you were late, and they were able to accommodate you at 3:15. You were late for that appt too. Have you thought about the other patients who were there on time? It's not fair to make them wait longer to see the doctor if they were on time, while you got in right away after being late for your appt that had already been shifted once for you. I work in a busy peds office, so I'm biased, but just consider the other parents too. Also, unless your kid has something like chicken pox, or the patient is immune-compromised, you usually don't get the fast lane back to an exam room. This time of year, pretty much everyone has cough/cold sx, so expect to have to share the waiting room with everyone else. Again, I apologize if this offends you at all, that's not my intention. Glad your babies are okay.

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    sounds like my MIL she is always behind seeing her patients. I've worked in several drs offices before and I can tell you there really is NO need for running that behind…a big pet peeve of mine.

    hope they are well soon!!

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    My son got RSV at only 4 months and it never progressed in to needing breathing treatments or a hospital stay. Just wanted you to know that them getting RSV doesn't mean they will automatically need to be hospitalized, so try not to worry too much!

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    A follow up to my previous comment, most babies with RSV dont need hospitalizing. And I gingerly agree with a previous comment that points out that you were late for TWO appointments, they probably just tried to squeeze you in if they had room between appointments, but if somebody else's appointment was pushed back to accomodate you, that wouldn't be very fair. It can get alot worse than waiting for an hour and a half to see the ped. Be thankful that Knox doesn't have to be admitted.

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    First of all I love reading your blog. Your babies are beyond precious!
    Saying that I hate that they are ill. I have a 2 year who has had upper resp. issues since 6 months old. It isn't fun. I hate waiting on docs and having a sick baby is stressful. I can't imagine having two.
    But in saying that I used to work at doc's office. I understand docs get behind and if you are late you are automatically pushed to the back of the line or worked in if someone doesn't show up. Its not fair to make the other people who were on time wait. Whether you call or not. That's just part of it and this time of the year just makes thing worse. Try and be patient with the doctor and staff. I am sure they didn't do it on purpose to be rude or provide bad service. That's just part of it.
    These types of issues are just growing pains of being a new parent. First of many! : ) Hope the kids get well soon!

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    I really hope they get better without any major issues. The bad thing about RSV is that adults and older kids can carry it with few symptoms. My son had bronchiolitis (sp?) at around 10 months old, and he was wheezing like crazy. It scared me to death. We had to do breathing treatments (and then he got RSV and we had to do them then too), but he never ended up in the hospital (with either). And he was a preemie, and was around 14-15 pounds at 10 months. Anyway, I hope your sweet babies get well soon.

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    I am curious as to why your doctor didn't prescribe the RSV shots for your kids if he was concerned about them even being in public. My friend's son was actually a preemie born at 29 weeks in November in Chicago. She was told to not take him anywhere until April as well but a home health nurse also came to the house to administer the shots and the baby never got sick.

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    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, I just want to give you a different perspective:

    As someone who works in healthcare, I can tell you that while I don't agree with what your doctor's office did, I tend to be more in agreeance with them than you.

    Think about if you were the mother of two sick babies whose appointment was at 3:30, the father of a sick son whose appointment was at 4:00, the mother of a sick daughter whose appointment was at 4:30, or the staff who leaves for the day at 5:00 to go home to their own children .. by you showing up 25 minutes late, you just set everyone behind.

    In my opinion, I'd have handled it a little differently: I'd have either had you re-schedule (depending on how serious the reason for you bringing in the kids was) or I'd have told you to just come back at the time I could see you and would STRESS that if you're late to this one, you won't be seen!

    On the other hand, I can see your frustration .. having 2 kids to get ready is hard and even the most organized people who are generally on time can be thrown for a loop .. but still, just something to think about.

  15. says

    A couple of things.

    1st & foremost) I am so glad that Knox is doing well enough to stay at home & not yet needing breathing treatments. I totally agree with your doctor, stay on top of it (as I know you will) and you will probably be able to manage this at home. So glad your two cuties are OK.

    2) Someone mentioned the Synagis (RSV) shot. There are very strict protocols that providers follow on who can or cannot get the shot. Insurance is quick to deny the shot if you do not fit criteria as it costs $1000/shot & your babies have to get the shot monthly from October until April. Slight prematurity is not enough to meet criteria.

    3) I am a pediatric nurse practitioner & agree with a couple of the previous comments about patience in doctor's offices. Typically if a provider is running late, it is a result of patients running late. Not always…just frequently. There are also emergencies, parents with lots of questions, and thorough providers who just go over their allotted time slot with their patients… Our office has a 15 minute rule that may require patients to reschedule if you are >15 minutes late. This is so that we can do our best to stay on time since this is the biggest complaint that we receive from patients. However, if we make an exception to see a patient who is late, we may ask that they wait until the on-time patients are seen first. It is the only fair thing to do. I know that it is frustrating to wait in a waiting room with infants as I have a 15mo somewhat medically complex child myself & am in waiting rooms often, but please understand that we are all working in offices trying to help, not trying to make parents upset!!!!

    I love your blog & I am praying for your kids to be back to themselves very quickly.


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    We will be praying they get better soon and that Knox does not have RSV. My little man just had that this past week and it was not fun! We were almost admitted to a children's hospital near us. Like you said, you do everything to keep them healthy and somehow the germs still find them! Praise God He healed our littlest man and he is on the mend!
    Amazing how fast Knox and Sloan are growing! They are too cute!

  17. says

    GOOD LORD. If she wants to vent about waiting in a doctors office for awhile let her do it people!
    haha I mean really.

    Sorry that Knox and Sloane aren't feeling well :(
    I hope they get better soon!!

  18. says

    I hope the little guy gets better soon. There is nothing worse than a sick baby. I hope he gets over it quickly. I understand your frustration. I used to cart three little ones to the doctor and getting anywhere on time was always hard. That being said, I called the office the minute I realized I was going to be late. I always told them (usually with an additional 10 minutes tacked on, just in case) what time I would be there. If they still told me to come in, I did. I do not agree with the way the did ultimately handle it. I am all for waiting in the doctors office, within reason. I understand that some patients take longer than others and I appreciate that my doctor spends the time with me when I have concerns that need addressing. I have told my office that I have no problem if I need to wait an hour or longer, but please let me know when I check in. This way, I have time to grab a coffee, use a restroom, whatever I need to do and I will come back closer to that time (I mean, I am already in the area right and there just has to be a Starbucks closeby). In order for these systems to work smoothly BOTH ends need to work together. I appreciate their time, I feel the least they could do, is appreciate mine.

    Off my soapbox …. love watching those sweetie-pies grow. Their giggles are so heartwarming!

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    Praying your little guy feels better. My son was born 9 weeks early and we are in the midst of the Synagis shots each month. We have been a bit house bound since he got out of the NICU in September so I know exactly how yiu are feeling. I keep telling myself, there is light at the End ofthe tunnel!

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    Did they say anything about reactive airway disease? T was diagnosed last fall, and Megan's, Ella this fall. No fever, no rsv, just a cough like an 80 year old chain smoking grandma! But with breathing treatments it usually clears up.

    As a daughter of a doctor, I can totally see both sides of the wait thing. However, a heads up of the wait time is the correct action. Regardless if you are 5-30 minutes late. It's her responsibility to keep the parents informed of wait times.

    Did you mention anything to the doctor? My dad always says he can't fix what his people are doing wrong, if no one tells him. I am a total nonconfrontational person, but I had to say something about a lab tech when I was preggers. My OB/Gyn thanked me twice for telling him!

    PS you are totally justified in your "momma they can't advocate for themselves, it's our job to do that. So if I have to make a front office person angry to have my child cared for, so be it! :)

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    Well I would have lost my mind if I was waiting an hour and a half for the doctor. I have 3 kids and have never had to wait that long. Tip, if you can get one of the first appointments right after lunch it works great in my ped's office. They are just back from lunch and not running behind yet. Works like a charm :o) And as someone else pointed out the hours after school are THE WORST. Vent all you want to girl. I hope your babies are better soon. (I have a twin brother and love every second of it….somebody always there with me but not really competing with each other.)

  22. says

    I feel so bad for you for having to justify your comments about waiting in the doctor's office. I worked in a physician's office during college and saw firsthand how many of the rude receptionists would purposely make people wait who came late and I never thought that was right. It's not like you're habitually late to every appointment. It's not like you have only one child to worry about. They should've given you some more information about how long you'd have to wait and I'm sure they could've found a way to squeeze you between other appointments well before 90 minutes later. I don't care what any of these other so-called healthcare workers comments say–they all act so cocky in my opinion. Are they never, ever late for anything? How would they feel had they been in your situation? You're already going through enough having two sick babies, you don't need to be punished on top of it!

    I think that most pediatrician's receptionists are miserable in their low-paying jobs and pass that misery on by pulling things like this. Maybe they should find a different job instead of making us parents the brunt of their misery!!

  23. says

    My son used to get sick everytime we took him out (which wasn't often) Mentioned it to the nurse and she said for us to bundle him up and take him outside every day even if it was to check the mail. We did and it sure did make him stronger and less acceptable to the bugs..Worked for us.

  24. says

    Poor guy! My son had RSV when he was 3 months old (thanks to big sister in school) and it was HORRIBLE! It stinks that you had to wait so long- we've also been in that spot and waited an hour and a half for being 5 minutes late. I totally understand their reasoning, but I agree that they should've made you aware of the delay and let you come in closer to that time. I read in one of my magazines about a woman that was told if she was late to her appointment, that the dr. would not see her and that she'd still have to pay for the visit. One time she had to wait a very long time and talked with the receptionist about it not being fair to be charged for a visit if she didn't get seen, and not being fair that she had to pay a co-pay when the dr. wouldn't see her on time, and they dropped her co-pay for that day. I probably completely screwed that story up, but it went something to that effect!

  25. says

    Since my son is in daycare, he's sick at least once a month, so I suppose I'm a bit more used to it. Anyway, I wanted to say make sure to ENTIRELY DISASSEMBLE your humidifier every so often to clean it. We had cleaned the tank, and the base, but then took off the housing to the mechanism this weekend and it was COVERED in mold. We couldn't believe that was what we were pumping into our baby's room! Buying a new one…

  26. says

    I agree with Bethany. I worked in the dental field for years and when we would have late patients, we would squeeze them in or let them know how long it would take so we could ask them if they wanted to reschedule. there is no reason you should have had to wait that long, especially since they could see you had 2 sick babies. i will never understand why doctor's offices run behind the way they do. one time we were the very first patients of the day. they called us right back but then we sat in the room for over 30 minutes before the dr came in? why, who knows. nobody else was in the office. maybe if they would see their patients on time, they wouldnt get so behind and they would be able to squeeze in other patients. i say vent away, and ignore those rude comments from people that have no idea what your situation is like

  27. says

    watch out for RSV – it can come on quickly…I took my son to the Dr. on a Friday afternoon and they said he just had a cold, was fine…Sunday morning we went back saying something's not right and they were about ready to put him in the hospital – tahnkfully he reacted really well to 2 ibuterol treatments so we were able to take him home and treat him ourselves…not fun days…one thing to remember, the car steering wheel can be one of the germiest places – make sure Brent is cleaning it and his hands when he gets in the house!

  28. says

    Hey Megan! I have twin girls and we were friends on facebook until I recently got off. Anyways, I am annoyed at all the comments about defending the Dr.s office. It is not like you were gooing on some "mean" rant about it. You were simply just saying you were annoyed. I don't know why people have to waste their time telling you the other side of the story. I am sure they do not have twins and do not understand. Noone gets it unless you have twins. It is almost impossible to not run late. My girls are almost 10 months and I am still late alot. It is hard. A hour and a half wait would have made me steam. That is crazy. You are so sweet the way you handle it though. Keep doing what your doing!

  29. says

    Vent away; this is your blog! I had to wait over an hour at the ob-gyn's office when pregnant and I wasn't even late! That made me pretty mad and I didn't even have coughing 5-month old twins to worry about. You are justified to complain since they missed a feeding and nap; and you handled it well!

  30. says

    Love a laughing baby. Thanks for sharing the video. Sorry they aren't feeling well. Pray they are healthy soon. I hate a sick baby. I also dread any trip to the dr and any sort of wait, which there always seems to be. My 3 year old had an ear infection last week so I had to take her and 19 month old twin boys by myself. They are pretty helpful with the kids but it is alot of work. Hang in there. You will be able to leave the house someday!

  31. says

    you were late because you were waiting on your husband to take you? I'm sure you are capable of taking the babies yourself. Thats no good excuse and your babies arent any more important than the next persons.

  32. says

    You were late because you were waiting on your husband. Are you not capable of taking the babies, other moms do it. It sounds like you think your babies are more important than the next persons but let me assure you they arent.Knox and Sloane are beautiful babies but like I said they shouldn't come before other children just because they are yours.

  33. says

    Wow at some of these comments, especially this one from the McWilliams. She has every right to vent about the dr's office on her blog. If you dont like it, don't read it! she never said she thought her babies were better than anybody elses. an hour and a half wait is ridiculous. My husband comes with me to all of my son's appointments and i only have 1 child! i can imagine needing the extra help having 2 babies. i also think it's great that he wants to come

  34. says

    dude, people can't take venting can they!

    i would have been pissed if i sat there that long. they could've given you a heads up of what was going on.

    i hope that sweet baby gets to feeling better soon. and i agree with Tiff, watch that cough. T and Ella have RAD and it sucks! But it's pretty easily controlled with their nebulizers :)

  35. says

    I read in your new post that the babies are doing better- so
    glad to hear that! Luke, 5 months, has been cared for in our home while I work but unfortunately we are going to have to put him (and his 4th old brother) in daycare soon. My aunt has been watching them but now my uncle has cancer and she needs to care for him understandably. I'm concerned that the boys will get sick a lot now from being around other kids.

    One thing I started doing at the doctor's office is when that take us to the exam room and they say "the doctor will be right in" I ask for a realistic time. They'll then say "you are next" or "maybe 30mins" or "we're very behind- it could be awhile"- that way I know if it's a good idea to go ahead and nurse Luke while we are waiting. Because I've been in that boat too where I held off from feeding him thinking the doctor would be right in and it ended up taking awhile.

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