Twin Treats :) 22-23 weeks

Knox & Sloane are 23 weeks old today! They say “thank you” for the sweet comments on their pictures yesterday 😉 No, I don’t usually say they are “23 weeks old” if some asks. Right now, if asked, I would say that they are just over 5 months old. I just want to keep track with the weeks for when I took a book of these posts 😉

The past two weeks have been fun! They are interacting with each other and us more and more.

They’ve adjusted to no night swaddle and just today I took the nap swaddles off.

Knox had become a side sleeper during the night and last night he started become a face sleeper. Yep, you heard me. On his belly, with his face flat down. Scares the crap out of me. We do have the angel monitor, so hopefully it will go off if he gets in a jam. The little guy moves like crazy, though, so hopefully it is okay.

Knox has also been a little fussy the past few days. I need to wash my hands good and feel around in his mouth for teething..but I haven’t really noticed him wanting to chew on his hands or toys more. I think there is a chance he might be developing a lactose allergy because he has been doing a lot of pushing/grunting noises. Lovely, I know.

Sloane has been pretty chill lately. If I walk in the other room to grab something, she just goes on about her way. Knox is starting to get fussy if he can’t see me.

Knox is rolling all around. Sloane is just going from tummy to back, but with just a tiny bit a help, she will pop back up on her tummy.

More hair for Sloane! It’s not looking as reddish now, but more of light brown.

I think they are starting to get less bashful around people. Knox will give his smiles, but Sloane is still kind of working on it.

Knox woke up randomly one night about midnight crying. We gave him a few minutes, but could tell it wasn’t just a nothing cry. I went in and rocked him for a bit. He burped a few times and kind of made that grunting like he was trying to poop. So I gather his tummy was upset. He fell back to sleep and did fine the rest of the night.

Brent’s mom joked that we do have tears coming in our future. I’m trying not to take for granted how chill they are most of the time. However, teething and tummy aches are probably not something we can hide from….nor are the tears :(

Between this post, this post and this post, I’ve shared most our pictures from the past two weeks :) I have a few more and a few videos. 

They are sitting in bumbos now. Sloane likes it, but Knox just kinda tries to squirm out.

I adore his brows and lashes.

They love holding hands. You can tell the turtle was in between them, but once they pushed it down, they grabbed hands <3


Face flat…

He kind of propped his head up a little it seems after I went and took my phone to shine a light on hi like 1000 times to check, and he’s turning his head.

Sloane without her swaddle after nap today. She really wanted her fist….

Love cuddle time in the mornings…

Hope you all had a good Friday!

***Please take a few minutes to read this post. Tahnie is such a fighter and she has the best reason in the world to keep at it. 


  1. says

    Omword…. so stinkin' cute!!!
    I can't believe how big they are getting.
    I can't believe they are laughing and SITTING IN BUMBO'S!!!
    I rarely comment but I am always reading along and they are so stinkin' cute!!!
    Love it :)

  2. says

    Our daughter became a face sleeper at about 4 months, and yes, scared the crap out of us too! We spent the first few nights battling it non stop and going in and flipping her back onto her back, but by the time we would get back to our room she was face down again on the monitor! I'd like to say I won't worry about the next one as much if she does this, but I'm sure that wouldn't be true!!

  3. says

    The picture of them holding hands melts my heart.

    I feel you on the face plant position. Both girls enjoy that. I keep H swaddled most nights or a sleep sack still but arms free and she can roll in it. I stress about it and do the whole 'are you breathing thing' a million times a night. the husband always reminds me she has many Angels watching her and I can spend countless hours flipping her just to have her roll back over.

  4. says

    I'm a long time reader and always mean to comment…I used to nanny infant boy/girl twins, and while they were quite a handful (as I'm sure you know!) I loved it. Seeing all your adorable pictures always makes me think of them and miss them-I think they're three now, crazy how time flies!

  5. says

    The hand holding is just way too cute. I never had problems with P sleeping face down, but I know I would have freaked too.

    Your babies are beautiful. :)

  6. says

    Adorable!! I have a set of niece/nephew twins!!:) Just a thought on Knox's tummy issues/smelly diapers…it could have something to do with the formula that you're adding to his bottle at night. My son was also supplemented with formula and I ended up having to switch him to a low-iron version. He had those same issues. I hope he finds relief soon!! Thanks for the updates…I look forward to them!:)

  7. says

    My son is a couple days older than the twins and he has a lactose allergy too. Its been a tough battle. He is on neocate now. They are too cute!

  8. says

    They are precious and seeing them gives me hope that I'm going to survive this phase. Brought our twins home finally from NiCU after 23 days wednesday. They will be 4 week s old monday!!! I'm sleep deprived and overwhelmed…but seeing you do it and did it helps!! Thanks for aharing

  9. says

    I REALLY giggled at the picture of him being face down. But I can definitely see it being scarey! I don't think I'd be able to sleep… LOL. Love the pictures of them holding hands. So sweet.

  10. says

    My 20 month old twin girls just loved the video. When you started saying Hi, Ava started saying Hi back. It was so cute. You are doing such a great job. Having twins is such a big job.

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