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Thank you so much for the nice comments on Knox & Sloane's five month post yesterday/last night :) They love you all, too!! Since I did that post yesterday, I'll wait and do a twin's treats post next week!

I've been wanting to share this beef tenderloin recipe for a while now. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a meat person. I could live a happy life without it. My mom has made this several times lately and I must say, it's my favorite. I like it better than chicken or really, any other meat. I posted the recipe on my food blog HERE.

Yeah, so I guess I don't really like chicken. I mean plain, anyway. It has to be really "dressed up" so I'm not sure if that meant I like it or not.

Have you all tried the coconut La Croix? If flavored, sparkling water appeals to you, I love this one.

So, the kitchen cabinets are done! Well, almost. Still deciding on hardware! Here is a peak, but I'll probably wait until it's completely done to post it all. Maybe I'll do a progress post!

Tiny Prints is doing their free greeting card promo right now for Valentine's day greeting cards! Today only :) You can personalize it and they will even mail it for you. Pick one that you like HERE.

Knox & Sloane were cracking me up this morning.

See what I mean about a gummy smile? Sloane's is too funny.

I think it's safe to say, they might no longer fit comfortably on one activity gym. I suppose this is the beginning of two of everything?

Sweet loves!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Just ordered my free card!! Thanks :)

    Babies are beautiful as ever!!

  2. Too cute, too cute. I just stocked up on LaCroix (grapefruit and lime) so I will have to check out coconut next time they are on sale!

  3. Hey Megan! I want to follow you on IG. Is that where you are editing these iphone pics?

  4. Megan, I have never commented though I've been reading for probably 6 months. It's time to stop lurking :) What cute babies you have. Your blog is one of my favorites!

  5. that looks delicious! thanks for the free card info! ~ lia

  6. Your adorable twinkies are just too cute! I can't begin to imagine how neat it must be to watch twins growing up. What a blessing! I love sparkling water but have never tried the LaCroix brand...I will have to check it out!

  7. No need to get 2 of everything. Just rotate them through the toys...keeps them from getting bored. :)

  8. Hi Megan oh my those adorable faces are so cute, what a nice thing to see on an early snowy quiet Saturday morning in Baltimore. We are totally gearing up for football in this house with our Ravens playing on Sunday. Send us some good thought cuz we are all super nervous about this game! Knox and Sloan, can you wear something purple for our team? Love those faces!

  9. Beautiful Babies. It touches my heart to see these 2 precious ones in your care, your huge heart is clear to see.

  10. Hello from your newest follower :)

    Your twins are SO adorable. They're smiles are just too cute - I miss those "first smile" days!

    I LOVE how you treated your cabinets, and can't wait to see a finished picture!

  11. They are toooooo cute! Love their little gummy, innocent smiles! Totally understand the whole "not a chicken fan" thing. It's got to have a really yummy sauce or marinate for a long time for me to like it..otherwise it tastes too "chicken-y." :)

  12. I swear they get cuter and cuter! Sweet loves!

  13. I loooooove your blog!!!! You make me smile everytime i read about those sweet babies!!! I am in love with your cabinets and I can't wait to hear and see the details!

  14. I have 18 month old boy/girl twins (and a 5 yr old)and I totally understand the "two of everything" thing!! My house looks like a BabiesRUs but we have so much fun and I wouldn't have it any other way! Your babies are precious and I love seeing their sweet little pictures ... enjoy this stage, it goes by so quickly!!


  15. First time commenting :) I hope you do a post about your kitchen cabinets! I love the tile color!


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