House progress….

or lack thereof….


This weekend we had great intentions of getting many things done around the house, but it really didn’t happen. We did get some things done, so it wasn’t a completely fail. Every little bit counts, right?

I thought I would do a few posts as we go that way we have it to look back on. Since the house may not be ‘done’ for a while, posts of progress seem logical.

So, the kitchen cabinets are painted. We are also painting the breakfast area and smaller living area off the kitchen. We had the dark wood painted and we are deciding on a wall color. I think the bottom looks much whiter than it probably is since I used “shake-it” to brighten the picture overall.

I think the paint on the left is what we will do. The other room seems a bit to dark for what I’m going for.

Yes, we had 23947249587234 different rolls of colored duct tape to organize packing/moving, haha.

This week, I have GOT to set up estimates for blinds and shutters. Must take sheets and blankets (and dark blinds) off windows stat.

The nursery furniture is in and the bedding is on, but we have yet to hang the things on the wall or the chandelier. Instead, they are on the landing upstairs. We plan to do that this next weekend. I think Knox & Sloane miss their fun things 😉

After many people tweeting me about the chevron goodies at Target, I decided to check them out while I was there over the weekend. I got four of these fun containers for the gameroom closet. And yes, for some reason, the shelves are pretty short. Weird. 

I’m washing every single anything that goes in the kitchen cabinets before it goes in. Lots of fun. Not. So, we have two folding tables set up with towels on them, plus all the counters, covered in towels, for our ‘drying racks.’

So far, I’ve purchased one item from this post. Once it’s in and I’ve figured out where I want it to go, I’ll be sure to post. This was my second purchase….

I love it. I found it at Of course, I haven’t unpacked anything to go on or in it yet. Soon. It is the first piece of furniture I’ve ever bought that you had to put together. I guess everything else I’ve purchased already put together. It drove me a little nuts that the right door is a little lower, but Brent and I have done everything under the sun to try to make them completely even, and well, it’s not happening. I know, it’s probably not something you would notice, though if you come over, you may now that I’ve told you 😉 It actually does look a lot more even than when we first started working on it.

I’m ready for all the walls (like the one above) to be much lighter.

I’d say this weekend we got about ten boxes emptied and broken down. I’d say that’s a start.

I’m hoping to get the attic insulated soon so that I can empty boxes and it will become the storage closet for now.

And because what is a weekend without pictures of my favorite people….

My friend, Jennifer, who makes fabulous goodies, is having a Very Jane sale right now! Check out her chevron and other shower curtains in the sale HERE. I do have some of her products so I know she does a great job! I’ll give myself a reminder to post my goodies soon.

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    You are doing a great job! I don't think you should stress about not getting more done. After all, you are caring for twins. Everything is looking beautiful.

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    Those boxes are fun.
    Totally unrelated to hose progress, but if you have a Publix near you, La Croix is on sale B1G1 Free later this week. Their FB page also has a $1 off coupon, so you could get a pack of La Croix for less than $2.

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    The house is looking great! It takes foreve to get settled in. I feel like we are still trying to figure out where everything goes. You also have your hands quite full with two sweet babies!

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    About the cabinet, all you need to do is adjust the hinge of the door. It's usually the part of the hinge that is attached to the back of the door that causes it to hang lower like that. Love the house progress so far! And the babies are most certainly gaining that fun personality. :-)

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    A tip that would save you a lot on blinds is to buy them at Lowes. We had custom blinds put in one house and it was very expensive! Now we just buy the blinds at Lowes. They have very nice faux wood blinds and nicer wood ones too. Anyway, thought I would pass that info on in case you wanted to consider that.

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