Five Months!

The twinkies are FIVE months old today. They are almost half a year old. Don’t ask. I have no idea how that happened. Time is flying right by and they are growing like crazy.

They are the sweetest, most precious beings. Seriously. Every night, Brent and I get in bed and ask each other how we ended up with the cutest kids in the word, with the most adorable personalities. Well, we know how, but we like to be extra thankful…and obsessed. Clearly.

They are bashful. You can smile at them, they will grin and duck their head real quick. It’s so cute.

If you missed the videos I posted the other day, here, you should watch. The laughs and giggles make Brent and I smile from ear to ear. We watch them on our phones all the time.

They are both sitting up in their bumbos.

We’ve not started rice or oatmeal yet, but might do that this weekend.

Napping and sleeping during the night good. We took away the swaddles on Friday night and it went great. We were prepared for a few rough nights, but they didn’t make one peep! The second night, Knox fussed a few minutes while falling asleep and Sloane fussed a few minutes going to sleep on the third night. They get so giggly before bed, they probably just wanted to keep playing and got sad when it was time to get in the crib. Just a guess :)

We are using Swaddle blankets. They still fit in the newborn size so it does have the side flap on their tummies.

My guess is Sloane is a little over thirteen pounds and Knox is right at thirteen. They don’t go back to the doctor until next month.

Both nurse first thing in the morning, 10:30, 2:00, 4:30 and bottle of milk at bedtime.  In their bottle, Knox is taking about eight ounces and Sloane is taking about nine. Giving Knox about half a scoop of formula in his bottle.

They both love bath time and I have GOT to get more video footage of it.

In the meantime, lots of pictures…of course :)


Your little gummy smile is hilarious. I’m going to miss that when you start getting teeth. I could look at your sweet smile all day!

For a while I thought you were getting a tooth, but it’s not come through. There is still something hard on the side of the gum. I’ll ask the doctor about that next month.

You squeal and make so many noises. You do this after you finish eating and the noises are hilarious.

You are still a fast eater.

You love kisses on your neck and it’s so funny because you close your eyes and laugh. Then, when we stop and pull up, you keep your eyes closed and keep laughing, haha.

Still smitten with your daddy, but you pretty much cry for most other men.

You are really starting to love holding hands with Knox.

Your craddle cap has cleared up, now your scalp is just a bit dry, but doesn’t seem to bother you too much.

You love your hands and feet!

You are getting more hair, but I’m not sure if it’s rubbing off as quickly as it’s coming in. I still see a lot of it on the sheets. It does have lots of auburn in it and sometimes we think you may be a red head!

We love you so much and your high pitched squeals, too!

Mommy & Daddy

 Dear Knox,

Your sweet little grin is one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen. You can tell what a soft heart you have and you light up the second you see daddy or I. It melts our heart.

You are rolling like crazy! Front to back and back to front!

Last night, you slept on your side for several hours.

You can tell your a boy by the smell of your poop. haha. You may hate me for saying that when you read this when you are older. But seriously, you and Sloane eat the same exact thing, but MAN, you can clear a room.

You giggle and giggle and giggle. It’s great. You are starting to squeal, too!

When you cry, it’s heart wrenching. It’s the saddest little cry I’ve ever heard and I’m thankful it doesn’t happen too often.

You, too, are a hand holder. You love holding our hands and Sloane’s hand.

Daddy and I kid that you are getting a uni-brow. You kind of are, but it’s cute. Your five months old.

You still eat slow, but seems to have gotten a bit faster.

You seem like such a big boy lately.

If you catch the glimpse of a TV, you can’t take your eyes off and you will turn your neck as much as you can to get your eyes on it.

You are so sweet and we love you so much!!!

Mommy & Daddy

We love you both SO MUCH! I still can’t believe there are two of you….

How cute are these booties my cousin made for the babies? Same cousin who made the adorable hats I posted last week. We love them all!!

Knox wasn’t interested in keeping his booties on, so I think I only got about one picture with him in them. After I took most the pictures and Sloane kicked hers off, she let me put them back on for a few more pics 😉

How about a comparison?



  1. says

    They are so beautiful!! I love the pics of them from month to month…you can literally see their little personalities coming out!! I can't believe they are 5 months!! My twins are turning three this summer…and I already get tears in my eyes about how fast it has gone by :)

  2. says

    They are just the sweetest babies! I have been reading your blog for a long time, but recently it has really become one of my favorites. I just love seeing Knox and Sloane and reading about how much you are truly enjoying them.

  3. says

    So precious!! Seeing Knox and Sloane is really making me excited for our 2! I don't know if you have said before, but where did you find the month stickers? I had some for my boys from Picky Sticky but I haven't seen those.

  4. says

    they are so precious– they look so much alike, but have their own very unique features too! sloane looks BEAUTIFUL in these pictures, sweet girl.

    i am so impressed you're nursing them both. you are my hero!!

    can't believe your littles are 5 months old. where does the time go?!!

  5. says

    What cuties, Megan! I love hearing about your beautiful babies! Thank you for taking the time to share about them and about you & Brent! This is my favorite blog to follow! Love to you all!

  6. says

    Err, are you sure Knoxy doesn't have brain damage. There is more of a problem there than just the wonky eye. And the stinky poo – sign of real problems with his intestines and gut. Possibly cancer.Serious. Get it checked out!

  7. says

    They are SOOO cute! Now that Mia turned two I'm in a "I want another baby" stage, and I must say these pics of your ADORABLE babies just made me want another that much more!!!! :)

    What little sweethearts!!!!! :)

  8. says

    Your babies are so beautiful!! Congrats on still nursing them, that is so awesome. Stinky poops may be the bit of formula, we totally noticed a difference when we added some with our kids!

  9. says

    Those babies are so cute! I will have to say that they make me giggle everytime I see them because they always look like something HUGE is about to happen. Knox's poop probably really stinks because of the scoop of formula in his milk. Once they eat food, Sloane will be able to clear them out too! Blessings to you all!

  10. says

    Adorable! I looooved the giggle videos. Made me smile and cry! So precious!

    We will be starting our baby on foods here in a couple months. Just wondered if you have heard or read anything about The White Out movement? Here's a link – read about it. It made a lot of sense to me. I think we are going to forego the rice cereal and go straight to real foods.

    I know, I know…it's always something. But this just really clicked with me, so wanted to pass it along. :)

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