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So, I’ve either been in clothes a pregnant person, nursing or new mom would wear since October of 2009. That’s almost two and a half years. I’ve gained and lost 40 pounds, twice.

It’s probably safe to say that I have no real ‘fashion sense’ anymore, wouldn’t you agree? Well, even if you don’t. I’ve got two five month old babies and I’ve probably only worn a combination of about ten different outfits in those five months. Most of my ‘outfits’ consist of pajamas.

I do probably have some valid excuses, but feel free to skip them if you want to read what my goal is  😉

With it being winter, we don’t really get the babies out too much. I’m home with them every day. I typically see no one except for them and Brent. Do they care what type of fashion I have going? Of course they don’t.

Do they care if I’ve showered? Maybe.

I always feel better I shower.

Do I always find time in a day to shower? No.

Did I mention I have two babies, a dog, a husband and a house? Yep. I’m VERY thankful for those things. I also know I tend to them before I tend to myself. That’s very easy to do and I’m happy to do it.

I am probably saving myself a few wrinkles everyday by not rubbing make up under my eyes to conceal the dark circles of me being a night owl and waking up early for two precious dumplings.

So, yeah, excuses excuses.

When do I feel my best? When I have clothes on that don’t consist of an old pair of pj pants with a hole in them and an old fraternity shirt that belongs to Brent. Yes, that’s what I’m wearing as we speak.

I think it’s safe to say I should get in the shower and then pick these clothes up off the floor and toss them in the trash. Yes? I’m glad you agree.

My ‘fashion goal’ for this year is to not scare my neighbors if they ring the door bell and I’m forced to answer.

No really, I want to look presentable. I want to feel comfortable enough to run to the store if my mom stops by and I only have a few minutes notice.

I want to look pretty for Brent. As luck would have it, he’s told me I’m pretty enough when I’m looking rough enough that I believe him, haha. Really, though, I don’t want him coming home to see me in the same thing he saw me put on for bed the previous night.

I used to be a dress girl. I love dresses. However, they aren’t really conducive at the stage the twins are at, as I’m constantly in the floor with them. So, maybe a dress to go out to dinner. While I’m home, even yoga pants and a cute top looks quite a bit better than what I have on. Freshly showered probably smells quite a bit better than I do right now. I kid. I think.

I’ve got to purge some clothes that I wore when I was pregnant but would not wear now. I’ve got a closet full. I don’t need a lot of new clothes. I need some basics, traditional pieces and a few fun ones for when we do go to a party or out to dinner.

I know changing from my pajamas everyday and having a few pieces to put on will make me feel good on a daily basis :)

So while I may wear my sweatshirt every now and then, I vow not to wear it everyday! 

What are your 2012 Fashion Resolutions? How do you plan to feel great by looking your best this year?

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    I'm glad I'm not the only mom living in pj pants and not getting a shower every day, but I have to agree with you I do feel better about myself when I'm nice and clean with make up on.

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    I completely know what you mean. I was just talking to a friend about how since I've had my little guy I've lived in sweat pants and t-shirts. I think that is a great resolution. Good Luck!

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    I do always make it out of pajamas. Beyond that? Um…I'm in yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and I haven't showered. These seem like good resolutions. The kid always looks cute, shouldn't I?

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    Id love to take your old pregnancy clothes off your hands because Im almost 3 months along and have none! lol. Its such a short period of time when your pregnant, why bother buying so many but I do know how you feel. Going from a full time professional working gal to a stay at home mom is life changing especially in the clothes department.Walking by your mirror in the morning in sweats and an old t-shirt when you used to walk by in a suit can be stratling!! Lol, I know it is to me, I always have to look twice and say Oh geez is that really me? LOL

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    You're not alone :) I spend most of my days in pj's and if we do go out (maybe once a week if that) it's an old pair of jeans and a North Face jacket. I used to dress so nicely when I was in the working world, but now I've kinda let myself go. I think it happens to a lot of moms, but I think it's time I stepped it up a little too :)

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    I am the exact same way! I had been pregnant or nursing from February 2007-November 2010…so I have spent the last year trying to figure out what my fashion sense is :) It is amazing what a shower can do for ya!! I am trying to stay out of my husband's pj pants…I will make that my goal :) The least I can do is put on some that fit LOL

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    ugh….Don't make me feel guilty for still being in my PJs at 8:45 PM and if I wasn't going to take a shower I would probably wear the same thing to bed. :) Stop with the super Mom business. YOU HAVE TWINS! HA. No, seriously, I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you are getting to enjoy those sweet faces, in a sweatshirt or not. xoxoxo

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    haha! Truly spoken from a mama! I have been feeling bad about staying in my pj's most days (I have a 4 month old) so my new goal is to only have one pj day a week where I don't get dressed. I totally agree-when your baby(ies) and husband are the only people who see you most days and you are up and down on and off the floor and nursing, it is hard to want to get dressed. I did ask for yoga pants for Christmas, because I completely agree-even that with a cute top is way different than pj's :)

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    I force myself to change out of my jammies into sweats before I go get the baby up. It's still sweats, but it's something. Also, I just found the cutest workout clothes at JCPenney of all places. Yoga pants and cute hoodie tops that are super comfy and cute at the same time. I bought three sets!

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    I think yoga pants and a t shirt or hoodie is a really cute look! Also, I totally agree that it's nice to try and look presentable for our husbands when they get home from work (as much as possible). :)

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    GREAT POST! I was JUST getting a decent fashion sense when I found out we were expecting our fourth in August, so right now…I'm in the 'mean time' with my clothes. I've been searching for clothing tutorials online that would be conducive to nursing, but are still pretty. Check these out:

    At one point, the blog writer said she had them in her etsy shop but I didn't see any in there currently. I'll bet if you contact her should would get you set up though. If not, let me know. I'm gonna make myself some. A couple more is no big deal :)

    I'm planning to make a few of these with the ruffle fabric and some lace fabric. These little tops will look so much better than the t-shirts I had to wear in the past!

    Just thought i'd share :)

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    Your post and all the comments on it make me feel so much better! I have 4 children and my youngest was born the day after your sweeties, so I am right there with you!! On an average day I feel successful if I brush my hair before I put it in a ponytail. Brent is right though, you are gorgeous!

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    Haha! So true. My Blake was born the day before your twins, and I was just telling my husband yesterday that I was pretty sure I've only worn about 5 outfits since then. Partly because I have not found breastfeeding to be particularly helpful in weight loss and still have a ways to go (BUMMER), and partly because I mostly just stay at home with him…and when I'm not playing with/feeding/rocking him, I'm frantically cleaning the house. Balance will come eventually, right?? :)

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    I know exactly how you feel! Being pregnant 4 times since my oldest, up and down hormones, moving and chasing a toddler I have lost all my style. Zip. Nada. Nothing. 😉 I have to call my aunt or my mom these days to dress me. One day, one day I will be a hot momma (maybe!).

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    Girl, you could wear a burlap sack and still look great!

    I have three girls (10, 8 &5) and juts within the last two years have I stepped up in the fashion dept. lol!!

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    You are so cute…sweats, messy hair and all! I've recently started "watching" 2 Broke Girls(haha, you know, as I do a million other things in the evenings after my kids go to bed) and you totally look like that girl-a prettier, skinnier version anyway!

    A shower always makes me feel better…I once read a shower is worth 2 hrs of sleep and I am a believer. Now that my daughter is walking everywhere and into EVERYTHING I don't get that shower every morning like I'd lie to. That is, not unless I wake up before her which is not happening these days!

    I definitely think buying yourself some new outfits will motivate you to wear them!

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    I am a mother to 3 awesome children and step mother to 3 more. I work 2 jobs. When I am at home I live in yoga pants and cute shirts! I have to shower to go to work but in the chance that I have a full day off a shower is the last thing on my mind. I am so glad there are other moms out there that are in the same boat. Thanks for posting this!

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    When I'm ready, I desperately need to make some fashion goals. I'm talking the days I go to work more so (I'm okay with looking like a mess at home, haha). I'm so tired my hair is almost always in a pony and my outfits are less-than-stellar. I'm hoping spring will help kickstart my return to cute clothes. You'll have to blog about your progress with this goal, maybe it'll inspire me! :) Haha.

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    Funny…I just thought something similar last night, too! I went downstairs and saw all my cute shoes that I haven't worn forever…(I think when I go out now I live in Uggs or Nike runners) and said to my hubbie that I haven't worn these shoes forever, since even when I was preggo I lived in flip-flops, too! Can sooo relate to this post. Love it! As I type this, I am currently wearing an old tank top with a rip in it, but it's stretchy so I can pull it down easily for nursing…and don't get me started about my "hairstyle"…oh aren't I pretty!

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    Have a coordinating block of fabric added to the bottom of the curtains. My friend did this with a pair of vintage curtains she found and they came out wonderful! Very chic looking.

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    Would you be willing to do a maternity clothes tag sale or giveaway or something? That would be great.
    And I know how you feel, and will know better later I am sure. I have another on the way and anticipate a not so fashionable few months after that!

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