Could you do some laundry?

Last week, Brent was getting ready for work and I was sitting on our bed pumping. He, like any normal person, is particular about which white t-shirt is his favorite. In his closet, there is a variety of sizes and brands, mostly due to me having been pregnant and getting big and bigger tummies each time. Anyways, he couldn’t find the right size and brand that he prefers.

So naturally, he asks me if I can do some laundry.

I think to myself, I’ve done laundry. Haven’t I?

But have I?

I think I’ve been so set on keeping the babies on the schedule because they are doing great, that I’ve not actually set any structure for myself.

I know I’ve probably made mention 100 times, I don’t mind doing laundry, but I despise putting it away.

Well now, it’s not that I’m not putting it away, but it’s hardly making it down the hall to the laundry room. Then, when it does, it’s lucky if it makes it back.

Laundry isn’t something I want Brent to do. He honestly doesn’t have the time. I do. However, I’ve found myself doing things with my time that is not laundry. Why? because it’s more fun or takes less energy. Honesty, people.

My schedule…uhh, the babies….schedule is as follows….
The babies wake anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30. They are up for an hour to an hour and a half and go back down for a nap. (Brent is here during this time and he puts them down for nap while I’m pumping.)
nap until 10:30am
awake 10:30 -12
nap 12:00-2:00
awake 2:00-3:30
nap 3:30-4:30
For the most part, they are awake 4:30 until bath time, which starts anywhere from 6:30-7.
We are usually doing bath/bedtime routine for about an hour.

They are waking from some naps about 15 minutes early as we are about to take away the nap swaddle (because they are ready.) So, usually I have anywhere from 3 to 4 1/2 hours where they may be asleep. When they aren’t asleep, I’m with them. I love watching what they are doing and how they are changing. I will sometimes fold their laundry while they play, but for the most part, I interact or watch. Sometimes I check twitter and read some blogs (via phone) while they are nursing, but when I look down and they are staring up at me, I feel bad having my attention on something else. Cheesy, maybe.

So, what do I do during their nap times? For about 30 minutes of the morning nap, I pump. Other than that, I do what ever pops to the top of my mind. I try to have quite time. I will occasionally nap during their morning nap. For 45 minutes the other day, I was on the phone with the county treasurer’s office trying to figure out the status on our taxes that we paid before moving. I mean that’s clearly money we are due back. I walk Elton for a few minutes in the back yard, or watch him like a hawk, with the door open. I try to get a shower in. I try to tidy the kitchen, bedroom, etc..I try to get a blog post in and respond to a few emails. I try to read a few blogs. I try to unpack a box. I try to eat. I try to do laundry some days.

I try to do a lot of things, but they need to be prioritized.

Brent wasn’t at all saying I don’t do anything. Believe me, he knows the babies schedule from being home on the weekend and he sees how hard it is to actually start something and finish it.

He knows we both stay up too late because come Saturday morning, he wants to nap during the babies’ nap as well. We want to set a bedtime goal and follow through with it. We are such night owls. I don’t want to feel like I need a nap after I pump in the mornings. I really only ‘morning nap’ about once a week, but still, there are other mornings where I’d like to.

I think the problem with laundry…. I may put a load in, but honestly, it might be the next day before I can really complete it. I’ve always been good about not drying clothes. Staying wet equals stinky. So, I typically make mental note they must at least get started in the dryer, but, it might be 24 hours before I get back to them. Thus, having to get them damp and re dry them so they don’t look horribly wrinkled. Then, the cycle starts over…..when will I get back to them?

I know, I have twin babies. This is true. A lot of people have two plus kids. Sure, I get exhausted, but I still have a lot of other things I have to do; other things I want to do. And while I really want to pick paint colors and pin dreamy rooms on Pinterest, I want to prioritize getting ‘chores’ done, having quiet time and putting myself together. I think I do a good job and putting the babies and Brent at the top of my list :) I want to make a meal and have it ready to eat once the babies go to bed.

Three to four and a half hours really isn’t a long time, especially when it is all chopped up. I also know it’s not going to get easier. To me, this baby stage is actually pretty easy. I think it has a lot to do with having them on such a structured schedule. I think once they start crawling, walking, talking, etc., that’s when finding time for other things will probably get even more tricky.

So,  I think this about sums up my goals for this year. No, laundry will never come first. Luckily, I think I’m putting the important things first already, as I mentioned above. I just want to get myself on a schedule to be the best I can be and do the best at what I’m going to do :)

Do you set a schedule or have structure for yourself?



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    Oh boy I can relate to this! I have 2 kids in school and 2 in daycare. Until last Thursday I was employed full time (lost my job) anyways. I always start a load right away in the morning and then it gets in the dryer before I leave. But b/c it sits all day it is wrinkly and I have to do a short dry later in the afternoon/evening before I can fold (which I HATE). We have a large counter in our laundry room and I bought baskets for each kid. I don't even bother trying to get the stuff upstairs to their rooms….I make complete outfits and stack outfits in the baskets. Then each morning they can grab and outfit and shower and it is less time for me going up and down stairs!

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    I can relate since I have laundry in the dryer right now that's been there since Sunday. But, I TRY to only start laundry if I have time to finish it and I try to do certain items on certain days… Like on Wednesdays, it's jean day. :)

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    I have been a long time follower but I don't know if I have ever commented before! :)

    I have the exact same problem with putting the clothes away. I can run them through the washer and dryer and then they sit in the basket. and sit. and sit. You get the picture!

    I am an elementary teacher and I have a 20 month old little boy. I have found what works for me is to just try and do one load a day. I usually start it right when I get home from school, then try to remember to put it in the dryer just before dinnertime. Then it's ready to fold/hang etc. after bedtime. That is usually when my husband and catch up on TV that we have DVR'd anyway, so it's a good time to fold. It doesn't always get put away that same night, but it keeps me from having to do lots of loads all weekend! :)

    Good luck! I love your blog!

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    Put a load in the wash before you go to bed. Put it in the dryer first thing in the morning and maybe when the kiddies are down for their first nap you can take out warm clothes and get them folded or hung up. {good luck} I have 3 babies and work full time so it is a zoo 24/7 at my house. Some weeks we pick through the clean laundry basket ALL week. LOL

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    I have no schedule or structure and I have never been able to get my kids on a schedule for that matter.

    I suppose I just do what I can during the day, some days are better than others. I do have days when Carson says "Did you pick up my pants at the cleaners?" (from last week.. oops)

    Wish I had some advice. Just keep doing what you are doing.

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    I am a working mommy/wife to a 15 month old sweet boy. I try to keep laundry days to Wednesday & Saturday. If I stick to this scedule I don't feel like I'm doing laundry all the time. On Tuesday night my hubby gathers up all the laundry and puts it in the laundry room for me. As soon as I get home from work on Wednesday, I start a load. I can get 2 loads done. I do the folding after he goes to bed at 7:30 or else I have a couple of little extra hands "helping" (pulling all the folded clothes off in to the floor). Sometimes I fold/hang the clothes in our bedroom so I can put them away as I'm hanging/folding (my preferred method). I use to wash the little guys stuff in Dreft, but switched to the All Free and Clear so I can now wash his stuff with ours. Cuts down on the loads.

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    I have 2 girls (7 & 5), work full time, run the girls around like crazy & so on… I know how ya feel to a point. I HAVE to do at least 1 load a day. It is so hard but I have to make myself. If I do not do at least 1 a day I get backed up too bad. BUT, with that said… I hate to see clothes in my hamper – they must be in the washer (washing) or dryer (drying) drives me insane for them to just sit. 😉 balance is a very tricky thing but you can do it!

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    I have the same problem. I'm not good at all about laundry. I did start a goal a couple weeks ago that I would only do laundry every other day. That way I dont feel like I'm always doing it. That also forces me to be on top of it that day because I dont want to have to finish it the next! Another thing I have found is if i toss the clean clothes on the couch or my bed i am forced to put it away rather than leaving it in the laundry room or baskets where i can hide it until later!

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    Hi there! This is my first time commenting, but I can totally relate. I have a 23 month old little girl and 6 month old twin boys. After 5 years of teaching I am a stay at home mom to them and I love it. Anyways, I used to have a hard time keeping track of what rooms I had deep cleaned throughout the week and laundry so I started keeping a dry erase board up on our fridge so I could make notes. It sounds nerdy but it totally helps. I also set an alarm on the washing machine so I know when it's done so I can put it in the dryer. I usually get it to that point but it's the folding and putting away that I struggle with :) We try to do it at night but we don't want to open all the dresser drawers while the kids are sleeping so we end up with piles of folded laundry outside the bedrooms. You can imagine that this is promptly knocked over by my toddler.

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    I don't have twins. I do work. I also have a four year old. But I still have the same dumb laundry issue. I don't mind doing the laundry. I do mind folding it and putting it away. I'm like you, I can get it from the washer to the dryer, but there it sits dry and wrinkly. Right now there is a load of towels and sheets in the dryer that have been there since Saturday. Sometimes I even get them folded and in the baskets and then we grab our underwear socks and p.j.s out of the baskets all week long. I'm no help on this one, but I can sympathize. :)

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    I can really sympathize! I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old and I work part time. Thankfully I'm home on Fridays, so that is laundry day. I rotate through roughly 8 loads of laundry (more if I'm also doing bedding). As each load comes out of the dryer, I toss it on my bed and pull out anything that I don't want to get seriously wrinkled (ie almost all of my husband's clothes, everything else I don't care as much). Then when all of the loads are through, me and the 6 year old start folding. The 2 year old is handed things to take to specific rooms so he has a job too. I've actually been able to get all of our laundry washed, dried, and at least in the correct rooms more often than not since I've implemented this. The key of course is to be sure everyone has atleast 7 days worth of clothing, but that's so worth it for me to only do laundry once a week. Good luck! Definitely cut yourself some slack because babies under 1 are tough, 2 of them has to be quadruple the work! You're doing great!

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    I dedicate every Thursday laundry day regardless. I know it sounds weird but that way I have free time on the weekend and my husband has everything ready to go for the work week to come. It's done… but usually in baskets. :)

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    I actually find laundry to be the easiest chore right now. My son (8m) will sit long enough to watch me put the loads in or transfer them to the dryer. Getting them folded, ironed, and away tends to be a bit trickier. Like most people said, I do a load almost every day so that it doesn't back up. Sweeping & vacuuming, which needs to be done daily with our 2 furballs, is what always feels like a burden to me.

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    I can definitely relate. I have four kids two in school and two at home. I drop kids off at school around 7:15 and I have to leave home to pick them up around 145. I have a 8month old and 4 yr old at home. I have to take care of them, clean, do laundry in just a few short hours. I would love to have a schedule but I pretty much just wing it most of the time. But I definitely wash at least one load a day.If I manage to get them put away that usuallymeans I had a pretty good day.

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    I can definitely relate. I have four kids two in school and two at home. I drop kids off at school around 7:15 and I have to leave home to pick them up around 145. I have a 8month old and 4 yr old at home. I have to take care of them, clean, do laundry in just a few short hours. I would love to have a schedule but I pretty much just wing it most of the time. But I definitely wash at least one load a day.If I manage to get them put away that usuallymeans I had a pretty good day.

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    I totally understand! I have a 4 year old and 1 year old twins – all boys. My goal for the first year with the twins – survive! And I did! It is easier in ways now but harder in others. The little ones have started playing together more and I love watching them – especially when I'm folding clothes. Good Luck!

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    Megan, I don't even have any children left at home and I seem to flounder on stuff! Laundry will ALWAYS be there, household chores will always be there, but your little twinkies won't always be little and right there wanting your attention! You are doing great! And by the way, nap when you get the chance!!

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    This may be too late- but Medela has a hands free pump. Yep, you can put it on and walk around and get something done while you pump. Again, you may be set already, but it's an option. I LOVE the medela freestyle!
    Anyway, your babies are soooo cute (I'm sure you've noticed :)). Who cares if the clothes are dirty!? You have a lot going on girl! And it looks like we are all in the same boat and just doing our best, one clean undershirt at a time :)

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    After my 1st baby, I realized a few months into it, that I wasn't getting my chores done on a schedule – just whenever. So, I broke things down into days and put them on my planner (in pencil so I could erase and move to the next day if it wasn't completed). I usually try not to schedule much in the way of "chores" on Monday because it's usually a catch-up day and I don't want to dread Mondays. lol. I clean baths one day, dust & vac another. I usually do a load or two of laundry each day to stay on top of it.

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    I have no advice as I am pretty horrible at doing laundry, (I secretly think that my sweet husband puts it in and takes it out when I'm not looking because it always seems to decrease quickly!) but I laughed so hard when I read the very first sentence about the white t-shirts. I completely cleaned out my husband's t-shirts a few weeks ago and only kept the ones that he liked and bought more of the very same ones. He still wears that three old ones. I'm confused. It's only a white shirt and you wear it under another shirt and a suit. Cracks me up!

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    I try and set my 'stay at home mom' schedule. I try to work around Bs therapies that come to the house. I work out MWF and Fri is cleaning day and I wash sheets and towels. Other laundry I do 1-2 loads every other day. I know it's a small schedule but it works for me.

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    Oh man! I seriously think I need to come up with a schedule for myself sometimes too! It's tough! It was super hard for me in the beginning because Evie took 30 minute naps FOR.E.VER. So my chopped up nap time barely gave me time to complete any one thing. Things are so much better now but it's still hard to actually start and then finish a task! There are just so many things I need/want to do in that precious timeframe! :) good luck mama!

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    I am not good at setting a schedule for my free days even though we don't have babies yet. I do best when I make a to-do list. Writing a list makes me feel more in control because I don't have a million thoughts bouncing around my brain. It is also really rewarding for me to cross them off. I use this same method for "daily chores". I keep the lists on my phone so I always have them.

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    I am not good at setting a schedule for my free days even though we don't have babies yet. I do best when I make a to-do list. Writing a list makes me feel more in control because I don't have a million thoughts bouncing around my brain. It is also really rewarding for me to cross them off. I use this same method for "daily chores". I keep the lists on my phone so I always have them.

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    Wow this is so me! I have a hard time getting chores done because I'd rather have a break during her nap to do what I want. Good luck with your goal!

  26. says has helped me a lot. Having a 3 year old, 2 yr. old, and 4month old I have to try and stay on a tight schedule. I recently made a control journal and it's really helped me start getting in a routine and staying on top of things which also makes tasks take less time. :)

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    One possible suggestion: if you really hate laundry but your husband wants some clean shirts (understandable!), maybe he can take over the laundry and you can take over one of his chores that he hates. My husband and I split chores according to who likes/hates a given chore. Fortunately, there are not too many chores that both of us hate. I do laundry and clean the bathrooms, he vacuums and takes out the trash. It's worked pretty well for us, although the main issue is that there are still many things both of us would rather do than chores! But at least we are not both constantly cursing the world because of chores we absolutely hate.

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    I despise laundry but I despise doing dishes even more. So the hubby and I made a deal that I will do the laundry and he does the dishes :) I TRY my best to do one load of laundry a day. That way I never have an enormous pile that needs to get done. One load a day, washed, dried, folded and put away is so much easier :)
    By the way, the twinkies just get cuter everyday! :)

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    I love this post! I was just talking (complaining) to my sister about the same thing on the way home yesterday. Trying to cram everything in to the 4 hours every evening when I get home from work is so hard. I want to just soak up my baby but I also hate that my house is a wreck and I am constantly behind on laundry. It is such a hard balance!

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    I am a mother of 3 and a step mother of 3 and I work 2 jobs. We try to do laundry everyday or every other day. My husband actually does most of it (God love him!) He is a neat freak and will sit and fold and put it all away. With out him I know we would have piles in baskets and in rooms.

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    I blogged about laundry yesterday too! But more about how a 2 1/2 year old helper is really fun. I hate all chores and with a full-time job and a toddler, most don't get done. :)

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    I completely agree – and I don't even have children!! My husband and I just have really, really busy schedules. I actually put chores in my calendar on my phone and when I get the reminder alert, it goes on my to-do list. It might not happen that day (or the next) but otherwise I would never remember to do any chores!

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    I totally had a good answer thought out and then your rug caught my eye. Too cute! When you get a spare moment 😉 let me know where you got it. I despise laundry. Like you said, washing isn't so bad, putting it away stinks though. I do try and keep up on it so it doesn't dog pile me on the weekends (when I want to spend quality time w/my kid's). A load a day (doesn't matter if it's towels, clothing, bedding, etc.) sometimes does the trick, or even just 2-3 times a week. Try an egg timer (for the washer) letting you know when the load is done washing. My dryer has a LOUD buzzer you can turn on to signal when it is done also, but if your's doesn't, then the timer can be used for that also. Most dollar stores have them in the kitchen utensil area or try using your microwave's timer setting. :) I've heard Flylady's website has quite a few tips on chores and scheduling if you need tips on that.

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