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I snapped some pictures of Knox & Sloane a few days ago. The first few days this week were pretty dreary looking, so I thought I would put them in something bright :)

I’m still working on getting them to smile at my camera. They do pretty good on my cell phone. Even if I pull the big camera to the side, they just follow it and won’t look at my smiles.

Knox was very interested in Sloane’s hat, though, and she did give a little giggle.

Sweet loves…

*These outfits are from Whimsey & Co., which I discussed here. I did email her again last week. I keep hoping to hear something back and praying things are okay with her.

Don’t forget this week’s giveaway and discount code :)

Happy day before Friday!



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    I swear, those babies need to be in commercials, on TV, Toddlers or Tiaras (joking! 😉 or SOMETHING…one look at them and they just put an automatic smile on your face!!!!! :)

    SOOOO sweet!

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    I love those pictures! Babies are so funny, Simon will smile at me and at the camera, but any time I'm trying to do a photo or video w/ the iPad he just stares at it with NO smile or expression.

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    When my daughter is up later I'll have to show her these photos :) This morning on fb, someone had posted a photo of a man with twins. She saw it and asked who they were. I said I didn't know…so she asks, "are they Knox and Sloane?" She's 4! It cracks me up that after only looking at them a few times, she KNOWS their names and remembers them. LOL I love Sloane's hat :)

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    They are ridiculously cute! I also ordered a pillow from Whimsey & Co back in September after seeing your blog post and never received anything or heard from her (after several emails and attempts opening a case in etsy and in paypal). I definitely don't blame you in any way – it's just a shame things like that happen and it's unfortunate that I'm not the only one. This happened to me with another etsy shop that came highly recommended from Kelle Hampton's blog.

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    Hands down, these are the cutest and best dressed babies on the blogosphere right now. Seriously, I love how you have them dressed. They are individuals and yet you can tell they are twins and also you choose their clothes based on what you like. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

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    Oh my goodness, these angels are adorable! I mean down right pretty! Sorry Knox, you are handsome too but still pretty! I bet their grandmothers just eat them up!!!

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    I too purchased from Whimsey and Co. I ordered a pillow for my principal's shower. I finally got it a month after the promised date and after I filed a complaint with paypal. She did refund me my money after I received it. All of the emails from her told me reasons I hadn't received them and I caught her in lies throughout the process. For example, first she said she mailed them and told me to contact my post office. Then after that she said oops they are on my sewing machine. I would put a disclaimer on your blog. Her work is great, but I think she has too many orders and gets overwhelmed!

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    that second pic is SO sweet!!

    I love Daffe Designs. She does great custom embroidery work, VERY reasonably priced and she is always quick to finish your order and ship it (she's even pregnant!). If you follow her on facebook she has $10 t shirt specials all the time. You can't find custom embroidery work anywhere for that!
    Here's the page:

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