Halloween Treats & Decor Linky!

THANK YOU all so much for the fun comments today on Knox & Sloane's Halloween costumes! Aren't they fun? I thought they were pretty stinking cute! :)

The twins and I ventured out to go see my OB and his staff today. It had been a few weeks since we had gone and we just love them all! About an hour before we were going to go (during afternoon nap time before a feeding) I decided to whip them up some treats. These are BY FAR the easiest possible treats you can make. So, no kudos here. Get pretzel sticks, white chocolate/almond bark and sprinkles! I just wanted Knox & Sloane to be able to take something :)

{I already had the brown tags, but right away I realized black would have gone better. Better preparing next year.}

As I tweeted, Brent and I have not hosted a Halloween party since 2007. After seeing everyone's party pics, I'm really itching to next year.

I thought it would be fun to do a linky with any decor/party pics OR treats pics! I love seeing the fun and festive food and decorations!


first halloween :)

Happy Halloween from our little mermaid and mr.shark!

Knox is doing so well on tummy time! He holds his head and neck up the majority of the time! I thought it looked hilarious doing it in his shark costume.

I think Sloane may be a model...

Knox also kept rolling over to his tummy! I caught it in action....

I found the costumes on Etsy and thought they were so cute! At first, Brent wasn't so sure about Sloaney's shell top, but I reminded him it's just Halloween and it's just a costume. Just cuteness :) He laughed pretty hard at the above, haha.

This weekend was wonderful. Brent and I celebrated out five year anniversary. I'll post some goodies during the midweek randoms. We went to a lovely dinner. The rest of the weekend, we went to the pumpkin patch, watched a few scary movies and some football. WOO pig sooie :) Well, the kids didn't actually watch. They sat around looking cute :)

More of these adorable pictures here.

A few things:
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Have a good day! 



giveaway winner!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Thank you for the sweet words on my post of the twinkies yesterday :) I love those pictures! I will catch up with "Twin Treats" for week 10  (which was Friday) sometime this week! Tomorrow, they will be modeling their first Halloween costumes :) They are hilarious.

Thanks to everyone who entered the Paper Clouds giveaway!

A winner was picked randomly...

Kerry from Maybe I'm Amazed...

you are the winner!! CONGRATS! Email me for details :)



Happy Halloween Weekend!

from Knox & Sloane :)

Talking to daddy after work.....

Just wait until you see them in their adorable costumes on Monday!

Thank you all for the sweet anniversary wishes on my post from earlier today :)


Wedding Anniversary :)

a little bit of a mushy alert...

Five years ago, Brent and I tied the knot. October 28, 2006 was a very special day. I think back to our wedding day and it was perfect. We had the perfect fall wedding with the perfect weather, perfect surroundings and the perfectly normal desire to be married for the long haul.

I love weddings. I love looking at all things wedding and I love attending weddings. However, to me, never has a wedding been (or should be) about only about "big day" per se. It is about all the days that follow. The most important thing about our wedding day was committing ourselves to one another in the hands of God.

I look back to five years ago on our wedding day. I think how it felt being a bride and marrying the person I was meant to spend forever with. I think about our family and friends that came to support us and celebrate with us. I think about all the dancing people did and Brent singing with the band. I think about the beautiful flowers, the amazing wedding cake and the fun cupcakes! I think about how I really would have picked a different dress had I gotten married this year, or last or..well you get the point. I think about my excitement to spend the rest of our lives together. I still feel that way. I'm thankful for every day with him and we do have to make the most of this life, no matter what situation comes our way.

As of September 10th of this year, we have been together for nine years. Brent and I met when I was 18 years old and he was 21. I had only been in college for two weeks. I had no intentions of going to college and 'meeting someone' right away. I had met some girls at orientation that grew up with Brent. When we all met back up when school started, they introduced us.

Fortunately, we never had to, or wanted to, take time apart. We've been together ever since.

The past two years have been almost 100% focused on our children. Neither of us would have had it any other way. No, we never thought we would find out our first child had a broken heart and only have twelve days with him. We also didn't expect to now have had three children in fourteen months, including a set of healthy twins. We have been through the unthinkable and the most amazing part of life. Seeing and being with each other during that time has been a large part of our relationship thus far. It's amazing what two bittersweet years can do for your heart. I'm not sure I would have made it out like I have without Brent.

Brent and I have been blessed with an amazing family and set of friends. We've been able to travel some and do the things we enjoy doing. No, our relationship isn't always perfect, but it's the imperfections that have gotten us where we are today.

I don't really know how I feel about luck, but I do honestly feel like I am so lucky to have Brent as my husband. I am blessed and I am happy. Brent is an amazing dad to our children. Just thinking about him as a dad and seeing him in action can make me cry in an instant.  I thank God for him every day. No, he isn't perfect and neither am I, but I'm pretty sure we are perfect for one another.

My parents have been married for 39 years...THIRTY NINE. Now, that is a long time! Next August will make forty years. They tell me, fairly often, how wonderful Brent is to them, me and our children. I know they feel very thankful that God put us together and that means a lot.

This year, we experienced Cohen's first birthday. While hard, we are thankful our little guy is healed and happy. We miss him everyday, but certainly able to see him some in his brother and sister.

We welcomed Knox & Sloane and it's been amazing. I tried to think of my favorite picture from this year. I think their slideshow contains every favorite picture, including these two...

{Right after Knox & Sloane were born.}

{Getting ready to leave the hospital with Knox & Sloane.}

The picture under this post with us and Cohen will, of course, always be a favorite.

I'm so thankful for my marriage and for Brent! I'm thankful we made a commitment to ourselves and God five years ago. We've worked everyday to fulfill it.

Happy Anniversary, Brent! Yes, a lot of the time I call him "honey" :) I thought I would spare you all that.

Oh, If you ever doubted if I was a Texan.....

I got married in Hooks, TX, though I'm not from there. We got married on some beautiful land, by a barn. The reception was in the barn. It's called Ramage Farms. There is a barn right of I-30 and that is the restaurant and store. The other barn and land is a few miles down the road. Last night, I went to the main site and found this.....
I had no clue I was the cut-out ad, ha!

If you go to the wedding page, you know, by clicking on me....the first several pictures are from our wedding :) 

**Soon after I posted this, I got word that Ramage Farms restaurant burnt down at the first of this month :( So sad! 

Twin Treats - 10 wks will go up sometime this afternoon :)

Happy Friday!


Sawyer Cohen McCarthy

At the end of September, I received this email.....

Hey Megan,

I've been wanting to write you for a long time now but I wanted to wait until I felt the time was right! Well here I go! While I was about 30 weeks pregnant I was so anxious for my little boy to meet his mama, and I couldn't wait to see how his daddy reacted to having a little boy. I always felt like picking a name for a child is always VERY important and I was going to make sure that my little boy had the most perfect name that fit him just right! While I was looking at blogs one night, I came across "In this wonderful life", I saw a baby on there so I was excited to know all about him/her. I always checked out blogs when I was pregnant just to read what to expect when my little boy got here. I was looking through your page and came across a beautiful little boy named Cohen! I read and read stories all night about yall's journey with him, my heart was heavy and I felt like his story really impacted me. I wasn't sure if half of it was being pregnant or what but something told me that Cohen was going to be somewhere in my child's name. A few weeks pass and I finally find a name for my little boy, Sawyer Cohen! It was perfect and I loved every bit of it now if he would've just hurried up and made his grand entrance. Sawyer Cohen McCarthy was born at 1:25am on November 10th 2010. He was a healthy, beautiful 7lb 10oz 20 1/2in. long baby boy and he was ALL MINE :)! Long story short, when Sawyer was 3 months old he was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia and Septo Optic Dysplasia. Being young and newly parents we didn't know what that meant but we knew it wasn't good. Our little angel was blind. We we're devastated, but when I was sitting home one night I realized the significance of Sawyer's middle name and Cohen; they were our special boys! They each were special in their own little way! I have learned so much through his tragedy and it's been a blessing having him as a son! I guess most of having Cohen's name being incorporated in Sawyers name just means to never give up! You two never gave up and that is so inspiring! I just thought that I would let you know a little about Cohen's impact on our son Sawyer's life... he has a special friend! Thank you so much for posting your story out there so that we could be impacted in a positive way! Sight or no sight, Sawyer is healthy and we thank the Lord for that! Cohen just must be a special name :)

Hope you and the twins are adjusting well! They are beautiful and look almost identical! Have a great rest of the week and God bless!

Brianna McCarthy at www.sawyerseeshope.blogspot.com


Talk about needing to catch my breath. I'm pretty sure I start crying, naturally. I was so taken back that she had picked Cohen's name. I just kept thinking about our Cohen and and all the days before him, the days with him and the days after him. I kept thinking about the strength that he gave Brent and I. I thought about the McCarthy family being blessed with such a little fighter as well. I've gotten SO many nice comments and emails in regards to our little Cohen and family over the past two years. I have had several people tell me that chose the name Cohen after hearing the name from us. This, and the McCarthy family naming Sawyer, really meant/means a lot to us!

After getting the email from Brianna, I went to her blog. I saw that they were hoping to get Sawyer to China for a stem cell treatment. They did their research and determined this would be Sawyer's best chance at being able to see. After doing further research and finding their Facebook page, I decided I wanted to help. Something as small as a prayer will be helpful :)  I feel like this little one has a piece of our heart.

God is hearing prayers because during the middle of this month, the McCarthy's had a doctor's appointment and actually got very unexpected news that Sawyer's optic nerve had improved some! 

On more information, please contact sawyerseeshope@yahoo.com. You can also check out the blog and Facebook page.

And because I look at them often, but haven't posted one lately... our sweet love.....



Midweek Randoms

Happy Midweek :)
  • So, no warm showers until the gas gets turned back on today. That's right, I forgot to pay the gas bill. I guess I could add that to my post from Monday. 
  • I still need to find some cute Christmas stockings and I probably need to get it on that soon! Have I already said that? There is a good chance I've been saying it for weeks now. I love the ones we currently have, which are from Pottery Barn, but we've had them for a while and I think I'm ready for a change! Plus, we have a few additions to get them for as well :)
  • Fun little notebook from CVS. Yes, I got it because I liked the colors and patterns....
  • Yesterday afternoon I calculated how much we have spent on food for the month of October. Granted, it's not over yet. Let's just say it was very, very unacceptable. For just Brent and myself, we have spent way too much. Well, I like to say I'm technically eating for three, but really, pretty ridiculous. 
  • Starting this Monday we are going to make a LARGE effort to start cooking more again. We just have to manage our time with the babies schedule and the house being for sale. Another thing about cooking, I don't want a large mess left lingering, so I'll be sure to clean up once we've eaten. I want to get some recipes together for things I can prepare during the day and can cook closer to dinner time. I also would like some things that would allow leftovers for Brent and I to have for lunch the next day. If you have any recipes, please share! 
  • Where is it from? A lot of people have asked where such and such is from in my blog posts.
  • Sloane's bows - They are mostly from J's Princess Palace, Etsy and some Facebook flash sales.
  • The yo-yo's from my wreath (both sets) are from the Yo Yo Cottage                                           
  • Sloane's tummy time mat - Buy Buy Baby                                                                              
  • Blue rosette headband in this post - Katie, from Loves of Life, made it! She use to have a cute Etsy shop :) 
  • **If you have asked about something in a comment and I haven't answered, I may have overlooked it or you might not have your email set up for me to respond directly! Just shoot me an email.
    • I'm currently obsessed with these lotions. I've actually been meaning to post them for a while. My friend, Allison, got me the Archipelago when the babies were born. The Shea Moisture I picked up somewhere. Though it says baby, I'm the only one using it :) Smells so good.

    • The babies announcements are being made as we speak :) So excited! We had a few setbacks, but better late than never!
    • Yes, I am maybe crazy and am still doing Christmas cards, too. I just wanted them to be separate.
    • Speaking of, have you seen Tiny Prints holiday cards??  SUCH CUTE CARDS!!! I love holiday cards and can't wait for them to start arriving. Tiny Prints has tons of options and they are running lots of specials on them as well! Lucky for you all, they sponsor my blog and I have a few discount codes for ya! 
    -Save 30% on Flip cards!
    - Code: 1026DOD
    - 25% off ornament cards!
    - Code: 1027DOD
    - Free Upgrade for rounded corners!
    - Code: none needed.
    • I will say this week I've been good about eating what my mom has prepared. She made her chicken salad, which I cannot get enough of. She also made this cold pasta, which I also liked. I just kind of avoid the onions. It's exactly what it appears...some unusual pasta, fresh basil, evoo, roasted red pepper, garlic salt, peas, dash red pepper flakes, little bit of red onion, black pepper & Kosher salt.
      • Someone sent this video to me for breast cancer awareness and asked if I would share it. Sweet & Sad.

      • The twins are hoping I have time to prepare some treats for their friends so that they can put these fun stickers on them :)
      • I'm excited for Revenge tonight. Also, excited to hear it's no longer just a one season show :)
      • Still a lot of shows I have yet to catch up on. Maybe one day!
      • A few other fun things and specials going on at the bottom of this post.
      • I can't wait to take pictures of Knox & Sloane in their Halloween costumes!! 
      Hope you are having a good week :)


      Paper Clouds Giveaway

      Loved yall's comments earlier. Glad I'm not alone ;)

      This week, I'm teaming with my sweet sponsor, Paper Clouds, to host a giveaway for her!

      Winner receives one "This little piggy" adult size tshirt (S, M, L, XL), shown above, OR one 12 count set of notecards, winners choice of design!!

      I'm pretty obsessed with the "This little piggy" look :) I ordered the notecards a while back and showed you guys here. So fun! If you win, you could also gift something as the holidays are just around the corner!

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      ***THREE extra entries if you make a purchase from Paper Clouds :)

      Giveaway ends on FRIDAY!!! Good luck! :)


      It would be awesome...

      It would be awesome... if I dropped a bottle of Bio Oil and it splashed up ALL OVER the wall in our bathroom....because you know, oil is impossible to get off or cover on a wall. We've put talc, Dawn soap and Killz on it. We've also painted over. It popped right out. I think there is an oil based Killz we are going to try.

      It would be awesome...if I went to the alterations place to pick up something, came out to the car and got in the passenger side. I was alone. I drove.

      It would be awesome...if I ran a load of 'hang to dry only' and then dried the entire load, on warm.

      It would be awesome ...if I double checked the door when I got home (always) to make sure it's locked only to find the keys in the lock, outside, 5 hours later.

      It would be awesome...if I filled my tumbler with water and grabbed the straw to take a sip to find I had not screwed the lid back on the cup. Spill.

      It would be awesome...if I waited until a week before Halloween to order the twins' costumes. I couldn't make up my mind. We won't talk about the handmade price tag.

      It would be awesome...if I drank a bottle of Gatorade to find I had put the bottle back in the fridge two hours later. I have never done that and would probably be irritated if I had seen someone else do that.

      It would be awesome...if I left the broiler on after making toast to realize it 30 minutes later and then be freaked out wondering if the babies could smell it quicker than I did.

      It would be awesome...if I had 398948573 typos in a blog post because I can't really think straight and I tell myself to proof read and then I don't. I forget.

      It would be awesome...if I had a to-do list that only seems to grow because I think adding stuff to it will help me do the things and mark them off. I don't think it does.

      It would be awesome... if Knox & Sloane had a ridiculous amount of clothing, up to about two years, because their mom is addicted to cute tot clothes.

      It would be awesome if I could remember to call and make a dentist appointment for the tooth I chipped this summer. I'm worried it's ruining the tooth.

      Do you sense the sarcasm?

      Am I losing my mind?

      Today is a good day (even if I do something listed above, again) because I woke up and I woke up to babies smiling. What more could I ask for? Oh, and a wonderful husband, of course :) Husband of FIVE YEARS on Friday. Also, of September 10th, we have been together for nine years. Time. Flies.

      A few things today:
      - I, like many of you, am excited for the Erin Condren deal on Plum District today! I never get tired of her fun designs. Take advantage here!
      - Don't forget to enter to win your drugstore.com gift certificate here!
      -Last but not least, you have a bit longer to take advantage of the wonderful discounts and specials offered by my October sponsors!
      - That includes, the Scentsy party for Cohen's donation project :)

      Have a good day!

      Oh, did you think I would forget? Good morning, from the twinkies. They were working hard at tummy time.



      Giveaway Winner!

      Thanks to everyone who entered last week's giveaway! Don't forget, juliethefish designs is offering the special discount code!!

      A winner was picked randomly...

      Juli from Cards by Sweetpz....

      You are the winner!! CONGRATS! Email me for details :)



      Twin Treats :) 9 wks

      **Miss Sloane Rose says thank you for the sweet words on her picture earlier today :) Her boots are from Totsy! They are actually on there today (Saturday) for $7. Also, use discount code TOTSYTWO for FREE SHIPPING :)

      Knox & Sloane are 9 weeks old today! They are growing and changing. They are just as sweet as can be!

      I know I've posted a few pictures of them already this week, but of course, I have a few more. Okay, a lot. I can't help it.

      They had their two month appointment today and it went good. Of course, we hated to see them get shots. They actually shed real tears.

      - 10lbs 8oz (6lbs 2oz at birth)
      The doctor said she is doing great for a twin who was technically a tad premature.
      - 22.25 inches long

       - 9lbs (5lbs 10oz at birth)
      -The doctor thinks Knox being in a lower percentile is probably due to reflux, eating slow and digestion changes. We are going to add 1/2-3/4 scoop of formula powder to his milk during the bedtime bottle to get him some extra calories in for a while. He needs to take in more than he burns :)
      - 22 inches long

      Overall, doctor said Knox & Sloane look great!

      We are upping Knox's dose of Axid for his reflux. It seems to have helped, but I felt like over the past week it wasn't helping quite as much and I guess the bigger they get the dosage needs to be increased. 

      We forgot to ask about his Ptosis, which is his lazy little lid. He must have had his eyes closed because based on the pictures I took before the appointment (shown below) it seems pretty distinct today. It seems more noticeable when he is tired so maybe me waking them from a nap for the appointment might be the case in the pictures. When the nurse called this afternoon, Brent asked about it and they are going to make a referral to a specialist/eye doctor. So we will do that in the next few weeks.

      Here they are this morning....

      Brent got me picking them both up off the couch...

      I think the picture on the left is before shots and the right is after.

      After the shots. Poor loves.

      Trying to recover and get ready to leave...

      Worn out....

      You may notice Sloane's puppy. My brother got it for her when she was born and she loves it. She recently started rubbing and holding onto it and it's one of the cutest thing I've ever seen.

      The rest of these pics I took throughout the week.
      Playing on the activity gym....

      Sloane likes looking up and Knox likes looking in the mirror.

      They are also into looking at  their mobile...

      We woke up early one morning and it was so cold! I quickly grabbed some onesies and socks to put on them and woke up to this after their next nap. So funny...

       Tummy time buddies...

      These are from last Sunday. Brent was a big fan of the babes track suits, haha.

      Knox loves my hair, but he is so sweet, so I don't mind..

      Lunch with Brent....
      Bedtime melts my heart...

      I saw these at Target and I think we will need to own them soon ;-)

      Oh, here's a little peak at what is to come on the pumpkin front, haha.

      Have I mentioned nursing covers? Bebe au Lait sent me one over the summer and I love it! It comes in quite handy if someone comes by the house and the babes need to eat or if I have to feed outside the house, which I've now done once or twice, one being at the doctor today. I love the pattern I got! Bebe au Lait also carry a variety of other things such as burp cloths, towels and bibs.

      That's it for today :)

      I think it's evident which pictures were taken with my phone and which were taken with my camera. i really want to get better at doing mostly camera! Phone is just so small and easy. Lately, though, I don't feel like the pictures look very clear!

      Hope you all had a good day!


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