Twin Treats :) 6 wks

Knox & Sloane are six weeks old today! A month and a half ago we welcomed the most precious loves into our lives :)

They are growing and changing all the time!

I'm not sure if it was a fluke or what, but Knox rolled over yesterday! Luckily, I was sitting right there and got a pic when he landed, haha. My mom was over and was able to see also.

I'm hoping to get better at taking videos.

Knox went to the doctor this week and he does have some reflux. He isn't projectile spitting up. It is more silent. I can hear it come up and he swallows it back down. Occasionally, he does spit it up. This is a package deal, of course, so he is fussy after feedings, arches his back, kicks his legs, etc. He was prescribed Axid. I'm not sure if it's started helping already, but it didn't seem quite as bad yesterday and today.

Many of you have asked about the schedule and routine we have going right now. I'm working on that post. I will aim to post it on Tuesday!

Knox & Sloane have really been doing good with bedtime and naptime (why does it spell check say bedtime is one word and naptime should be two?)... So, last night they were in bed by about 8:45. Not a peep until 2:30am. We got them fed and they were back in bed by about 3 and then woke again at 6:30am to eat.

I have noticed Sloane kind of hanging out more during nap time and sleeping a little less. So maybe that is helping her sleep better at night? I'm not sure. It could just be that she has chubby rolls storing her milk! ha

A few more grins this week. Brent and I get so tickled at all the faces they make. We laugh and laugh at them. You've probably guessed by now, Sloane is our more photogenic babe. I'm starting to think she actually poses for the camera.

At Knox's appointment on Tuesday, he was 8lbs. Last Monday, he was 7lbs4oz. Growing boy!

I think someone asked about the new glider. I don't think I've posted a picture of it. It is from Buy Buy Baby.

Now, how about lots of sweet baby pictures?

A lot of these pictures were taken from about Thursday-Saturday last week. I had intentions of posting on Sunday, but never got around to it. I want to journal our days with these sweet ones, so I'm doing that now :)

If you have Twitter, you have seen a few of these pictures already. I simply can't resist sharing as I take them. I really need to work on using my real camera more often, but the phone is also much more handy.

So, Brent was home with us on last Thursday & Friday. We got out a bit on Thursday for lunch and again on Saturday.


Lunch on the river...

Sweet faces snuggled up

Before lunch on Saturday...

I blogged a bit about the Arkansas game and Brent losing a bet and having to sing the Bama fight song. Here were a few others from Saturday.

Tummy time. The one of Elton watching, too, cracks me up.

 Learning what a rubber ducky is....

Let's talk abut the sweet little guys face. Adorable. He was snuggling in bed with me one morning when the sun was coming up :) Brent loves the last one.

Oh, and Sloaney this week. Isn't she something...

They are my favorite....

We aren't obsessed or anything, ha! :-)

Brent made a trip to Arkansas this week and brought us all back some flair. The kids scored these cute onesies.

Believe it or not, they really don't have a ton of razorback stuff yet. Most of what they have, they have to grow into. I'm also on the hunt for miss Sloane a bow.

My sweet friend, Katheryn, sent Sloane a beautiful gown and blanket. We love them and hopefully fit into the gown soon!

I guess I'll go ahead and blog this in case any of you have experienced. On Wednesday, I was nursing the babes and started having some weird breathing. I could feel it low in my throat/high chest..middle, by collar bone..hard to explain where. Anyways, it lasted for about ten minutes. Later that night, it started happening again and seemed to last longer. I decided to check my blood pressure. I don't even remember what it was, but my pulse was 43! That is LOW. Much lower than would it should be. I monitored for about an hour with the machine and my hand and it ranged from 37-46. I had my 6 week postpartum check the next day so I was hoping I could have it checked out then. That was yesterday. My OB had some blood work drawn. He said Lance Armstrong and athletes have low pulse, but I'm not currently in that category. He said it wouldn't raise much concern if I weren't having the little breathing spells with it. So, he had me schedule with another doctor to get checked for bradycardia. Kind of freaks me out, but I'm hoping it passes. I've still been checking randomly, and it's still low...in the 40's. I'm going to chart it and my blood pressure to take to the doctor on Monday.

Hope you all have a good Friday! :)


Midweek Randoms

Happy Midweek :)

  • Weeks are flying by. The babes are getting bigger. I love seeing them grow and seeing each thing they do, but I know it's passing too quickly for my liking! :(
  • My friend, Tanya from Bekima Knits, wanted me to let you all know about a special she is running until Friday at midnight. You can get 15% off your order if you enter 'PropJunkie15' :) She has made Knox and Sloane some adorable things that you will be seeing in some pictures soon ;)
  • We are liking the Method detergent I posted on Saturday. I've probably done 4 or 5 loads and so far, our clothes feel and smell clean. I can't tell much with Knox's skin yet.
  • We are enjoying the "fall TV" shows we are watching. The new shows we have watched so far are Revenge, Unforgettable & Up All Night. We have several others we have recorded and yet to watch. I've heard great things about Parenthood so I'm looking forward to that. We are Breaking Bad fans and so far it's really good this season. 
  • I ran to the bank, Starbucks & the alterations place this morning while my mom sat with the babes. The good thing about a schedule is knowing when you can do quick errands without having to load both babies in the car and being nervous to drive them around time amongst crazy drivers.  :)
  • Some of our good friends are getting married in Cabo on 11.11.11. We are so sad we aren't going to make it. Of course we have good, really good, reason. It will be an AMAZING and beautiful wedding and I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!
  • I'm helping host the above friend's bridal luncheon in October and it will be fun and beautiful, too :) Peak at the invitation...
  • I want to get back to my food blog soon. One of the kids pediatricians told me yesterday, he really did not want me cutting much from my diet. He said the twins' tummies really need to get use to things. Of course there are a few obvious things I naturally need to watch. That made me feel better. He also told me they get the things I eat about 6-8 hours after I eat them. So many different things I hear. 
  • I'll post a recipe for this soon. It's a salad/pasta my mom made one day this week and it's really good. 
  • Some of our good friends had their baby girl this week. She is a DOLL! I cannot wait to meet her. They live in south Texas (but are from here), but hopefully can come for a visit soon!
  •  My mom did my porch planter this week. It looks great. I think I'm going to do pumpkins on my entryway one like I did last year. I kind of want to stack some.
  • Isn't her little planting tin cute?
  • Random post, remember? haha
  • Tomorrow, Knox & Sloane's uncle is coming from Texas for a visit. They are excited! 
  • I think I posted or tweeted while I was pregnant, I chipped the inside of a tooth pretty bad. It's a pain and food constantly gets stuck. As of October 1st, we have dental insurance. We've not had it since we've been married. I am very, very thankful for that. I've managed to have pretty good teeth, never any braces, but I'm pretty certain, triple baby hormones in fourteen months has done a number on my teeth :(
  • Speaking of married, our FIVE year anniversary is next month! Craziness. We've been 'together' nine years this month.
  • I bought some higher waist jeans from Target. I needed something that wasn't going to rub on my incision and that fit. My others go up my legs fine, it's just buttoning them on my tummy chub that seems to be a problem : / The ones that I can get buttoned, it's right on my incision. The ones I got have a bit of a flare leg and I must say, I've gotten pretty use to straight leg so I'm not sure how I feel about them. I'm not sure what I stubby, short person really looks best in?  I also got a sweater type poncho top. I'm needing some tummy concealing items because....well, the baby fat isn't vanishing as I had hoped ;-) ha. kidding.
  • I thought I was going to have some exciting news to post tomorrow, but I don't just yet. Something I've been putting off, but need to do! 
  • One of my main goals in the next few days is to tackle my emails. I'm embarrassed and how many I've let go unanswered. Forgiveness, please.
Brent had two, short business meetings scheduled for September. He returns from the second one today. YAY! Hopefully it will be the last for a while as I got this text last night.

  • This is the picture I texted him :)

  •  I also text him various other twinkie pics, including this one to show that Knox's eyebrows are coming in!

  • Sorry, if you follow me on Twitter.....sometimes I blog the things I tweet, too :)
  • I started this post about 8am this morning. It's taken me almost half the day to finish it, ha.
  • So, I have the iPhone 4. I've taken over 1100 pictures of the babes since they were born. Now, I'm constantly having to delete pictures in order to take new ones. I have over 5k pictures in the album. I know the iPhone 5 comes out in October. Brent still has a 3 so I know he needs to get it so he can FaceTime with us from his office. I'm not sure if I will get it. My 4 is only 8GB. I clearly should have gotten 16GB. 
Hope you all are having a good day!



Nothing like it

These are from last week and I think I tweeted one. I keep looking at them. They make my heart melt. Brent had just gotten home from work. He and his Sloaney



giveaway winner :)

Thank you to everyone who entered the Moms On Call giveaway and/or took advantage of the special offer!

I will say it over and over again, Moms On Call has/is really helping us so much! I've blogged a little bit about it, especially in this post.

So, a winner was picked randomly. This winner will receive an autographed copy of the Moms On Call book with dvd and a swaddle blanket!

Somer from Knit-O-Matic....
you are the winner!!!!

CONGRATS :) Email me for details!!

Read more about Moms On Call here!

Happy Monday :)

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This & That

Don't forget the Moms On Call special offer & giveaway here! It ends tonight at midnight.

Brent has gone to pick of breakfast. Since it's almost 11am, it's probably closer to lunch for him. I love breakfast food, though, so he's being nice and agreeing to that :)

The babies aren't really into their morning nap this morning. Lots of whines and wiggles.

We've had a great few days. The weekends go too fast, but luckily with Brent working from home some, he can sneak away for lunch, making it feel like the weekend.

I'll do a weekend recap soon.

I hope you all don't get tired of K & S pics :-)

If you want some cute glitter pumpkins, head to Target. These are only $2.50 each! Have I mentioned Target is in my back yard? Yeah, less than half a mile and it's probably a good thing and a bad thing.

We've been debating how much longer we will stay in our house. The babes aren't even walking and playing with toys yet, and I mean their blankets and clothes alone are everywhere, haha. We have three bedrooms. The master bedroom, the nursery and the guest room. Well, the guest room has basically turned into a room that houses boxes of diapers and such. I think we can handle at least another year or two. We will see.

Has anyone used this? Doctor says Knoxy has sensitive skin. He said even Dreft isn't a "free & clear" as he might need. I also picked this up at Target yesterday. Curious to see how it works.

I'm still struggling about if what I eat is hurting Knox & Sloane's tummies. Occasionally, they fuss a bit before they potty and they do have some gas. However, I feel like it's kind of that way with any baby. Some people say they get what you eat from the meal immediately prior to feeding; Some say when you nurse, that feeding has what you have eaten a few hours prior. So I mean how could you determine by keeping up with what you eat? I will say they were rather fussy after I had Mexican food the other day. I didn't have chili sauce or anything, but a lot of cheese and maybe the salsa had some things in it. I know, I'm probably worrying too much. I just don't want to cause them any pain :(

Well, the Razorbacks did not perform as we had hoped yesterday. Brent lost a bet and had to sing the Bama fight song. He decked himself and the babes out in Arkansas gear before I videoed it. That's also why there is a blanket hanging in the background. There is probably no sense in me posting the video because he didn't really learn the song. He thought he would be able to read the lyrics, but that didn't work out too well either and Knox & Sloane were over it. This picture is a little funny because they do all look sad.

We finally got a change to watch Revenge and we both really liked it! We are slowly going through our DVR and getting caught up. I think we did decide to get U-Verse soon.

I really want to see the Lion King. 

I feel like my back is breaking. I'm not sure if it's just that I'm leaning over so much with the twins or what, but man. I may go to a chiropractor for the first time soon.

We are trying to decide what Knox & Sloane should be for Halloween. So many options!

Hope you all have a good Sunday!



Twin Treats :) 5 wks

Thank you to those who checked out the info on iLatch and donated if you could! All opinions are welcome, but I believe we need to encourage and support one another. However, if you can juggle multiple, crying kids in an airport security line or from the front seat with toys that they won't throw, talking to them or any other method, more power to ya! There are also about twenty brands of pasta; you pick your favorite :)

Knox & Sloane are five weeks old :)

We have had a good week. Brent's been back to work the first part of the week and he was home most of the day yesterday and today. I think we may take the babes out to lunch today.

One of the days, both babes seemed pretty fussy around feeding and play time. I think they are eating more and growing more.

I know I probably blogged this already, but so I'll keep record in their specific posts..We went to the doctor on Monday and babes are doing good. Sloane weighs 8lbs4oz and Knox weighs 7lbs4oz.

It's amazing how different a pound feels. She just seems to much bigger.

Knox needed a little silver nitrate on his belly button for it to heal up.

I also asked the doctor about his little lazy lid. It's actually called Ptosis. The "p" is silent. We are hoping it heals on it's own. The doctor just said he will keep an eye on it to determine if it is interfering when he starts to see more. I did have this one I was little, but I'm not sure if was quite as bad as Knox's. Well, I shouldn't say bad. The doctor didn't really act like Knox's was all too bad.

Sloane's eye lashes and hair have both seemed to grow this week.

Knox loves to move close to Sloane in the crib.

They are going to bed about 8:30...waking up close to 1am to feed and then again about 6. Not too bad!

Their nails need to be cut, but I'm not brave enough yet. Laura, from Moms On Call, cut them while she was here and showed us how. Brent did one of Sloane's hands this morning, so that was nice. She started getting wiggly so maybe the other hand later.

A lot of you have asked about their personalized outfits. I figured they would be in some preemie and newborn things for a while. So, I bought plain white onesies and had them jazzed up :) Most of them were created by Mary Kate's Monograms. You can see some of them in this post, here, here here and here.

The monthly growth oneise stickers you saw in the one month post are from Nellie Designs.

The babes are doing great at tummy time. In fact, here they are this morning with dad....

 Both are really doing good holding their heads up as well. Every time we are holding or burping Knox, he acts like he just wants to hold his head up on his own....

While we were at the doctor's office, Knox discovered my hair. He pulled it for the rest of the day. Here is grandma and Sloane at the doctor's office.

They love lounging in the sun....here is Knox at the doctor's office and Sloane waking up from a nap.
These pictures crack me up. The picture on the left if Sloane's 'I need to potty' face and the right picture is her 'all done' face! haha

Mom, is that a dog?

These next few aren't exactly from this week, but I wanted to post. Knox watching his first Razorback football game...
 Don't worry, they both fell asleep within seconds...

A few people have asked about all the cute clothes I stocked up on before Knox & Sloane arrived. Well, I didn't buy too much for the newborn stage nor 0-3 months. I mostly have onesies for those times.! I knew wouldn't be hanging at home the majority of the time. However, I do need need to get better about putting them in some of the things since they mostly are cuddled in their blankets.

Watch out Toddlers and Tiaras...

Here is Mr.Knoxy. No outfit for him this day...

Knox & Sloane got their first L.L. Bean totes this week :) I had actually debated on getting them some a while back, but could never decide what I wanted. My childhood friend, Ashley (who has 4 kids including a set of triplets!) gifted them :) They are the small ones and so cute. I know they will get great use!

When I was working on the nursery, I found Whimsey & Co on Etsy. Well, I found Sloane a pillow I loved that for the nursery. I ordered the pillow and a few other things and then Whimsey & Co sent a few other fun things. So nice of her! It's all so cute! :)

Don't forget about the Moms On Call special offer and giveaway! You have until Sunday night!

Have a good day :)




Hi all :)

How about a an awesome mommy invention today? Okay, good.

So, my blogging buddy, Laura from iGriza, has created something that is essential if you own an iPad! For as long as I have read her blog, she has been a Mac products fanatic. She is so knowledgeable when it comes to iPhones, iPads, Apps, etc. I've learned so much from the reviews she has done and questions she has answered for me. Brent and I have been with Mac...and not looked back..for quite some time :)

For the iPad 1 & iPad 2, Laura has created the iLatch. It allows you to hang your iPad from pretty much any place! If you are a mom, and your hands are occasionally tied up (because you obviously can't play with baby while you drive or grocery shop), it comes in very handy for strollers, pack n' plays, cars and the list goes on.  If you are out and about, and need to entertain your nugget at a restaurant, grocery store, or anywhere really, the iLatch will come in EXTREMELY handy! You really can hang it anywhere!

So, do you agree this is an awesome product? Would you like one for yourself or your family? Here are some ways to help!

Laura needs our help! She has to reach $7,000 in donations before September 26 to make this happen.  She isn't far from her goal and if the iLatch is a product that you can see yourself using now or in the future, why not help a mommy inventor out? ;) Go HERE to donate.

You can donate as little as $1.00!

Want the iLatch for HALF OFF?!?
The iLatch will be available this fall and right now they are accepting pre-orders if you go here and pledge $25, you will get the iLatch in the mail. The regular-priced iLatch will be $50, so you’d be getting a great discount!

Check out Laura's demonstration video! You can see the iLatch in action :)

iLatch from Cory Holder on Vimeo.

In Laura's words..

Parents can attach iLatch with its unique set of clips to a stroller, car headrest, pack n’ play, shopping cart, restaurant chair and many more places for kiddie entertainment on the go. One of iLatch’s greatest features allows it to be moved from place to place with one hand. This case is a perfect travel accessory for iPad. No need to leave Elmo behind at home when you can bring his learning lessons on the road. 
The iLatch is a case I created out of desperation when traveling and never having a case that suited all of my needs. My son loves to watch his baby shows on the iPad when we travel. 
This case is not just for children, but for anyone who watches video on their ipad! No more propping up your ipad case!

Website:  www.theilatch.com   
Twitter : @theilatch
Vimeo Video Demohttp://vimeo.com/28216567

Thanks for reading and supporting Laura & the iLatch!

*Don't forget the Moms On Call special offer & giveaway here!

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