Nursery - Part 2, details

I did the first nursery post here :) 

Again, we had lots of fun doing it and shopping for it. Since I was in bed the majority of the pregnancy, I did most of the shopping over the internet. Overall, I feel like I got some really cute stuff for great deals :)

A sweet friend made the bedding and curtains. She did an AMAZING job! It was exactly what I wanted and I'm so grateful she made it! She is a wonderful seamstress. She does not currently have an online shop, but it might be in the works. I will keep you updated!

One of my sponsors, Spell it with Style, gifted me with the wooden framed monograms! I LOVE them. However, Brent and I are having the hardest time deciding where we want them to go. I picked out the fabric (Brandon Malby Jazz Pink) and think they are so fun. We may end up putting them in the kids bathroom or on the door for now. Thank you, Brook!

We have a few little Cohen touches :) ....like one of his puppy's tiny E, the night light, pillow, etc.

The chair isn't the chair we are going to use. We got it at Wal-mart and the rocking feature just doesn't work with our carpet. It rocks right back into the wall. We ended up getting a Little Castle glider, which we love. I'll try to blog a picture soon.

Not sure the best way to list things out, so I'm just typing what I see and the site/where I got them

Wall color - Benjamin Moore - Innocence
Fabric - Premier Prints, ash & white slub zig zag and Michael Miller, dumb dots (
Cribs - Jenny Lind from CSN (they aren't drop down)
Mobiles - Blablakids
Chandelier - AF Lighting from CSN
Single, multi-level shelf - A local place called "The Market"
Wall shelves - Ballard Designs
Gold Mirror - A local place called "The Market"
4 canvas framed paintings - paintings are off the street in NOLA. The guys name was Nathan and I had him sign the back, but of course forgot to write it down before framing. He had all of them painted when we saw them except the 'razorback'...which we asked him to create one..and that's what he did, haha. I had framed locally at a frame store.
Dresser - Craig's list, before pic here
Knobs on dresser - Anthropologie 
Lamp on dresser- It's old and was in Brent's grandmother's house, before pic here. Shade from Target.
Love you to the moon canvas - Glitter & Bliss
Paper dolls - Glitter & Bliss
Single letter pillows - Yelli Kelli
Birds with heart pillow - Yelli Kelli
Knox's name pillow - 2 Little lovelies
Sloane's name pillow - Whimsey & Co.
Letters on crib - sERINa's Custom Shop
Heart with wings night light - Little Lion Decor
Mirrored table - Target
Hour glass (10 min timer) - Hobby Lobby
Chair - Wal-Mart
Boston Terrier piggy bank - Urban Outfitters
Sloane's bow holder -  2 Little Lovelies
Standing lamp - Target
Blocks - Melissa & Doug off Zulily
Tray on dresser - TJ Maxx a long time ago
Chevron peace print - Omg!
Boston Terrier in the swing print - African Grey
Be Kind print - The Wheatfield
Records - We have tons passed down by our parents, including these
LOVE print - Aldari
Green mirror - Local place here called "Windsor Market"
Peace candle -gifted
Bunnies in crib - gifted
Boston Terrier stuffed animal - I believe my brother got at Children's last year. It was with Cohen in the hospital.
Boston Terrier backpack -gifted
Alligator hat - gifted
Hogs n' kisses piggy bank - gifted
Mini green flower urn - Two's Company brand (I got at a gift shop a few years ago.)
Frog trinket box - Brent gave me years ago
Frog holding blocks - my dad got for me years ago
Shoes on dresser - Zulily and/or Totsy
Books - all different places

If I'm leaving anything off or you have questions, just let me know!



giveaway & discouont monday :)

Good Morning :)

A few of you have mentioned being new to my blog! Welcome and glad to have you :)

Every week or every other week, I typically host a giveaway for one of my sponsors (who can be found on my right sidebar.) They give my readers a chance to win something from their shop. Often times, they will also provide a discount code, like today, which is very nice!

My last giveaway was from Gussy Sews here. With preparing for the twins arrival, and having them last week, I hadn't announced the winner....until now.

A winner was picked randomly!...... Jenni from "Thoughts?"...you are the winner!!

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Saturday Randoms :)

Just enjoying our Saturday cuddling with our 1 and 2 :)

They are technically one minute apart ;) It didn't seem like a full minute, though. Doctor also said had he not shown us "fun stuff" they would have been the same minute. Didn't matter to us either way :)

Thanks so much for the comments on the slideshow! We LOVE it and I've been looking at it quite a bit. I still can't believe it...

Yes, that was BT in the slideshow. He was at the hospital with us. We felt Cohen there as well. 

So what are we up to? We've almost been home for a week and yesterday Knox & Sloane turned a week old.

At this very moment, we are currently watching Toddlers & Tiaras. It really just blows my mind. It's so bizarre to Brent and myself, that even he watches it.

Things are going pretty good! Jut trying to get adjusted to life with two little babies :)

It's been so nice having Brent home to help and my mom has stayed with us, for the most part, until yesterday afternoon. She's left a bit in the day some, but been here during the nights. I'm starting to heal better so I can get up easier now without my stomach feeling like it's ripping apart.

Lack of sleep doesn't seem to be draining me, which is nice. Honestly, I've never needed much sleep or been a very sound sleeper. Knox & Sloane are doing great in the day and during the night, it just varies.

If you follow me on Twitter you've seen me ask a few questions. They were regarding swaddling and hiccups, I think. Maybe more. So thankful for Twitter.

Hiccups seem to be decreasing daily. We have incorporated "Gripe Water" and that has helped a lot.

We are still having a hard time with the swaddling business. Sloane has NEVER wanted her arms pinned down. Knox just started pulling his out. I'm worried we may not be doing them tight enough because we are worried it's too tight. We put Sloane in the miracle blanket and she cried hysterically. We weren't sure how long to let her cry or to just give in and undo her.

When they get a bit bigger, we are going to try the "woombies" and zip up/velcro type swaddle options.  

They just want their hands out and by their face. The suck on their fingers even when they aren't hungry. The doctor said try to hold off on a paci. I think they were worried about 'feeding' confusion. That has been going great with both babes, so I'm not sure it would matter now.

I'm sure I'll be doing a "help needed" post soon, haha.

My anxiety has been pretty high about the blankets covering their face or them getting choked up when I'm in and out of sleep. With that being said, we've been letting them sleep on the "Boppy Loungers" ..SOME..on the bed or in smaller craddle.  I know, the tag says NO SLEEPING all over it. They don't sleep there always, but it just feels weird to have them across the room in a pack and play.... especially when we are awake during the day and I've been hanging in bed. We like to just have them up by us to look at :) Now, that I'm getting up and around a bit more, I think we will soon go back to pack and play. As part of c-section healing process, I've not been able to just hop up and walk to them if I have the urge to.

This c-section recovery has not been NEAR as painful or bad as mine last year with Cohen. There is probably many reasons for that, but regardless, I'm very thankful.

I'm breastfeeding one baby at a time right now. The doctor said give it a few weeks before doing them together so that their heads and stuff will be a bit stronger.

As of yesterday, they were both back up to birth weight.

The doctor told me not to pump too much because having too feed them so much as it is, would keep things "busy" probably more than I wanted...and not busy in a having to pump or feed way..most so painful way.

For family/friends my mom has let know about the slideshow - I put a link for it under the "Our Twins" page up top for easy access to it.

I'll leave you with this... Brent was texting his friend, who is expecting a baby girl, about Toddlers and Tiaras. He sent his friend this bio of Sloane and read it to me. I busted out laughing. I insisted he let me post it.



Twins' Slideshow :)

Happy one week birthday to Knox & Sloane!

My mother-in-law, who is a great photographer, was allowed to be in the operating room during my c-section with them, to take pictures. Very thankful the doctors allowed that. The same with Cohen. I cannot IMAGINE not having all those pics from his slideshow.

These aren't all, but some really great ones! I'm pretty sure she got one of Sloane still in her sac. I'm also pretty sure the doctor made Brent look at that, haha. We figure you may not all want to see that. The end ones are a lot that I took with my phone in our room.

The slideshow makes me cry...and cry. Happy tears!

Knox was little delayed getting to me (and in some of the first few pics) because they were working to make sure his temp was going up! 

Hope you enjoy :)

Just click the link & turn volume up :)


Happy Friday!



Still here :)

and planning to blog :)

It felt pretty weird not blogging yesterday. I even had time. I would think about doing it and just didn't! I pretty much hold, stare at, feed, etc, babies all day :) It's pretty fun, I must admit. Monday and Tuesday night they wanted to play cry off and on all night, but last night was good!

I'm still in shock, I think. I just can't believe there are two sweet, beautiful, healthy babies next to me. 

I will be posting their slideshow very soon....either later today or in the morning!  We really love it. Brent's mom sent it to us late last night and I watched it at 4 this morning while up for feeding. I cried and cried, haha.

I think my favorite quote from Brent this week was today. He said, "It's kind of like an art exhibit that isn't going anyplace, but you can't stop coming back to look." haha. He was doing some things for work in the breakfast area and kept coming back to the bedroom to look and kiss on them. I mean it really is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Speaking of, Brent just walked in the house from running some errands and said, "It smells like pure baby in here!" haha

Snoozing today...

I have no doubt I'll be back to my regular blogging soon. I mean how could I ever run out of anything to blog about with the above, haha. I mean the blog won't be all baby talk, but you can probably expect a picture daily ;) I will be posting part 2 of the nursery soon! I was flattered you all love it so much. Sorry, if I haven't returned emails and such regarding it yet!


Nursery :) part 1

{Nursery Part 2 is HERE.}

Here is the nursery! Well, actually the first half of the pictures :) Thankfully, Brent's mom is a wonderful photographer took lots for us!

Brent and I put a lot of time and effort into it we love the way it turned out! Luckily, we both had the same taste on most thing and even Brent made some quite a few design decisions. It was fun doing a nursery for a boy and a girl. As I've mentioned before, I really like the eclectic look, and I thought it would go great for the twins' nursery. We also had several friends that gave us advice and input and that helped out tremendously!

Back in January, I decided to get a new blog header. A few days prior, I decided I wanted to use polka dots and chevron in the nursery.  I've kind of stuck with the patterns on many things during this pregnancy. I love them both!

I'll do a part two of the nursery and it will give links and such where I got things from. Many were also kindly gifted!

The first place we took Knox & Sloane when we got home last night was to their nursery. We are pretty certain they liked it :)

The pictures were taken last Wednesday and two days later, Knox & Sloane were born! We've been home almost 24 hours. It's been fun, busy, sweet, hectic, etc. Here they are hanging out today.

Brent's mom is also putting a picture slideshow together of Knox & Sloane's birth and their first few days! I can't wait to see it all and share :)


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