Our weekend :)

Hope you all are having a good day :)

I'm snuggled in bed and Brent is at the movie seeing Captain America. This morning one of our friends flew in from Dallas. One of our other friends is having a baby shower and she came to attend. Unfortunately, I can't :( I've been up enough for the weekend. However, last night the friend having the shower today, had a couples shower with her husband, and Brent and I went :) I didn't last long, but I showed, haha.

Saturday morning I woke up in pain. The first part of the day was really rough. It's usually the opposite. At 8am the tile people showed up to do the tile. So thankful it's getting done and we LOVE the tile. I knew I wouldn't be comfortable anywhere besides my bed, so I stayed here while they did it. My parents and Brent were in and out. It got a little warm, with doors being opened and closed often, and the smell of the stuff came and went, but overall, it hasn't been bad. My parents also hit up some after summer sales and got us new patio furniture and a rug! We've been saying we were going to get something for a few years, but always forget. Our goal has been to get something on end of summer clearance. At least now, this can prolong having to repair some of the deck boards. I love the Greek key.

Brent has been very into Ancestry.com this weekend. He started it a few months ago, and now that he's bunking in bed more often with me, he started up again. He's gotten quite far on our family tree.

The second picture cracks me up. I had a box of tissue by me and I guess his head slid off his pillow and onto the box. I only let him sleep on it long enough for my to snap a pic then I woke him enough to have him move back, haha.

I may have done some online shopping Saturday. The Zulily blowout sale was too tempting, perfect for buying for two and for gifts!

As I said above, we went to a baby shower last night. We almost didn't, but I really wanted to as they live out of town. She can't travel for the twins arrival and I won't be able to travel yet for hers in September.

The four of us :)

The expecting parents, Micah & Spencer, and the pretty cake! Their baby girls name will begin with an "S" but they are still decided between two names. They want to wait until they see her :)

Micah and myself. She is two weeks behind me with a baby girl! Here we are together when I was 30 weeks and she was 28 weeks. The right picture is my friend, Kristen, which is Saxon's mommy.
What's a weekend without yummy food. Brent came home Saturday with tortas for lunch. He LOVES them. I'm not a big meat person, but I had some of my dads, which had ham, and it was pretty delicious. The picture on the right side is some monkey bread muffins my mom made. AMAZING. I posted the recipe here :)

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Twins dancing & singing

Yesterday, someone tweeted this video and I thought it was hilarious.

I think we will teach the kids to sing and dance, haha. I think these learned from one of the Wii type things. I saw another video of them and they are holding the Wii remotes. Anyways, I thought it was cute! (They are 'performing' the video playing on the right side.)



Prego Mego - 34 weeks

Lately, when I type in the prego mego post title, I catch myself wanting to double check the weeks.  I can't believe that's how many weeks I am.I guess I'm feeling that way since it's going quickly now.

First off, this morning was little Lauren's celebration of life service. I can say, without a doubt, it was the second saddest service I've been to. It was beautiful, but my word, heartbreaking. I could have gone through an entire box of tissue. I am so sad for her family. Please keep them and those grieving in your prayers.

Today, I turn 34 weeks pregnant with our TWINS. Yes, it still seems crazy we are having twins. It becomes more real every single day.

Yesterday, we had a good appointment. My doctor really seems to be impressed with the way things are going on the inside. I know how quickly things can change so I'm not holding my breath. He did say if things keep looking like they do now, he might continue with our date that is close to 38 weeks. Of course, I think he will ultimately decide about 36 weeks.

He said from here on out, he is/has to look for anything that may indicate they need to come out. So that's crazy to think.

They are both still head down, however, Sloane is very low and Knox is still way high up! So, her head is close to my pelvic area and his is to the left of my belly button. 

I will continue to spend most of my time in bed in hopes of my water not breaking.

I think I got dehydrated yesterday because I've had pretty bad cramps off and on since last night. I kept thinking I'm not going into labor after a good appointment, haha. I've not really had caffeine at all this pregnancy. The only think I really drink when not pregnant is coffee and the occasional tea. I love iced white chocolate mochas. Well, yesterday I got one (half caf) and that must have done the dehydrating. Note to self, decaf until further notice.

I honestly can't remember if I blogged this or not. I had a breakdown in bed last Saturday night. I did relatively well being up at my shower and such. I did have pain, but not unbearable. Well, by the time I got to bed Saturday evening, my stomach muscles were done. I could not turn myself from side to side. It's just like my belly wouldn't lift up. It kind of freaked me out, but then I realized my muscles are just pooped. Brent had to turn me. No wonder tummy hernias are common in multiples pregnancies.

I hope the hospital lets me where my own hospital gown because I got one! haha. I ordered mine here, but later saw that the Monogram Chick has them, too!

I have been STARVING this week. I mean it is insane. I was having to eat something like every 30 minutes until 2am this morning. I keep feeling like I was so hungry I was going to get sick if I didn't eat. I was also trying to get down water so the cramps would stop. So on top of the eating and trips to the bathroom, I think I got to bed around 2:30. I continued to frequent the bathroom about every half hour and then got up for the count about 7:30am, starving. I mean I felt like I hadn't eaten in a week. These twinkies better be growing!!

I'm having random heartburn and nausea. All to be expected, I would imagine so.

My friend, Toni, that has precious twin girls, let me borrow her nursing pillow! It is the Double Blessings EZ 2 Nurse twins breastfeeding pillow. Well, I ordered a new slipcover from Double Blessings this week and when it arrived this magnet was in the box....

I literally laughed out loud and thought, oh wow, that's us!

I think almost everything is done in the nursery. We are waiting for two more items to ship in and then I'll have my MIL takes some pictures and then show you all :) We LOVE how it turned out.

We've been putting things away from the shower and trying to get things washed up and ready.

One of my girlfriends gave me some of these wipes, and they smell yummy. I must admit, I've used some of them already.

I had such a hard time getting words/writing out for thank you notes after Cohen passed away, but I have jumped back on the wagon. The twins' notes, for obvious reasons, are easier to write. So, I'm trying to work on those as I rest in bed. I posted, here, some Erin Condren ones I got and then some others will be arriving in the next few days that my friend, Allison, made. Jessica also made me some that go with the "twins treats" shower :) Yes, I'm all about matchy matchy, haha.

Knox & Sloane have been getting the hiccups at the same time and it's crazy. Since they are different sides, it makes me feel like they are just flicking me with their fingers, ha.

I always snap my weekly pics with my camera sitting on our buffet. However, since they are about to start our tile, there is no furniture. Instead of looking for a different spot, I just opted to use my cell phone in the bathroom today. I might have Brent take one with the camera later on.

Here were are today....(I flipped the side pictures so they would face the direction as I normally take them.)

The pink ribbon is from Lauren's service. They also asked everyone to wear color.

Here is the comparison with Cohen...

Hope you all are having a good day!

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Etsy Finds

So my love for Etsy continues to grow.

I mean they have everything.

As soon as I started working on the twins' nursery, I went to Etsy. I knew they would have different things that couldn't be found just anywhere. I also knew I could order from my bed versus trying to trapes all over town...on a scooter or in a wheelchair.

Once I blog the nursery, I'll share those Etsy finds.

For now, I thought I'd share with you all some things on my favorites list :)

Love these brother sister outfits? And the price? It's great! It's just a little over $15 for each.

I love all paper goods, party supplies, etc. How cute are these striped party favor/ treat bags??

I love imperial trellis..and green!

This little art print is something I made a favorite when I was searching for nursery things. I thought it was pretty cute and liked the book page in the background!

I love bunting, rosettes and wreaths, so I this definitely caught my eye. I love the bright colors, too!

How cute are these knitted reindeer booties? Knox and Sloane might need them for December!

I love cupcake & cake stands. I think this one is so fun.

No, I still haven't ventured into Pinterest, but I plan too soon!


Midweek Randoms

Hope you all are having a good week!
  • Thanks for the nice comments yesterday :)
  • I can't believe the twins will be here in close to three weeks. That's crazy.
  • I was just thinking yesterday how I rarely leave the house anymore, which is fine. It's just so darn hot and I can't stand/walk. I have my weekly doctor appointment and that's about all I can do. We had a pediatrician appointment this morning, but the doctor had a family emergency out of town and they had to reschedule. 
  • Friday, we have little Lauren's celebration of life service. I know it's supposed to be a celebration, but my stomach is still in knots over it all. 
  • Remember how I talked about posted about our terrible tile? Well, it's getting changed! The people doing it came over to finalize last night, so it is happening. We thought they were just going to put the new on top of the old, but they decided to take the old out first. It will be a bit more of a project, but we trust our guy doing it and know it will be great! So, that's one of the exciting changes :) We hate our current tile and it's dangerous.
  • So, if you are on Twitter you know this has been the week of Erin Condren  :) If you haven't checked out her site and designs, you should! Luckily, Plum District has been running specials all week! You get a $50 shop credit for $25! That is a GREAT deal. It's half off. The deal has bounced around cities on Plum District, but it's currently in Tulsa and you can find it easily by selecting that as the city. I got these two sets of Erin Condren stationery a few weeks ago via Shutterfly. I had a few gift certificates and was tickled to see she had a few products on there. This week, I ordered a "life planner" with the Plum District deal. (You get $5 off your first purchase if you sign up with my Plum District link :)
  • As I mentioned Sunday, I took some of my shower flowers home. They are still alive and doing good! I LOVE flowers and these bright ones are all over our house. We've had to weed out a few, but that's pretty typical with hydrangeas 
  • For my shower this weekend, I got some fun hostess gifts. At least I think so :) I'm pretty certain they all liked them! I got the clear straw tumblers from the Monogram Chick! I got them all personalized with either their name or monogram. I picked different fonts and colors and it was super fun. The Monogram Chick was so easy to work with and had the cups to me so quickly!
  • I got one for myself, as I couldn't resist :) I'll snap a picture of it and post next week.
  • Don't forget the Monogram Chick is offering my readers a special discount for the month of July. You can find that, here, in the July sponsor post. 
  •  Speaking of the tile, we've moved everything off everything and put it the guest bedroom.  Oh, the joys of remodels...
  • I said I would never again put a house for sale and move when I was pregnant. I guess it's a good thing I left remodels off that list.
  • My mom brought over some figs recently. I like them, but I feel like I should make something with them. They are cute, but I feel funny eating them just as that appear.
  • Speaking of food, I posted a recipe for roasted & stuffed tomatoes yesterday on my food blog.
  • If you are interested in Pampered Chef, make sure to check out this weeks giveaway :)
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"Twin Treats" Shower

A few weeks ago, the twins and I had a sweets shower :)

Jessica had the girls we've become good friends with (most through blogging!) over and they showered us with gifts. So nice!! She emailed out a cute invite, opened her home and got yummy frozen yogurt. We all know that's been my favorite thing during this pregnancy :) Luckily, it was the week before my whole gestational diabetes issue. I was a little over 29 weeks at this shower.

Anyways, so glad to see these ladies! I've not been getting out much at all and a few hours with them was very nice.

I have some fun pics, so I thought I would share, of course!

Me & Jessica...

The adorable ice cream machine and the treats everyone brought!

Sweet, sweet girls :)

Sweet, sweet little ones :) Penny was so funny. She kept trying to eat the ice and get in the container, haha.

The girls showered the twins with SUCH cute things!!! I left feeling very blessed.

Lindsey and myself...

All the girls that made it :)

Thank you, ladies :) Love you all!!

Might I add....it is SO hot here and this day was no exception. Typically, there is always gas in my car since I don't go anyplace and Brent's good about taking it to the station. Well, when we were leaving Jessica's house, I realized I needed gas in order to make it home. Lindsey was kind enough to follow me to the station so I wouldn't have to get out and pump and stand in the heat. So nice!

I think more stations need someone to pump gas. I would leave them a tip, of course. I think most people would.

I posted a few pics from my shower this past Saturday here and I'll do the rest soon :)

I just posted a recipe for roasted & stuffed tomatoes here. They are really yummy!

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Giveaway & discount Monday!

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Good morning :)

I hope you all had a nice weekend! Ours was wonderful and I posted a few things about it here :)

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the weekend :)

As I mentioned on Friday, my friends hosted baby shower this weekend for me and the twins. It was perfect in every way :) I seriously have the most wonderful group of girls ever.

Saturday, before the shower, my four best friends that live out of town all came in :) They all helped host and I loved getting to have them here. It kind of took me back to Cohen's birth when they all came to Dallas. I love the "fab 5" picture in this post. There is also one of us right before I went into have him, but not sure what post it's in right now. I love that they all got to meet him.

Anyways, I didn't use my big camera once this weekend. Bad Megan! BUT my friends used their cameras and my mother-in-law & sister-in-law took pictures at the shower. I'm not going to wait to post most details until I get all of theirs, but here are a few peeks. Can you tell I like peeks? haha. I feel guilty not pulling mine, but honestly, I just can't walk around anymore to take pictures. 

The beautiful flowers were the first thing that caught my eyes at the shower. My friend Kristen painted them to go along with the pink and blue theme :) Luckily, they had lots and sent some home with me. They are all over our house and I love it.

How cute are the monogrammed napkins? I tweeted these already, so I thought I'd blog! Sylvia Rose Design did them :)

Nope, I've not shared the first and middle names together, but I will soon!

Lots of yummy desserts treats at the shower...

These cookies were basically strawberry shortcake and they were amazing!

Lots of precious babies at the shower...

We were very. very blessed with gifts! The twins are almost all set! They even got a Mamaroo....

You know how my friend's came in from out of town? Well Chloe and her mom, Katie, stayed with us :) So, not only did Chloe get to try out Knox's sweet bed, she got to try the Mamaroo! We think she loved it. Katie posted an adorable video here.

I think Brent with pretty smitten with Chloe :)

Katie, I meant to tell you, I was thinking I need to find the pictures of us when we were little and playing together with Missy, haha.

This morning I was going through the gifts with Brent so he could see them all. He had to go run some errands after. As soon as he left, Elton sat by the gifts and would not leave the room. I even called him to our bedroom, nothing. He never even asked for his lunch!

Funny guy.

Today, we hung out with the girls this morning and then they left. Then, another good friend, Ashley, who had come in for the shower, came by before leaving town. So, I got to hang out with her :)

I've rested for the rest of the day. My body is laughing at me today, but it was definitely worth every second of being up yesterday!

Though, I am feeling very, very blessed, my heart is still really hurting for our friends whose little girl passed away on Friday night. They are coming home today. They are going to their house where their little girl was with them for three years and that I can't imagine. We are going to her celebration of life in the next few days. I love that they are requesting people wear the color pink. Lauren loved pink. Kirsten, Lauren's mom, posted on my blog before we were going to have Cohen. From one heart mother to another. She wrote the sweetest words. See them here.

I've also had several people comment and email about sweet Tripp. What STRONG fighters he and his family are. Please keep them in your prayers.

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