Baby Product Help! From you :)

So, I have a big favor today. Brent and I are hoping to register this week and I wanted to make some decisions on a few things.

We have been around lots of babies, but as far as products and such go, we haven't really kept up with that.

We did register with Cohen, but shortly after, we made the registry inactive and now it doesn't exist. We took Brent's sister along with us to Babies R' Us, which was VERY helpful!

I thought who better to come to right now than you all. I know there are lots of mom's reading and I'd love your thoughts/opinions/advice/etc. as far as what you liked/loved/hated/etc.

For the past two years, I have been really good at "bookmarking" posts that talk about baby things. However, I recently updated Firefox and it ERASED all my bookmarks from the past year! Talk about bummed. My computer guy tried to get them back, but couldn't get any after May of last year. It was partially my fault for not backing them up more often, but I was super irritated about losing so many :(

This applies to anything! We have picked a stroller and that's about it. Since we do have a few little ones in the family, we are getting some nice, new hand-me-downs. I think we already have a swing, one car seat and two bumbos coming. Because of this, some things we will just have to register for one instead of two.

So tell me, what bottles, blankets, toys, gadgets, diapers, etc. etc. etc., do you like or not like? recommend or not recommend...etc.

For diapers and such, do you use a delivery service such as Amazon Mom?

In case you have done a post about this on your blog, I will put a linky below and then you can just put that URL in it for me (and anyone else) to read.

Also, if you are a mom of multiples, I'd love for you to let me know that as well :)

Thank you so much!!!



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Tomorrow, I will be doing a post requesting your baby product knowledge/opinions/advice, etc :) 

Memorial Day

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend :)

Memorial Day was created in hopes for us to commemorate fallen soldiers. So many people have fought and died for our freedom and I think it's important we acknowledge that....often.

Thanks to all of our soldiers who are fighting as well as those we have lost! To all the families who have lost a love one in war, we are thinking of you as well.

I'm thankful my dad fought in war and was able to come home safely.



Weekend Happenings

Thank you for your sweet comments on my prego mego post yesterday! You all are too nice :)

Not much going on with us this weekend.

I'm currently laying in bed watching Bridezillas and Brent is playing golf with my brother and our brother-in-law. I am getting a little restless being inside so much, especially on such a pretty weekend, but I know it's for the best. For one, I can't walk around much and last night I had quite a few bad cramps. I'm thinking I might read a magazine on the porch for a few minutes. We could probably use some vitamin D.

On my heart this weekend......We have some friends who are expecting their first baby. They are about 20 weeks along and this past week they found out they are having a boy, but that there are some also some complications. I'm not sure on details yet, but if you could say a prayer for them, I would appreciate it! They are going to a specialist this week.

Friday evening, we took a trip to Target. Since I had already been up a little during the day, I gave in and decided to use the scooter. I was hoping at 9pm on Friday night not many people would be there. The first people we saw were Brent's parents, haha. They expected the scooter, but it was still quite busy for my attempt not to run into people or shelves, which I did. From this picture, it is apparent there is a LARGE difference in the size of my belly right now and 25 weeks with Cohen. I know I said yesterday that looking at the comparison I didn't see much difference, but well, it's there, haha.

Of course we browsed the baby section at Target. We saw this cute little button up on clearance for $4.00, and of course, decided Knox needed it. The smallest size left was 24 months, but I figured he would grow into it. I really have no problem getting bigger sizes because they will wear them eventually! In case you can't tell from the style of picture, it's white and navy ;)

While at Target, we also had to get Elton some medication for pain/inflammation. He hurt is leg or arm or paw...something.  We were pretty sure it was the back left leg, but today it seems more like front right. I noticed after I let him in from a potty on Friday morning that he was limping. Occasionally, that happens, but it passes. Well It seem to kept getting worse and by Friday afternoon he was yelping and whimpering off and on when he walked and moved. It was pretty much breaking my heart. I think the meds have helped. Yesterday it seemed to be a lot better, but today I've noticed more yelping. I think one of the main issues is we have been letting him back in our bed and it's very high off the ground. I can't imagine jumping up and down is good for his boo boo. Brent tries to pick up and set him off, but sometimes Elton jumps before he gets a chance.

We rented the first part of the new Harry Potter Friday night, but I fell asleep. I've tried like 5 times now to catch up on all the HP movies, but I just never make it through. I don't know if they are just so long, or what. Brent really liked whichever one it was ;)

Tomorrow, Brent's mom is going to take some pics of us, my belly, etc., so yesterday morning I spent trying to pick out some outfits. Not really an easy task lately. I don't think I've ever posted all of my maternity pictures she took when I was pregnant with Cohen, but I've posted some here and there. Here are a handful of them. I'm so very thankful that we took them. I thought since my belly is quite large right now, we should go ahead and take a few while I can still be up and around and lift this belly. I also figured we would be taking pictures right about now for Cohen's first year, so I'm trying to incorporate something in for that.

So besides trying on outfits yesterday, I laid around and watched TV and played online. Pretty typically. Brent with my brother to see the Hangover 2. He said it was pretty good, but it seemed like they tried pretty hard to out due the first, so maybe it was a bit over the top at times. I didn't feel up to sitting in the theater chair. When he got home, we did venture to the cupcake shop. We wanted to get cupcakes for some friends, and of course I had to get one...

I was in bed early due to cramps. Brent made turkey burgers for dinner. I hate eating in bed, but I just did not feel like getting out. I made sure to be careful. We watched the A-Team and Stone. Well, Brent watched the A-Team. I lost connection with it only watched parts. It was too loud and busy for my mood, I suppose. We then watched Stone. It kept my attention, but it was pretty out there.

I drank about 170 ounces of water yesterday. I'm somehow still not water logged. I can feel that I need it.

We woke up bright and early this morning for Brent to go golfing. I woke up hungry and ate watermelon and apples. Two hours later, I was hungry again, so I busted out the toaster strudels....

I've also been been munching on these this weekend. One is the orzo salad I posted here. The other is black bean and corn salad..or salsa. I know I've talked about it but I guess I haven't posted the recipe. I will do that soon! (my mom dropped these off, I didn't make them :)

I just posted about all the flowers and herbs I now I have. My mom planted another on Friday....

Bridezillas is still on. The girls are seriously nuts. I feel bad for the people around them.

I think we are going to Cheesecake Factory tonight with my parents and brother, since he is in town. That's what I'm looking forward to today :)

No plans at all tomorrow! I will be thinking of those who have fought and died while at war. 

So....this is our weekend thus far, haha. Not all very exciting and you are probably thinking you wasted time reading this post!

I hope you are having a good weekend :)

Since tomorrow is Memorial Day, I won't be doing a giveaway this week. I am also skipping next week for Cohen's birthday. You still have time to enter this fun giveaway ending tonight. A new one will start on the 13th...and it has to do with nail polish!



Prego Mego - 25 weeks

Today I am 25 weeks pregnant with the twins :)

Now, every week feels more like a milestone.

I guess a few things have changed since last week. I may have spoke to soon last Friday morning : /

I ended up going to labor and delivery last Friday evening, which I posted here. Though, it was a bit scary we were able to come home within a few hours. Yesterday, I posted what my doctor had to say here. I'm not feeling too scared, but it definitely makes me more nervous.

Thank God, the babies are still cooking :)

I am taking it very easy as I know how important to keep Knox and Sloane in quite a bit longer. They don't technically know what is causing my uterus to be irritated so we can only watch everything. I pretty much laid in bed for the first 12-15 weeks of this pregnancy because I was having some pain and pressure. I had a few really good weeks and now it's time to get back to resting. I don't feel like I ever was doing too much, nor does my doctor...my uterus, maybe. When I didn't have something I needed/had to do, I was sitting/laying down. I probably have some decisions to make work-wise, which is unfortunate and a bit scary, but the babies come first!

I think I also said I didn't feel like I had a 38 week belly last week. Well, about 3 days after I said that I started thinking maybe I did feel that big, haha. Maybe not that big, but definitely getting closer.

After our hospital visit and having more aches/pains/cramping, I've caught myself question if I can really do this or not. I mean I know I can really do this, but I worry about my body I guess. That's the scary feeling. It's been through quite a bit in the past two years having gone through a pregnancy, delivery & c-section, etc. It makes me nervous, but like I said, I will do everything in my power to help keep the babies in for as long as possible!

I think I will be getting a step stool for bed pretty soon. I'm not sure how that works getting out of bed, though. It's also pretty funny trying to lift myself up getting out of bed. Every time we are at the doctor and I'm leaning up from laying down for my ultrasound, he always tells me to grab his hand with both of my hands. Well, I don't have that kind of levy system in bed, haha.

I'm getting really anxious to get the nursery finished. I'm not really rushed... i just want to know and have the things I'm putting in it. The bedding and curtains are being made so that's no worry, but I'm still figuring out the other little details. It's fun, but it's kind of a bummer not being able to walk around and look for things anymore. Thank goodness for the internet and helping friends for ideas and direction! :)

Being home really helps prevent dehydration because I'm likely to drink a lot more at home. When I'm not home I don't drink much for several reasons. The main one being I do NOT like peeing in public places or having to stop some place to pee.

I'm getting LOTS of the "oh, well looks like you are about to have your baby soon, aren't you?" ...from randoms, of course. I stopped in some place on the way home yesterday and she said "oh, it's almost time, isn't it?" I laughed and said, "you would think!" I then told her my due date was September and there was so so they wouldn't stay in past August. She proceeded to say, "well, you really even look big for two!" Um, thanks?

The way I walk looks like I'm about to give birth. The waddle is in full force.

Every week, I say I'm done buying clothes and catch my self begging myself to buy something for them, haha. For instance, last night, Totsy had Halo sleep sacks for $5-7! Considering they are about $20 or so retail at the store, I thought maybe I should buy some? Well, I have no way of knowing if the twins will like them or not. Twitter friends, for the most part, advised I get some at that price just in case. Unfortunately, Totsy's site was messed up and I couldn't get my $17 order to go through :( This morning, they are all sold out.

I was excited to see that today, Plum District's National deal is $15 for a $30 Totsy credit! See, I really shouldn't get it, but it's a good deal! Must stay away from Zulily, too. I can't even go there. It's just all these "good deals" that suck me in, I suppose.

I must say, Sloane has accumulated more clothes. There are TONS of cute boy clothes out there, but the little girl ones are occasionally harder to resist. I also run into that thought of well if I got her something, I must get him something! ...and vice versa. Maybe that's normal with twins?

I really do think I'll get better on the clothing front as we know now my income may halt sooner than expected : /

I had a few comments/emails about stretch marks. I don't think it's that I'm not getting them. I think it's just I haven't gotten them yet. Well, of course why wouldn't that change this week with everything else? I can't see them, but I THINK I felt a few. I must say, I have NOT been good this pregnancy about keeping lotion or oil on my belly consistently. I did pretty good last year, but for some reason this pregnancy, it hasn't really crossed my mind much. I don't know if I'm really just expecting it to happen or what. I had been hearing good things about Bio Oil. I put it on when I remember, so about once or twice per week : /

I also have one of those crazy ranked "best of" dermatologists (because I have a wacky skin issue) and he told me a while back, if you are going to get them, you're going to get them. He said the moisture or products could perhaps keep them from being quite as harsh, but there is no guarantee. It's really just depends on what your skin wants to do. I got a few with Cohen underneath my belly, that I saw/came after delivery. They didn't last long and went away. I've had some on my hips since puberty.

I'm okay with the fact my bikini days might be over. There are such cute one pieces now, which seems a bit more realistic when needing to keep things covered and chase multiple kids around :)

If you have been reading my posts this week, you will know that food has taken over, haha. Not really, but kind of. Contrary to what it may seem, I am getting some protein. Last night I had some chicken and an Amy's mexican casserole bowl. Fruit is just so yummy and quenching. Here is the watermelon I posted about yesterday. I do add a pinch of salt to my watermelon and I love the sweet & salty taste.

I'm still on a sweet and salty kick. As Kari Beth pointed out, it definitely seems true to form what they say about cravings being salty with a boy and sweet with a girl. I want some of both! One thing about being home "resting" more, I have food at my finger tips. Though I have lots of fruits and veggies, I'm still craving the occasional oreo, popcorn and yogurt!

I feel like Brent and I say "the babies" more than we say "Knox  & Sloane". I figure this is pretty normal, but I want to get better at saying their names so they can hear :)

We are still working on full names. I'm having a hard time that Knox might be his middle name and Sloane might be her first name. For some reason, I think if one goes by their middle name, the other should as well. It's probably silly of me to think that, but we are still analyzing!

Well, here we are this week....

This was yesterday......{I am holding the side of my dress in the right picture. The cardigan looks red in the picture, but it's really orange. My hand continues to grow a dark bruise daily from my IV and blown vein last week.}

Here we are today. You can tell the belly is a bit lopsided! More on the left! This was pretty early and my guess is because I try to sleep on left side!

With Cohen...

I don't think my bare belly's look THAT much different today! Though, I do kind of look like I'm trying to push it out with Cohen, haha.

Today, I have a quick work meeting and more resting, which I'll be doing all weekend.

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Happy Friday :)



Midweek Randoms

So the midweek randoms are coming to you on Thursday this week. I was anxious to post my plants and herbs yesterday :)
  • My heart hurts for all the towns and people who have experienced tragic weather recently. I think over 63 cities/towns in Oklahoma have been declared national disasters and I still get teary-eyed seeing the footage from Joplin. I wishing I would have waited a few weeks to have my garage sale and I could have given the stuff to these towns. I did gather two trash sacks of clothes Tuesday.
  • Luckily, we weren't hit by anything other than bad storms last night. We took cover just to be cautious because sirens close by were going off. After about 30 minutes, I became extremely uncomfortable sitting in the tub. I gave in and played on the computer.
  • Our little nephew was all prepared! His mom posted this on Facebook and I pretty much thought it was adorably cute!
  • This week, I suppose my "midweek randoms" mostly revolve around the fact I have been home and in bed (for the most part) from Friday afternoon until Wednesday morning. I posted Saturday about having to go to Labor and Delivery (on Friday) and it was not a fun scare. I felt better after what my doctor & nurse said on Monday. He his level of concern isn't too high right now, but he does want me to take it easy. He said since my labs looked great, the FFN was negative and my cervix is unchanged, there is no progression towards labor/pre-term happening right now. He doesn't want to give me any medication until we need to slow something down and technically nothing has started for him to do so. The irritated uterus doesn't indicate it pre-term labor, but just signals me to slow down if that's causing irritation and for us to pay close attention that it doesn't become too irritated and start progressing. They don't want to require mandatory bed rest if I'm not starting pre-term labor and everything looks good. However, if I get cramps (or they are worse) when I'm up, it would be best I not stay up long...up meaning not laying on my left side.
  • With that being said, I attempted to work for a while yesterday. A while too long evidently, which I didn't intend to do. I was in quite a bit of pain yesterday afternoon and evening. And when I say work, my work doesn't involve much sitting. I sat through a long meeting, went and visited two clients briefly and had a meeting with a family for an hour. It wasn't anything to extraneous, my it appears as though my body is done with that much activity : /
  • Brent and Elton are good to us, the babies and myself, that is. I can't get very comfortable on the couch right now, so our bed is my place of rest. Usually we are always in the living room during the evenings and if we are home in the day, but not lately. Brent and Elton have been good about hanging with me in bed so I don't get too lonely :)
  • Brent went to the movie with our brother-in-law and nieces on Saturday and he brought me some fresh popcorn home :)
  • Speaking of popcorn, Tuesday I got this text message from my mom. 
  •  She is obviously reading my blog. Popcorn and fruit cravings, haha. My dad showed up with watermelon, popcorn and two bags of un-popped popcorn.
  •  I was excited to paint my nails this week. I've not managed to do my toes. Someone will probably have to help me with that. I was even more excited to receive some polish and remover from Piggy Paints. They have natural and safe products! 
  • I loved the Piggy Paints! It has stayed on well and I love there is no strong smells. I got three colors from the refined line... How Merlot Can You Go, All that Razz & In the Flesh.

  • I will be honest, I was that extra cautious girl who didn't use any polish or remover (even though I have non-acetone) my first 20 weeks of pregnancy. I was never like this before, but in my attempt to be a bit more natural, I figured what would it hurt to be a tad more cautious in my attempt to develop two babies, with the first half of pregnancy being extra important.
  • Have you been watching Idol or The Voice? What did you think about Scotty winning? Brent and I were actually behind a few weeks in watching, but decided not to catch up and just watch the finale. I thought it was quickly obvious that Lauren and Scotty are "together" if you will. I was pretty shocked that had so many huge stars on last night as well. Lots of entertainment they were going for. We are still liking The Voice, though I don't think it's quite as exciting as it was at first.
  • At least once a week, I think about how much I love this hand sanitizer. Is that weird? I honestly can't remember if I've blogged it before, but if so, sorry. Since previously I was in and out of doctor's offices and hsopitals for work, I've become pretty use to always looking for hand santizer to put on. A while back, I got this one from Whole Foods and it is my favorite. It doesn't smell like alcohol and I don't think it has any in it. So, the smell might be my favorite smart. It smells like fruit loops. It's the 365 Brand, which is at Whole Foods.
  • Oh, back to food, imagine that. Our friend, Kyle, had to come by and get something the other day. He brought me coneys from our local and favorite coney place :) I've not had them in FOREVER and they were delicious!

My randoms for today :)

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Flowers, Herbs & Food

First off - would you mind praying for this family and possible leaving words of encouragement? Someone emailed me about them. Their two week old, Maggie, has been in the NICU and they are having to say goodbye to her today. Leaving the hospital without your baby is pretty much the worse thing ever. I remember feeling showered with love partially because of all the comments and such from my blog.

Here is part of my lunch today....

The best part about this is I had all of it at home. An even better part? The basil wasn't slimy and lacking freshness...

 This is all it took (plus a little salt and pepper)...

As I've mentioned a few times, I enjoying growing herbs. Well, I don't really do much. I don't think they last near as long buying them from the store and they cost so much more there as well.

Honestly, I'm not a planter. I have no desire to plant anything. I don't know if it is because I thinking I'm doing it wrong, or what. Luckily, my mom enjoys this. Each season, she pretty much comes over and does some flowers, plants and herbs for me.

{Yes, I'm still ignoring the fact I got a lot of green spray paint on the deck while painting that table. We do plan to power wash and stain at some point.}

Right now, I have parsley, mint, basil, cilantro & rosemary. The other plant it is a hanging basket we need to hang.

I've not purchased a planter/pot in years. I should probably do that and pick up some pretty, more matching ones. Maybe at the end of the season when they are on sale.

I'm not all too great about watering things either. We've had lots of rain the past few days, so that has helped a great deal....especially considering I've been bed bound and not allowed to lift pitchers of water.

What I would really like to do is plant a garden to grow these things....

I know, my fruit cravings may be a bit much. haha. Unfortunately, we have a TON of bunnies around here. Elton chases them every day. They hide under our deck. I think think a garden with these items would last unless planted much higher up. You definitely get a better deal on fruit at Sam's so a lot of what we get comes from there. We also have some local markets close by that we like.

I get sick of seeing plastic in the fridge and having to open lids. Since Brent's been dieting and eating fresh and healthy, our fridge is empty enough to fit these in :) I just open the refrigerator door and have a buffet, haha.

Don't let me fool you, my other craving this week is dipping oreos in milk. I'm not even a milk person. One of the twins must be.

Do you have a garden? Herbs? Any times to fruits or veggies in a garden?

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Occasionally, Brent emails me some pretty funny emails and videos from work. This one just had me giggling so I thought I would share...

{I think this has pop up ads that come on at the bottom. If so, close it out so you can see the dog's mouth!}

He recently sent me an email containing hilarious "family portraits" and such. I wanted to share those, but for some reason I can't save them to my computer right now.

Here is another funny dog. He has been keeping me company as I rest.

I just looked over to find this. He had somehow managed to kick Brent's pillow off and pull the sheets up. We had him completely out of the bed and he wasn't even jumping up anymore trying to lay in it. Well, as soon as I began laying here for longer periods of time, he couldn't stand it. So, he's back up...for now.




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A trip to labor & delivery

Well, if you follow me on Twitter you may be caught up on this form last night. I figured I would go ahead and blog about it.

About noon yesterday I started feeling some menstrual like cramps and 'butterflies' really low. About that time, I realized it was noon. I hadn't had any fluids since about 10 the night before besides the milk in my cereal. This is very unlike my normal routine. It had been storming all morning and I was working from home and taking it pretty easy. I had been pretty achy for the previous few days. I started drinking lots of water.

The cramps and such continued off and on (every 10 minutes-ish?) throughout the day. I knew it wasn't gas or anytihng of the sort. I thought maybe they had both flipped head down and were causing pressure or something else. About 4:00, I took a short warm bath and laid down for a while. Still no relief, but now it felt more constant. They weren't extremely painful at all. They were just new. I hadn't felt them before. For the record, I don't think I know what a contraction feels like. I never had them with Cohen.

So, I call my doctor's office and the doctor on call recommended I go ahead and go to labor and delivery to get checked. I really didn't feel nervous, I just wanted to know WHAT was going on.

So, Brent got home about that time and we went. Getting three monitors hooked up on my belly was time consuming as the babies were bouncing around. After they monitored me for a bit, a nurse came in the room rather briskly with her hands full of "stuff" and said they saw some "activity" occurring every 30 seconds and needed to figure out what was going on. Que sobbing from me. She said they saw some irritability to my uterus. Which, one can typically feel, but as far as progression, it's right under contractions. Their first goal was to stop it and second to figure out what was causing it. They hooked me up to an IV and took several vials of blood, a urine sample and a swab test. The IV was to get fluids going in me immediately, plus they wanted me to drink water non stop. The blood was to test gallbladder, kidneys, liver, etc. The urine was to check for UTI and the swab was for a fetal fibronectin test. This test basically checks to see if a substance has been released that will indicate whether or not I would be going into labor within the next two weeks. It's 99.9% accurate. So, they really, really needed it to be negative. Of course, I was still wimpering a bit when the nurse was going over all this, but at the same time, she was telling me about all the drugs and stuff that could help this process if it needed to be slowed down or if that test came back positive. I'm not sure if that made me feel better or worse. She also did an exam to check my cervix, but decided she wanted the doctor to do a second one. Lovely.

Talk about freaked out. I was not ready for Knox and Sloane to arrive anytime soon. I couldn't believe this was happening.

We waited about an hour to find the results out. The test was negative, praise God! We had to wait a bit longer for the doctor to come in as she was delivering a baby and had to go to the ER. I had NEVER felt Knox and Sloane be so active. I'm not sure if they were showing off or what, but they bounced around the ENTIRE time. My belly was jiggling.

Finally, the doctor came in. She said my urine and blood looked great. She said with twins, there is SO much going on. She said our babies are so active. She said that, along with my activity can irritate my uterus. Also, the fact I went for a longer stretch that normal, with no fluids, could have something to do with it. She said there was really no way to pinpoint the cause. She said it was a major plus that the fFN test was negative, but this incident would definitely change things from here on out. She said in her opinion, I would need limited activity, lots of fluds and the fFN test every few weeks. She said my doctor would ultimately decide things, but he could even opt to put me on some medications.

She did do an exam as well. She determined that the inner cervix, which she said was most important, was closed and firm. The outer was at a 1. They told me not to be concerned about this, but of course, I am.

They told me it was a very good thing I came in for the IV and to get checked.

I'm ready to talk to my doctor.

They discharged me on the terms that I would stay laying down all weekend and only get up briefly to potty or grab something quickly. She said if I started feeling anything stronger to come back.

I felt better when we got home last night, and this morning I've felt pretty good. I didn't feel any activity when I first got up, but in the past few hours, I've had some cramps. I've only gotten up to pee and grab a water, before Brent was up.

We will figure more out once we talk to our OB. I'm willing to do whatever I need to do to keep Knox and Sloane in and growing. Luckily, we have a lot of family around if we need any help. I'm starting to wonder if I sensed this coming as like two or three times in the past week I told Brent I'm ready to get the nursery done in case I can't in the next few weeks.

I'm thankful to be home and still be pregnant. The survival rate of twins arriving at 24 is very, very low. We are praying I can carry them for as long as possible. 

We greatly appreciate all the thoughts and prayers and ask that you continue to keep them coming!

And because pictures document everything...

You can't see completely tell at this angle, but each baby had a monitor and there was one for me to check contractions/activity. I should have taken a video like this because you could haven't definitely seen their activity. 

Thank you for the kind comments on prego mego yesterday.

Have a good Saturday!


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