Saturday mish mash

I hope you all are having a good Saturday.

A few things were on my mind today!

I had a few people comment and tweet about the drop down crib I posted. We did order two. From what I've gathered, they will not be produced any longer, but the manufactures are providing kits to fix the issue. Believe me, ours will be 100% safe before the twins go in one. Thanks for raising my awareness, though, because from what I had researched the ones that were recalled were taken off shelves & sites to buy. Well, I suppose now that it's been concluded that most have the danger issue they can sell them with a fix kit until summer sometime.

I was overwhelmed to see all the prayer requests in Kelly's most recent post, but so thankful they are there. I definitely believe in the power of prayer.

I know so many people & towns were faced with tragedy these past few weeks due to the weather. I can't imagine losing everything I own, my town, my business and so forth. It's awful. Please keep these people in your prayers.

While thinking about these people, besides donating to help, I saw that GroopDealz is offering a 2 person 72 hour food supply kit for half off. It is designed to all fit in one container and specifically created for emergency situations. I think it would come in great for many families right now. It's also 100% vegetarian with no harmful preservatives. See that here.

Thank you all for the Willow House & Hopscout support!
  • The Willow House party raised $150 dollars for our medical bill fund. Thank you!! We are hoping and praying to have those bills paid off this year or next and that wouldn't be possible without the help you all have provided! Callie, from Willow House, was wonderful to work with and for hosting the party I was able to receive some amazing items for our home, too :) I will definitely share those.
  • As for the Hopscout Millionaire Mom position, I will explain as best I can. I've had quite a few people ask me about it. When I signed up, the rules stated basically the first round was judged based on the number of votes each video interview received on Facebook. The top 20, with the most votes, would go to the finals. When voting closed, I was #16 out of 225, I think. Well, I guess the company became quite overwhelmed with the response and the way everything went in the voting/applying process. They had some unfortunate issues to deal with. Therefore, they had to change up/alter some of the rules. With that being said, I did everything right and had AMAZING support from all my friends in the interwebs. I greatly appreciate your support! The way the top 20 were finalized left me from being apart of that :( So, I'm not apart of the top 20. Of course, I'm hormonal and my feelings were hurt. My first thought was the fact I didn't have a child in the video like most of the others. I emailed them and they explained some things to me and I have no hard feelings towards them. I think it's a great company! It was just hard from them to be quite as prepared as the process required for the first time doing something of the sort. 
Elton ran away today.
  • Yep, you heard me. Our dog who is obsessed with us and vice versa left us when we were home. Now that I type that out, I don't exactly know if I believe that he ran away. I think he went exploring. Brent went to Target for some groceries and I was doing laundry and creating a large Goodwill/garage sale pile. Let me add this in real quick. We have a not very attractive storm door with a glass front in front of our front door. It closes slowly. Often times, when we are coming in or have it open for any amount of time Elton will run right out. Well, he usually just goes to our mailbox and our neighbor's mailbox to tinkle. By the time we set whatever down we are carrying, he's back at our door waiting on us to open it or barking for us to do so.
  • Well, we think when Brent was carrying in groceries he slipped out. Brent was carrying in quite a bit and never saw Elton go out the door by. Brent was probably walking quick to the kitchen to set the groceries down and because the door is slow to shut, Elton ran out. He never returned and barked. Brent puts the groceries away and sits down. I'm doing laundry. I come out and sit and we start chatting. Time passes. We decide to run an errand and I go get dressed. We get ready to leave. I call Elton out of our room. If I don't see him and I'm getting dressed, he is usually under the bed. He doesn't come. We call and ask if he wants a treat. No Elton, anywhere. We look in back yard and front. No Elton. We gather quickly he must have run out and not come back to the front door and barked. We jump in the car and start looking. Well, I start bawling before that happens because I realized how much time had passed. We drive around yelling for him. No sign of him. We stop and ask people walking, mowing their yards, etc., but no one has seen him.We come back by the house to see if he is here and one of the neighbors says they saw him not too long ago heading a certain direction. We zig zag through the streets. Brent spots him. He is by the MAIN road and ENTRANCE to our neighborhood, which is about 3 or 4 blocks away. The road you turn off of to come into our neighborhood is busy. There is a light even at the entrance. Brent slams the breaks and jumps out and grabs him up, as he is feet away from cars zooming by. 
  • I probably should not go into how I was crying hysterically the majority of the time. In fact, I think I scared the twins. I know one flipped. I'm not sure what a contraction technically feels like, but I think I may have given myself a few with the pain and stress I was feeling afterwards. I never got mad or blamed Brent because I know Elton can be sneaky. I told Elton I was very upset with him. I just kept imagining having no Elton and someone else having stolen him or him getting run over. 
  • He's home and he's safe. He is tired. He is still cute..

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Prego Mego - 21 weeks - nursery furniture

This week I'm 21 weeks pregnant with our twins, Knox & Sloane :) Ah, it feels good to type their names!

This week has flown by. I feel like I JUST did my 20 week post. I've been swamped at work and pulling double duty. It's physically painful to sit in my office chair as much as I have this week. Yes, I have a pillow I sit on. Luckily, my bossed filled our open position and I'll go back to up and down a lot more like before.

I'm feeling lots of movement and I'm loving it. I never got worried about lack of movement with Cohen. I guess he just moved so much. This time, now that I do know where the babies are in my belly, I do notice myself wondering if one is moving and one isn't, or if one is moving more than the other. Yesterday, I felt Sloane moving lots, but I kept waiting and waiting for Knox to move. He did, finally. That is weird to me because last week he was the wiggle worm when we saw him on screen both Thursday and Friday. Sloane was shy and more calm in movement. I guess her jabs are just more powerful and Knox's wiggles are more discrete.

I'll be curious to see if Sloane stays more chubby than Knox. I posted their measurements last week, I think.

If I slack on drinking water I feel so parched. It's a weird feeling, but I immediately think about how I need water and want it NOW, haha.

Sleeping on my left side is hard. I've had a little better luck on my right side lately. Even with the pregnancy pillow, I put the body pillows back underneath me. I just need that soft cushion.

My husband is on a major diet. This isn't all too fun since I'm pregnant. I do understand where he is coming from. He may or may not have gained weight with me last year when I was pregnant. He decided he couldn't do it again this year, haha.

I didn't gain a pound last week but I'm sure I will have by the time I go back to the doc :)

We don't go to the doctor this week since we went last week. We go back next Friday.

I've been loving starting the nursery. We were going to paint this weekend but the fabrics won't be in until Monday or Tuesday. We need them to pick paint color. Monday will be fun because not only could the fabrics come in, but the cribs and a bookshelf might also! I did get an email saying one or two might be a bit delayed because of the weather, which is totally fine.

I've been sad about the people and towns that were hurt due to the weather. My prayers are with them.

As far as the nursery, I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to share as we go or just do a reveal once it's done. Honestly, my goal is to have it done pretty quickly! I just know I'm not going to be able to do it this summer. So, my goal is to have most of it done by the end of May. I have a friend who has offered to make the window panels and crib bedding. I'm SO thankful to her. However, since I just sent my first detailed email today, she may back out in her reply, haha. No, I'm really not that picky. I just want it to be safe and look nice. Thank you for all the bedding feedback!

Here is a little preview of the furniture we've gotten/ordered so far. The shelf will be painted...

This is the furniture we picked when thinking about Cohen's nursery. The only piece we ordered before deciding to pack up the house was the crib. It is still in the box. I LOVE the crib. However, since I need two now, I just felt it would be a bit too big and woody looking. Instead of doing espresso, I decided I will go with white now. It will help the room appear to be larger and you won't walk in and immediately see a bunch of dark wood every place.  My parents are going to use the crib at their house. Luckily, two of the Jenny Lind cribs were about the cost of one of we already had. My parents gifted us with the cribs :)

I'm going to look for a dresser to use as a changing table. I will probably look at estate sales/ antique store, etc. As for a chair, that's a toughy. I found one I LOVED but could not fathom paying the price. I know I can find something I like for much less. We have a big puffy looking chair that isn't attractive but was free and we took it because we knew we would need it that we will use in our room. The nursery is RIGHT next to our bedroom so that is nice. I think I'm going to borrow a mini crib from a friend to go in our room.

I'm may do a teaser on some other nursery items soon :)

I have one friend who found out she was having a little girl this week and one friend who found out she is having twins! She doesn't live in the same town as we do, but our twins will definitely be friends. I'm thrilled for them both!

Here I am this week. I'm not sure that my belly has grown, but I have, haha. Unfortunately, the 'production' of certain things hits multiple spots on me pretty quickly. So, I've already passed the point of being able to wear sleeveless. What would I do without cardigans? ;) It's getting way hard to lean over. I'm 5'2" so things are quite compact. It's interesting. I'm starting to hear giggles in the back ground from Brent!

Here is the comparison with Cohen....

Hope you all have a good Friday!



DIY Pram/Carriage Flower Arrangement

For one of my friend's baby showers, I was in charge of making a few flower arrangements. I LOVE flowers as I might have mentioned before a thousand times.

Several of you asked me about these arrangements, so I thought I would share details. Luckily, I took pictures to share, too.

My friend, Jen, saw these small wire prams at a stationery store and ordered some off a website. I'm not quite sure which website she ordered from, but I think these are the same ones. I didn't have any luck when I Googled "small wire pram" so I tried "small wire baby carriage" and had better luck.

When I saw the wire prams, I immediately thought, those are soooo cute but how am I going to make flower arrangements with them? I thought about it and realized that's exactly what floral foam would be used for! I guess I had never used it, that I could recall anyway. You can get it at any craft store and probably Walmart. Of course, Amazon has it as well. To cover it because it's not all too pretty, I immediately thought moss I love moss, preferable fake moss that looks real, haha. Also found at the above places.

So for the floral foam, you can wet it, put the flowers in it and it helps them to live without being in an actual vase of water. I imagine you have to "water" it, somewhat, as you would a plant.

The moss I got was considered to be 'sheets' of moss, but you can tear as needed. I first lined the prams with a base layer. I put paper towels down because it was definitely a bit messing. I guess that's considered shedding.

The floral foam I got was in pretty big blocks, so I did some cutting for them to fit in the prams. Once I got the foam in, I added more moss. I tried to add enough that it would cover most of the foam, but I would still have room to put the flowers in. The flowers poke right in the foam.

I did them the day before, so here they are waiting on the flowers.....

Flowers in....

Here they are at the shower....



Midweek Randoms

I can't believe it's already Wednesday!

I have random things to talk about. Imagine that.

Thank you all SO much for the kind words on our name choices. We love our Knox & Sloane :)

  • This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. I've have fought a battle with this and though it's not been easy and pain-free, so far, I'm coming out ahead. I know many, many women who face infertility issues. It truly breaks my heart because I know what yearning to be a parent feels like. I will pray for those I know and those I do not know. Not to sound like a broken record, because I know I've said this before, but my parents also faced issues having children. After eleven years, they adopted a baby. Two months after he was born they brought him home. My mom gave birth to me a year to the day later.  My doctor told my mom her chances were one in a million. Never give up hope. According to this site, 1 in 8 women and men are diagnosed with infertility. You can read more here
  • Friday is National SIDS awareness day. SIDS is the #1 cause of death in infants between one month and one year of age. I posted about baby Maddie a while back and I simply cannot imagine. I can relate to losing a child, but it's still quite a different situation. Spring for SIDS is set up to spread the word, fundraiser, etc. You can read more here.
  • I was emailed about a girl named Sarah who is 27 and has Luekemia. She is 27 years old and is going to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Along with prayers, the family is hoping for blood donations. This can be done at Carter Blood Care, which I believe are all over the DFW area. If you are able or chose to do this, they ask you donate to the name of Sarah Mehringer. I add her button on my right sidebar.
    • My sweet husband brought me home pretty flowers Monday :)  It's ridiculous how mushy my thoughts are about how much I love him.
    • We went and saw Scream 4 last night. I thought it was actually better than I expected. It definitely doesn't beat the original, but it was fun to watch. At times, it was a bit to bloody for my liking. I'm pretty quick to turn my head, though.
    • We also watched the premiere of The Voice. We both really liked it! I love all the judges. Cee Lo is my favorite. I've loved him since high school. 
    • We have sorts of little sweet Cohen things around the house. I'm not sure I ever posted about this candle and the package from Paris and Germany that came with it, but I will. My sweet friend, Suzanne, picked it up and had it blessed at the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was the candle with lit  on the official day for pregnancy and infant loss and I think we will do so every year.
      • I discovered a new salad dressing and it's excellent. It's in the fresh food section (by salads) at Super Walmart. Target is much more convenient for us now, but my sister-in-law had it and I loved it. So, Brent and I went and got some :) I also like the fact that it's natural. 
      • Speaking of food, I'm also still stuck on my cilantro. I eat these as a snack. It's corn tortillas, sour cream, cheese, salsa & cilantro. 
      • I thank God all the time for the twins having healthy hearts. 
      • My mom loves buying little treats and such. She brought these over this weekend. I thought they were pretty cute. I kept thinking about how I didn't need to consume them, but they sure would be cute for a party, haha.
      • Brent and I stay up too late. It seems like every day we talk about trying to go to sleep earlier. It's not that we aren't in bed either. We just can't fall asleep.
      • Before bed, I've been trying to get back to the towelettes. I used them most of last summer  (in hospital and out) and I figure I will want to in the near future. Sometimes I just don't feel like standing to wash my face, haha. Obviously I don't pass up brushing my teeth. Since I am for natural products, there are two I've been trying. I like the Korres. The Say Yes to Cucumbers I just got, but I'm alternating and so far I like them. If the SYTC works well, I'll probably stick to them because I can get them at Target or Walmart. The Korres I got at Sephora. Here they on Amazon.
      • I want to do recaps from several events soon. I need to get the pics and get them uploaded. These things include meeting Chloe, Easter, one of Kristen's showers and our nieces birthdays.
      • I was in the top 20 for the Hopsout video interviews! I think I was #16. I'm waiting to hear more details for the final process. I sure hope to make the top five that get hired. That does involve me making another video for the company to evaluate. Thank you so much if you voted or said a prayer for me & my video :)
      • We've gotten some adorable mail lately. Mr. Connor blessed us with his Easter card and Miss Zoe's announcement it so sweet! I've also gotten some sweet twin cards lately, too :)

      I hope you all are having a good week :)

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      Names :)

      It's time to share the names :)

      We've known them for a while, but we are still working on the full names. I just couldn't hold it in any longer. So, I randomly picked today to post them.

      We actually picked out baby girl's name last summer. We decided if we ever had a little girl, we knew her name. Our boy name was on our list while deciding on Cohen's name last year, but this time we still debated between it and another for a bit.

      Though we do know what we are going to call them, we've not exactly decided on middle and/or first names. Well, I'm pretty sure we have for baby boy, but we have not for baby girl.

      I know, I've already posted these, but I love them. Here are our most recent pics of their sweet faces :)

      Here is my most recent pic with them. The picture I posted in my 20 week post was taken with my iPhone and it didn't really fit well next to my comparison. So, I took one in my alittletootight Easter dress over the weekend in the same ole stance and place....

      As seen above, baby A is baby girl and baby B is baby boy. The doctor said this is determined by who is closer to the cervix. He said this could change, but probably will not.

      Since A comes before B... and ladies come first....

      Baby girl's name is.....

      Baby boy's name is....

      Our sweet twinkies will be Knox & Sloane :)

      I love their names.

      Honestly, we came up with Sloane came from Entourage. We've been watching it since it started, six years ago, and every season it seemed we would talk about the name Sloane. For those who don't watch, it's one of the actresses name in the show. As I mentioned above, last summer when we were watching it, we decide the name would be at the top of our list of girl names :)

      We just really like the name Knox. I haven't a clue where either of us heard it first. I went to high school with a guy and Knox was his last name. We visit Dallas a lot and frequent Knox/Henderson area, haha. It was on our boy list when picking with Cohen, but ultimately, we decided Cohen should be Cohen. It fit perfectly. Now, his brother will be Knox :)

      How cute are their first personalized gowns? I LOVE them! SheSheMade made them. I've had them for weeks and I've been so anxious to share. When they arrived, I might have shed some tears seeing their name for the first time on something. Hormones.

      From the practice I've had, I think gowns will be a blessing when the twins are young, not walking yet and having lots of diaper changes :) I'll probably be stocking up.

      We've definitely heard of kiddos/adults with both names (prior to and after deciding), but we don't mind. It's simply inevitable to go your whole life without having the same name as someone. Of course I hope the names don't become as popular that the majority of their school class would have it in common, haha.

      I will post the rest of their names as soon as we decide all of Sloane's. Knox's first name is shared throughout all sides of our family.

      :) :)



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      I hope that you all had a good weekend and happy Easter :)

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      Happy Easter :)



      Your questions....answered :)

      {THANK YOU for all the kind words on my post yesterday! Also, thanks so much for the voting support for my hopscout editor video interview. If you want to vote, you can here. For those who have asked, you can only vote once PER VIDEO. They extended the voting deadline to Monday!}

      Over the past few weeks I've had lots of questions I need to respond to :)

      If you ask a question in your comment, sometimes I can reply via email, but your settings in blogger must be set that way with your email address. Directions here. Some of these questions have come via email and some via comments. If I've not posted & answered your question, let me know in a comment or email and I'll respond!

      When will you announce the twins' names?
      TUESDAY :)

      Where is the shirt/dress you have on from (in prego mego 20 week post)?
      It was labeled as a tunic :) I'm short! haha. It's from oldnavy.com. I got it when it was on clearance and during the friends and family sale, so no clue if they still have it.

      Are the twins fraternal or identical? (This was asked MANY times BEFORE I posted the sexes. I didn't answer because I knew that it could give a hint ;)
      They are fraternal. We saw two sacs from the very beginning. 

      Does your doctor do an ultrasound every time?
      Yes, he does. I am SO thankful for this. He does it for every pregnant patient. It really gives you a peace of mine and it's so nice to see those sweet bodies during each visit. Plus, he's pretty good and printing pictures out :)

      Just to throw in my two cents, I wish all doctors would do them every time. Also, I pray they make fetal ECHOs (to look at baby's heart) mandatory during pregnancy. I know there are people lobbying for it. Even the lady doing ours on Thursday, said she thought they should. She has so many babies come in after they're born with issues and then there are some that it's too late once they realize they have them after delivery :(

      Does your doctor do 3/d and or 4/d every time?
      He occasionally changes the view while he's looking. If the babies are at a good angle and he knows Brent and I would be able to see them better, he will switch it over. He enjoys letting us see their face, feet, parts, etc. It varies which pics he prints. 

      Where did you get the letters? (Gender reveal post)
      I got them from Hobby Lobby! They are ceramic and come in pink, green & black. After going to several stores, I finally asked someone, and they do not make a 'Y' in pink nor green. So, my hunt for a 'Y' finally ended at the THIRD store. I bought a black 'Y' and spray painted 'BOY' blue with Krylon short cuts in turquoise. They looked like this before...

      Where are the gumballs from? (Elephant baby shower post)
      I believe Sam's!

      Is it just fabric you bought and used with a blue tablecloth, or what?? (Elephant baby shower post)
      It is fabric, but I think it was seamed off to be a runner on one table cloth and table on the other. My friend, Jennifer, use to own a store so she has some fabulous items like so.

      Where is the metal branch tree from? (In two posts - baby shower & baby shower)
      Jen (see above) got it at a local flower shop. There isn't a brand on it. I would maybe do some Googling and see if you can find something similar.

      I am throwing a baby shower at the end of the month and love the rattle headband your friend was wearing. Did she purchase that somewhere or did one of the hostesses make it? (Elephant baby shower post)
      Jen made the headband! She used two styrofoam balls (one big & one small), a wooden stick, paint, a wide headband & lots of ribbon!

      How do you get so many pictures in one post and what do you use to combine pictures into one? (picture collages and such)
      I use Picasa and I have a version of it on my desktop.

      Love that jump drive! Where did your MIL get it? (this post)
      Not sure where she got it and she is out of town or I would ask. Here is the post where she posted them. If you Google "pink lipstick USB drive" you will see some options to order I believe!

      Where did you get those cute little cupcake boxes? I love them! (this post)
      I got them from Garnish! I bought a coupon on GroopDealz and was able to buy lots of fun items.

      Where did you get that napkin holder!? (I can't remember which post this question was asked, but I've posted a picture of it several times more than likely. It's the one seen in this post.)
      The napkin holder is Mariposa. You can get all kinds of weights. They make different ones each year. I got it at a local boutique years ago. You can find it on Amazon here.

      I was wondering where you got the picture of Elton that is on your mantel. I have 2 dogs and I would love to get one made. (seen in several posts, but most recently, here.)
      My mother-in-law did it. She took a picture of Elton that we had and created the Warhol appearance (in photoshop) and had it printed on a canvas. She is busy being a super photographer, so I refer all the inquiries to Diamond Doll Designs! She makes them, too!
      How did you guys make the "twins" shirt? (this post)
      We picked material. Lindsey printed out the letters on paper and cut around them so we would have them for fabric. Then, placed them on the fabric of choice for each letter and cut the letters out. We used an iron on backing. So then, take the letters and trace them on the iron on backing paper and then cut them out of that. I think they may stick on material before ironing on? Finally, iron on :) You can also sew around to keep them on. If you don't, and you wash the shirt, they will more then likely ruffle up.

      I couldn't really find any shirts that I liked that said 'twins' on the internet. I knew I could probably have someone custom make it, but I wasn't sure how soon I wanted it. So, thankfully Lindsey was ready and willing to help/do!

      How do you and your friends come up with ideas and themes for baby showers?
      More than likely, I can answer for all by saying, the internet. It's a haven of cute ideas and themes! If you Google - "baby shower" "themes" "legos" (for theme example) "blog"...anything like this or with a combination of words, give or take, you are bound to find some cute ideas. You can pretty much do anything on a budget as well. It takes some searching and price shopping, but I think just about any theme and idea can be what you want and/or need it to be! The most recent baby showers I've posted about are here, here and here. I helped with the first two.

      Hope this helps :) I will try to always answer your questions!

      Don't forget check out this weeks giveaway and discounts here.



      Prego Mego - 20 weeks

      Real quick - if you haven't voted for my Hopscount Millionaire Mom interview video, and would like to, go here :) I would greatly appreciate it!

      First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for the kind words (comments, tweets, facebook, texts, etc.) yesterday. We are just beyond happy that the twins' hearts look great and you all are bring us many smiles! Brent and I both read all the comments & tweets.

      It seems like we were waiting an eternity on the cardiologist appointment. The more I think about it now, I don't think I was worried. I was just so ready. I knew I would find peace no matter what the results and outcome would be. I will thank God every day for the hearts in my life.

      To read more about the cardiologist appointment, I posted details here.

      When I got home from work yesterday, my parents had put some pretty roses in our kitchen :)

      I've been pretty emotional this week. I sit and think, I really have two babies in my belly and I have a child in heaven. The first half of the week, I was hoping and praying for the twins' hearts. Now, my heart is so full because their hearts are okay. I talk to them and I rub on them. I tell them about Cohen. They kick to music, like Cohen did.

      We went to the OB this morning and got to see the babies :) They are both weighing it at 12 ounces. Baby boy is in the 48th percentile and baby girl is a little bit more chubby and in the 69th percentile :) Everything looked great.

      We got pics of baby boy today...

      We are a little over half way there to meeting the twins!

      Some of the comments on last weekends post cracked me up. I guess sometimes I do do too much. However, some days, I don't do much of anything on my feet. The past few weeks, I have definitely been doing more, but I have been feeling a lot better. I mean there were weeks and maybe even months, where I couldn't physically bear to do much of anything at all. I know the feel good stage is coming to an end (because I feel it doing so), so I'm just trying to do what I can now. I still take it easy and of course I try to be good at listening to my body.

      I'm feeling some stretching and pulling. It's also getting pretty difficult to lean over without pain. This is all to be expected.

      The amount of, "oh goodness, you are having a baby soon!" or "looks like you won't be working on your feet much longer" or "are you having your baby any day?" sometimes still make me giggle. I think Brent and a few of my friends have even heard some of the comments lately. I typically say "oh, I'm due in September." I give their face a second to shock and then I say, "but there are two babies!" :) I would say 99% of the time they ask if it's my first child. I often wonder if those people will ever ask anyone else that question again ;) I tell them briefly about Cohen. I don't get sad to tell anyone anymore, which is nice. He's my child just as the twins are. It seems my main goal is not to make them feel bad for asking. I had my first baby, a little boy, last summer. He had congenital heart defects and was only able to be here with us for 12 days.

      The twins are on top of my bladder without a doubt. The pressure I feel with the urge to tinkle, but now tinkle, is unbelievable.

      The shower is a tricky place.

      They got some adorable socks in the mail this week from their aunt Amy! They are sooo cute!

      I still feel like my memory is doing relatively well, but sometimes I just can't think straight. For instance, I don't proof read posts very closely before posting and get somewhat embarrassed at the mistakes I find once they are posted.

      The TV being loud annoys me, greatly.

      No, I don't post about all the not-so-fun and/or pretty pregnancy related topics. I figure you don't really want to know much about those.

      The twins received their first Easter card from Nina :) So sweet of her!

      A few weeks ago, I found baby boy a fun little onesie on Zulily. A few days later, I saw a similar one in red, but with heart shades on clearance at the gap. It was clearly for a baby girl. I think it also has ruffle around the sleeve. I think total they were only like $15! I'm really trying to watch my budget on clothing. It's all SO cute. I really like buying both boy and girl, but it could easily break the bank. I'm loving sites like Zulily & Totsy to find cute stuff and good deals. I have to watch myself with those, too. I can find something I like daily.

      I've been searching for someone local that makes crib bedding. I suppose I don't mind sending it off, but I just don't know about shipping costs and such all of it. I've ordered one swatch (which I LOVE) and I still have a few others to pick out. I know their is a place here in town that offers twin discounts, but I think it's just based on the companies they use. do you all know of anyone on Etsy that makes with the material I pick? I really need to know the amount of each fabric I need as well.

      Ever since my doctor said I would more than likely only gain about a pound a week from now on, I feel more careful about what I eat. Before two weeks ago, I didn't have much of an appetite. I was a little worried about not getting as many calories as I thought I was supposed to. I probably shouldn't have cared. I think I caught up in two weeks! This week I've been craving corn tortillas and cilantro. I LOVE cilantro.

      I have gotten nauseous a handful of times after I've eaten this week. Random.

      This probably isn't really prego mego related, but close enough :) Last night we watched our nieces and nephew for a bit. Beaux was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to be cuddled by Brent. I think my belly is starting to scare him, not to mention I think he gets annoyed I can't lift him. Their cuddle time melted my heart. If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen all of these already.

      Here we are today..... (sorry we had a lot going on so I had brent snap these with iphone)

      Here is the comparison....

      Hope you have a Good Friday!


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