Midweek Randoms

Technically, I suppose it's closer to the end of the week. YAY.

  • We had a good doctor's appointment this morning, which I will talk about in Prego Mego tomorrow :)
  • My mom made banana bread this week and I love it. My food intake has definitely been better the past two weeks! My prego friend and doctor both did/are getting loaves today. I posted the recipe a while back here.
  • I big puffy heart Zulily . I ordered these adorable gender neutral onesies and they arrived this week. They organic and oh-so soft. Even better, they have an Elton on them....
  • I've stayed super busy this week with the Heart Walk stuff. I'm excited for Saturday but curious if it's going to make me sad. I just love how the shirts turned out. 
  •  Someone sent their money in this. I thought it was pretty cute.. 
  • Speaking of cute, um most definitely this guy. I love that I'm never home alone...
  • Yay for being able to park a little closer even only if it's at Babies R Us. Since I've felt a bit better the past two weeks, I'm going to try to hold off on the handicap parking sticker a little longer...
  • Kristen gave me this beautiful orchid for hosting her shower. I love orchids. Hopefully I can keep it alive!
  • I like Pia on American Idol. I also loved her dress last night!
  • Last week it was sunny and warm, sometimes hot, almost every day. This week, cold and misty, almost every day. I think we even hit freezing this morning. I'm ready for warm, not hot, and sunny with no mist! I say that now, but I'll probably be miserable once it gets hot, haha. 
  • I can't believe tomorrow starts the month of April. April is a big month as we will find out the twins hopefully have healthy hearts. 
  • We have a few friends coming in town for the Heart Walk and I'm super excited to see them! Hopefully they overlook my wreck-of-a-house. 
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Twin Language ?

Real quick - Thanks for all the comments on the elephant baby shower!!! If you asked questions or sent emails I will try to get back with you soon. I've been swamped with this heart walk t-shirt process, haha. It's fun, but man, I don't think I could be in the delivery or shipping business!

I'll prob do a post where I answer some questions soon...on various things. I've gotten lots of emails with same ones so might work best!

You may have already seen this on the internet, or even your news, but several people have sent it to me today! I think it's too cute. Definitely not something I had ever thought about! It's apparent twins definitely have their own language. There were actually two parts to this video. I think this is the second part. I think we will always keep a video camera close by now! Yay for them on our phones, too.

We get to see our twinkies tomorrow :)

Happy Wednesday!

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Showered with Elephants..Baby Shower!

One of my friends, Kristen, is pregnant with her fist baby boy. In the past few weeks, she has had a few showers and they've been adorable. I helped host one for her this past weekend. I'm going to share it's adorableness with you now and I'll post some pics from the other shower soon.

Kristen is using an elephant theme for baby Saxon so we focused the shower a lot on that. I must admit, I didn't do much to help as I've been feeling pretty rotten the weeks leading up. I did the flower arrangements, cookies & picked out some of the little gifts. Jennifer hosted at her beautiful new home. She pretty much moved in the day before the shower! 

{yes, I edited out all of the personal info.}

The parents-to-be

I had no clue Jen & Tallee put the ball, stand & elephant together. They created it on their on. They just started out with a stuffed elephant and painted the other two parts. Crafty!

Jen made these chocolates!

Kristen with the hostesses...

The flower prams...

The girls that hosted got Judd and Kristen each a goodie basket of baby and parent things along with the goodies hanging from "the" tree :)

Top picture is Kristen with her mom and sister, who is also expecting!


opening gifts!

We had a few sweet babies join us. Blythe up top and Braxton down below...

The food spread before the meat was out...

 I was pretty tickled every liked my cookies :)

Baby Saxon should be arriving in the next week or so!
I love showers.


Giveaway Monday!

Giveaway closed! Thanks for entering :)

I hope that you all had a good weekend!

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Weekend & Links to Reference

Last Thursday, I did a post about 'crafty inspiration' that included ideas and pictures. I had a few people that left comments and emailed asking where I found the pictures and projects. I try to be pretty good about putting links to where I get pictures and information. However, I totally understand how one might now realize that. There was a while that I didn't when I started reading blogs.

I try to always site the source for a picture or idea if I find it on another website. I typically put a link below the picture. I like for links to be in bright blue, but blogger doesn't always allow that. So, sometimes it's a different color or no color at all, therefore staying black. I also make links to previous posts that I have done because I often refer back to things I have already talked about. Instead of repeating in detail, I'll just provide the link if you want to reference back to read. Finally, the third thing I'll usually try to link to is the site in which I've purchased something. Amazon is kind of my go-to. I feel like I can find anything there. So if I buy something and talk about it (no one asked me to), I will include a link so you can read more about the product if you have more questions beyond what I've said.

It wasn't just the one post that had me wondering if people knew about in-text links. I often get emails with questions when I provided a link for the information. I totally don't mind those, but I just thought this could help!

I'll show you examples now :) The examples are screen shots (pictures) so you can't click the links in them, but I have written on them in purple to explain.

{Screenshot 1}

{Screenshot 2}

{Screenshot 3}

Now, I thought I'd post a few pics from our weekend :) We we pretty busy yesterday, but I've not gotten out of bed today. My stamina is obviously lacking for multiple days in a row.

Friday, Brent played a little golf with our nephew. Cute stuff...


From late Thursday night to Saturday afternoon, this is what our island looked like. There were 57 cookies from the second batch of these. They were a hit.

Brent and I went and got my pregnancy pillow yesterday. We browsed Babies R Us for a bit. Yes, lots of "we will probably need two of these and two of those," haha. It was hard for me to agree to buy this pillow because it's price tag. It was about $65. Brent reminded me how it could help and how much longer I have to go. The exciting part is that last night one of my friends reminded me she had this same one that I could use! I knew someone had mentioned it, but I couldn't remember who or if it was a dream. So luckily, we can probably take this baby back.

Along with making the cookies for the baby shower I helped host, I also made a few flower arrangements. I love flowers and these were fun. I'll post more pics soon.

Here are me and the twinkies before heading to the shower...

 Here is the mom-to-be, Kristen...

Brent and myself...

The shower turned out SO cute. I will post all of the pics soon!



Prego Mego - 16 weeks

I had several people comment or email asking where I found the pics/sites on my post yesterday. There are links underneath all the pics. I may do a post on reference links tomorrow :)

So, I'm 16 weeks pregnant today with the twins :)

I must say, I've felt a LOT better this week than I did last. My pressure pains have decreased a great deal, thankfully. There is no telling how long it will last, but I'm definitely enjoying it and trying to get a few things done while I can be up on my feet a little longer!

Since I've been up and at it a little more, I've seen more people. It never occurred to me how many people (that don't know me) would ask if this was my first "babies".... They start out by asking when I'm due. I tell them. Once they show that look of 'wow you're big' on their face, I quickly say there are two :) Then, they always, always say "are they your first?" At first it took me by surprise. I don't know why. I got asked last time as well. However, it happened four times this week. Four. The checker at Target, Orange Leaf, a new client, etc. My response? No, I had a baby boy last summer who went to heaven. He had congenital heart defects and was only able to be here with us for 12 days. I'm use to saying it now. In some way, I have obviously had to come to terms with the situation. It doesn't hurt to say it quite like it use to. People probably feel bad for asking, but I hope they all go home and Google congenital heart defects.

I think I'm having a hormone surge this morning. I woke up starving; like needing crackers in bed starving. I also had a pretty kicking headache. My nails look like they grew 2 inches each over night. I think I can actually feel my stomach stretching out as we speak. It's so bizarre.

My appetite seems to have been a bit better this week. Though they probably aren't the healthiest option, these cookies probably had something to do with it. I'm still on a big berry kick.

There is one place I like chicken from. I've had the chicken parmesan from this twice this week. I've got to get protein where I can, I suppose.

I'm assuming this is heartburn, but my chest has been hurting after meals, when laying down, etc. Not all the time, but sometimes. When I pull my shoulders closer in the back, it eases up some.

I'm SO ready to see the babies again! Though we were there last Wednesday, it feels like it's been forever. Since we were checking things out from my pain, I didn't get pics :( Hopefully I'll get some new good pics when we go next Thursday.

I'm ready to be able to feel them moving around lots.

Hopefully the babies are prepared for lots of pics when they come out. We've given them some good practice so far...

My water intake is funny. I mean there really can't be many moments where I'm not drinking water in order to consume the amount I should. I'm liking my Bobble water bottle, but still really adjusting to the slower out pour. Babycenter.com even recommends 128 ounces of water per day and 600 extra calories. Woozers. Some of my books even say 1000 calories.

Speaking of babycenter.com, the size of my baby this week is about that of an avocado. It doesn't really say if with twins it's two avocados or a little less. That's a question for my doctor next week. In case you are interested in seeing what they look like in the womb  (no, not real babies & body), I'll show an image below from babycenter.com. If you don't, keep on scrollin'.

We are going to get a pregnancy pillow this weekend! Poor Brent, every night in bed he says "let's go get you that pregnancy pillow soon." I think my wiggling may get a bit annoying. NINE pillows, people. Nine. There may need to be a picture taken of this.

Well, here I am today.

I feel like I'm looking large. Most of my shirts are getting too short : / So, I guess that is kind of my proof, haha.

Here is the side by side from now and  16 weeks when I was pregnant with Cohen..

No big difference, huh? haha

Happy Friday :)


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