WOW. That’s my first thought for this year, but not the only.

A year ago today I got confirmation, via blood test, that I was pregnant! Talk about a wonderful Christmas present (after peeing on a stick Christmas eve) and perfect way to ring in the new year!

First of all, I cannot believe a year has gone by. It seems like we were JUST in NOLA for the Sugar Bowl and I was celebrating my 27th birthday. I was walking the streets of New Orleans, pregnant. I was quite achy and quickly puffy, but had no idea what was in store. The day after we returned home, and two days after my birthday, we found out we were expecting two babies to arrive in 2011.

How did I manage not to blog about the pregnancy until March? I was so tickled when I read everyone’s comments when I shared that we were having twins! I couldn’t believe 630 people actually read my blog in order to comment and I just sobbed at how loved I felt from so many people that I really don’t ‘know.’

I get emotional trying to think of what I want to say about this year….in this post. Parts of me are still in shock, but if you knew the amount of times a day that I think to myself “Thank you, God” then perhaps the word “thankful” best describes how I feel about 2011.

I’m so thankful that I became pregnant.

I’m so thankful that we found out there were two sacs.

I’m so thankful both sacs both developed heartbeats.

I’m so thankful that we participated in our local Heart Walk in memory of Cohen and thankful that so many came to support us. 

I’m so thankful that we found out at twenty weeks that both babies were healthy with healthy hearts.

I’m so thankful that I never went into early labor after my trip to the hospital at 24 weeks.

I’m so thankful that many of my best friends delivered healthy babies this year.

I’m so thankful that Cohen’s first birthday actually brought me smiles along with tears.

I’m so thankful that I have an amazing husband who is the father I knew he would be.

I’m so thankful we have family & friends that have supported us throughout this journey.

I’m so thankful to have had this blogging community that has also provided support in many ways.

I’m so thankful Knox & Sloane were born through an easy delivery and we left the hospital.

We all left the hospital. All healthy.

I’m so thankful Brent got a new job that he loves.

I’m so thankful that I adjusted to mommyhood quite well…after a little new parent anxiety.

I’m so thankful that we figured out a way for me to stay at home with Knox & Sloane.

I’m so thankful we sold our house quickly and found another that is a great fit for us.

I’m so thankful Knox & Sloane have all their grandparents close by.

I’m so thankful that He gave me THIS life.

I’m so thankful I wake up every morning.

I’ve blogged about this before, here, but starting out this year I was so excited, but so scared. It wasn’t our normal to come home from the hospital with our baby. My initial thoughts, along with being thankful I was pregnant, was to be worried of the issues we may possibly face. It was, once again, a too-good-to-be-true feeling. However, I knew that we good deal with whatever came our way, considering, and God truly had a plan. When we got confirmation that Knox & Sloane had healthy hearts I felt like I could breath. I think I knew their hearts were fine, but it gave me such peace. My next battle of fears was the delivery, hospital and bringing them home. It all happened quite smoothly. So thankful.

I’m trying not to live in fear anymore. I know I have, but I think after our experience with Cohen it’s probably not abnormal. When it’s time, it’s time. His plan is His plan. I want Knox & Sloane to live healthy and happy lives and we will do everything in our power do our part. I know we are not in complete control. I’m thankful that 2011 brought Knox & Sloane to us just fourteen short months after our angel, and their brother, left us.

Yes, I still think, “Wow, I have two babies in my arms!” I am SO thankful for 2011.

{picture taken yesterday 12.30.11}

This next week I may do a few more posts about 2011.  I’ve seen a few people do a recap of their favorite posts and that looked fun. I still have some precious Christmas pictures to share as well.

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!



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    Happy New Year! And yes, it's normal for you to be afraid, but you also know that it's ultimately not in your hands and that's what's important. I look forward to watching your sweet babies grow and change in 2012.

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    I always read your blog but I hardly ever comment. I am so sorry that I don't comment. But I have to say you look amazing for having twins! I am SOOOO happy for you and I just think you are an amazing person. I pray that 2012 will be a great year for your family.

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    I remember reading your post when you announced your pregnancy with the twins. I cried tears of joy for you because I knew that you were going to finally be able to bring home healthy babies. I just had a feeling that everything would be great!
    The babies are precious! I cannot imagine having TWO to love – I think my heart would explode!

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    Yes what a wonderful year for you guys! I am so happy that you have so much to celebrate…and although it isn't ever "complete" without Cohen here…it is so good to see you all so happy!!
    Many blessings for 2012!!

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    Happy New Year, Megan! And thank you for letting all of us "share" in your wonderful journey. You are quite an inspiration to many of us.

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    You are precious, your hubs is precious, and your ADORABLE twins are precious! Happy New Year to y'all! You have been sooooooooooo blessed (Cohen and these beautiful twins)……………much heartache and so much joy! Prayerfully only joy from this day forward!

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    Happy New Year! I love this post. You have definitely been on a journey and what a blessing to have two little babies in your arms! I have to tell you that I love how positive you are. I started reading before you were even pregnant with Cohen and I've been so amazed at what a strong person you are and how your positivity shines through even at the worst of times.

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    Happy New Years, Megan! You guys have deserved to have a better year! You two are the bravest and most amazing people I know! You're my heroes! I'm so glad Knox and Sloane are doing so well, and have filled your life with all the joy you deserve. I hope 2012 continues to bring great and wonderful things to you all. Tons of love to you, Brent, Knox, Sloane, Elton and of course your sweet little Cohen!

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    You are fake. Your blog is fake. Please don't make everything appear so perfect. It's what people want to hear but your blog lacks substance. All you blog about is your two PERFECT little ANGELS! Blah blah blah say whatever you want but it's absolutely disgusting that people care to read this shit. Now go and complain to twitter and your cult followers on your blog so they can kiss your ass because let's face it, that's what you will do…

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    This post made me tear up. It's amazing how I have never met and I can still feel so much joy for you. Reading the news that you were pregnant was a very exciting moment! And to see those precious little faces the day they were born was even more exciting! Here is hoping you guys have another great year filled with lots more blessings! Ps you look great!

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    It's so funny to feel such a connection to people we don't know – through the "blogging community." I don't really "know" you, although we have a mutual friend. I've read your blog / followed your twitter since you were pregnant with sweet Cohen. After reading this post and the recaps of events this year I feel such great pride/joy/excitement for you and Brent and your little family. You've come so far and experienced so much – you're such an inspiration to so many people, especially people you don't even know :)

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    I'm not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I am glad I did! Please like the facebook for I Love Liam Lyon and see if you can offer any advice about Texas Children's to the family. Thanks so much and Happy New Year!!

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    Aww, sweet, sweet picture with your babes! Happy New Year to you 4 and I thought of you this weekend when I made a salted caramel pretzel bark…YUM! It might have overtaken my love for the saltine recipe that you got me addicted too!

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