Wish list for the house….

part 1?

So along with a new house, it’s natural to want some new things. The things we have now are great and they fit into our old home very nicely. However, I’m having a harder time finding the ‘right’ place for them in this home. That has led me to browsing. I should be looking for ideas, but so far, I’ve just been looking a pieces. I may get some of these things. I may not. I may wait a year before buying anything. I have no idea. Our main focus right now is getting the nursery, attic & kitchen complete!

I just thought it would be fun to share some things I have my eye on :)

{Settee from Ballard Designs}

{Chevron rug from Wayfair}

{Club chair from Wayfair}

{Kids’ play table from Land of Nod}

A few people have asked me about the babies’ cribs (seen here.) They are also from Wayfair, here. Wayfair has TONS of stuff. It’s formerly CSN. The nursery chandelier is also from Wayfair.

So, the list is much longer, but those are a few things. Maybe next I’ll actually find some ideas and post them. I should start pinning, yes? Perhaps, I should unpack first, maybe?

We will see!

Oh, I also want to find a tall Christmas tree on sale. Have you all seen any good ones? Tall, like twelve feet, maybe.

Happy whatdayisit? Wednesday!

Thanks for the sweet comments yesterday :)


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    My friend got her Christmas tree right after Christmas at Cohlmias or something on major sale! and it's huge! I love all the furniture you blogged! Wouldn't it nice to just purchase whatever furniture we wanted when we wanted it?! I have my eye on a table right now but no idea where id even put it! haha!

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    Check Frontgate for a tree after Christmas. They are the best ever, beautiful, last forever, pre lit and the time to buy is now when they are on sale. We have had ours for 6 years and still looks as good as the day we bought it, plus everyone comments on how real it looks.

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    I love your wish list!!! Buying a new home brings out all sorts of brainstorming projects. I definetly recommend Pinterest! It helps collect all the ideas you find on line and pins all those great ideas from the home decor bloggers. Have fun!!!

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    Thanks for posting where you got the cribs for your precious little ones. I was just shopping for a combo dresser and Wayfair has exactly what I was looking for at an awesome price!

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    Do you have an ikea by you? We just bought a small Play table and chairs there! I love Land of Nod but… I couldn't bring myself to pay the amt of money some of their fab pieces cost.

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    Coming from someone who bought things for a new house BEFORE we moved into said house…live in your new house a while before shopping for new things and just like you mentioned, take your time with decorating. I sooo wish I had.

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