Twin Treats :) 17-19 weeks :)

So between moving and Christmas I got a little behind on the weekly “twin treats” post. Today, Knox & Sloane are 19 weeks old!

Their first Christmas was AMAZING! We loved every second of it. I still haven’t posted all my recaps from it so I’ll plan to do that next week!

They are SO FUNNY! They are really starting to jabber, make noises, giggle lots and melt our hearts non-stop. Seriously, we can’t get enough of them.

They are holding hands lots and grabbing onto one another.  

Knox likes to pretend he is going to bit you when you give him kisses, but he doesn’t.

Sloaney is fighting craddle cap and it’s so sad. I’ve tried several things and while it gets better for a day or so, it returns quickly.

Knox’s cheeks are getting red after he nurses. I think it’s just him rubbing around. 

Sloane found her feet. She is constantly pulling on them and lifting her legs up.

They are both sucking on their hands lots. Sloane will still take her paci, but seems to think it’s more fun to put it in and out of her mouth than to actually suck on it.

Knox is drooling big time. Some days he has more than others, but I think he is starting to play with it and blow spit bubbles and giggle.

We still haven’t moved them into their own cribs yet : / The nursery is taking a big longer to do than we had anticipated. Turns out all this lovely dark wood in our house isn’t too easy to paint when it comes to the baseboards. Our goal is to start the no-swaddle, own crib, new nursery this next week/weekend.

They are both rolling over from belly to back! Sloane actually did this twice on Christmas morning and she hadn’t done it in a week or two. Since Christmas, she is doing it lots every day. Knox is starting to roll over onto his side so I bet he goes from back to belly soon.

Knox is so feisty when he is on his tummy and back. He puts on a big smile and a show! He will scoot all around and check to see if we are watching him.

We think when one gets praise the other one is wanting some.

They are still in size two diapers. We still think Pampers work best for us, but I am trying not to waste and use the Huggies we have during the day.

Their hair is starting to grow! Not quickly, but it’s coming. Knox’s is still pretty dark and Sloane’s is more like with some auburn in it.

They are still sleeping well during the night and during naps.

We all love bath & bedtime. You will have to excuse how extremely awesome I usually look at that point, haha.

They love playing on their activity gym. They are both reaching up and grabbing and pulling on the toys.

A lot of the pictures from the past few weeks I have already posted in other posts. I THINK the ones below I have not. I also have some others I’ll post in the Christmas posts. I like to take their pictures. I have LOVED looking back on them all since they were born!

These first two collages are from yesterday 😉


Sloane with her uncle, Brian.

Happy Friday!



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    I mean, I just can't believe Elton isn't in any of these pictures…goshhhhh

    I LOVE their rolls. I want to just squeeze them! adorable.

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    I'm sure you've heard of everything and tried everything already for cradle cap – but Bella Bees Cradle Cap Shampoo worked for my son. In fact we've kept using it because I like how his hair looks after we use it. I bought mine from Amazon – $7.99 for a big bottle that will last forever.

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    I don't know how often you hear this, but I am blessed by your twin treats posts. my Hannah is four weeks younger than Knox and Sloane and it is so helpful to have an idea when she will do or experience things

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    Your babies are preciou!. I had an awful time with cradle cap with my baby. Try getting a baby comb and scraping backwards to kind of lift up the cradle cap. It's sounds more harsh than it is. Connor never even knew anything was going on. I did it during bath time so his head would be wet. Like I said, this was the only thing that worked and after doing it twice I think the cradle cap was gone and never came back. Hope this helps!

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    Both babies are so adorable!

    For the cradle cap, try extra virgin olive oil… rub a tiny bit on her scalp, massage with a soft bristle brush for a couple minutes, let sit and then wash out at bathtime.


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    Your babies are so gorgeous and both getting so big. They are definitly happy babies with great parents. Thank you for sharing their progress with us. My little guy is 7 weeks younger and I like seeing if he is doing the same things! Happy New Year to you and yours.

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    The babies are just gorgeous! I love their little rolls :-)

    I also used Extra Virgin Olive Oil as described in a comment above for my second son's cradle cap, and it worked wonderfully!

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    I LOVE LOVE the twin treats! They are so juicy and oh my at the big blue eyes!! Hope you 4 are enjoying every minute! (oops did I say 4? I DID NOT mean to leave out Elton :)) Have a great new year!

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    So sweet, thank you for sharing! Even though my baby is 3 months older than yours, seeing their sweet little faces *almost* makes me want another one, sooner rather than later!

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    My son's cradle cap lasted for forever. I think he was at least 18 months before it finally stopped coming back. Hope Sloane's goes away fast!! It never seemed to bother him, I just thought it was so nasty. Ha!

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    Your babies are absolutely adorable! Sloane has the most beautiful eyes ever, just like her mommy!! Looks like Knox (i think its him) is getting ready to pull himself up on all fours.

    LOVE seeing the updates! They grow so quickly

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    My little man is 2 days older than Knox and Sloane. We battled cradle cap for a while. I finally started using head and shoulders per the pediatricians recommendation. It helped but didn't totally get rid of it. On our 4 month well visit, our pediatrician said not to bathe him with soap but once a week, but that a warm water bath is great. It seems like a long time for not using soap, but I have tried to bathe him every other day and use soap every other tubby. I have seen a huge difference. Hope this helps. Happy New Year!

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    Hey Megan :)

    You still look adorable with your little loves after bath time or as we call it, "Baffy time". The twins look so much like you! I used to think more like your husband but now I would say you. Just adorable!! And those eyes so big and blue! Love it! I'm so jealous how well sleep at night is going. I know we'll get there eventually.


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    With my first daughter we tried everything for cradle cap and nothing really worked =( We finally learned she had some food allergies and once I cut those things out of my diet that and her excema cleared up! With my second daughter (she's one week younger than your twins!) I use California Baby calendula cream-it is very thick and comes in a tub. When her cradle cap flares up I rub a little in her hair in the afternoon, then at bathtime I massage it with a soft baby brush and wash her hair. Good luck! I know you will find something that works!

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    We also use Selsum Blue for our little guy's cradle cap (he's one day older than your two). Our ped recommended it, and it worked like a charm! After one wash, we could FEEL how much better it was, and a week later it was gone completely. Such a relief!!

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    I am in love with your babies! They are so adorable. Super cute pics! It looks like you guys enjoy every minute. God Bless, have a Happy New Year.

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    Adorable pics of adorable babies! Your Sloaney sounds like my Tensley with the grabbing of the feet and the in & out of the paci. Now she has started trying to give me her paci. It's pretty cute. :)

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    Hey Megan! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas! The babies are putting on some adorable chubs and you seriously GLOW in every picture i see of you with them! Who know's if you've heard of this cradle cap remedy.. but just in case you haven't, here it is: both of my girls had cradle cap and Abby's was really bad. We tried all the anti-dandruff shampoo's and what not and it never fully got rid of it. What worked for BOTH of the girls, to get rid of it completely was to put a natural oil (for Claira I used baby oil, Abby I used olive oil) and then I massaged the oil with one of those super soft bristle baby brushes (they give them out at the hospital). It only took doing that one time for claira and I did it twice for Abby bc her's was really bad. But from everything I've tried, that treatment, hands down, actually worked, and worked GOOD! Oh, and when I was done massaging and softly scrubbing the scales off I rinsed their heads and washed their hair with adult shampoo bc the baby stuff wasn't strong enough to take out the oil. Good luck! I hope you are well! oh.. it looks like "laura" already commented about the oil and soft bristle brush.. it really is a wonderful remedy and completely gentle on their little heads. Everyone I have ever suggested this to and has tried it, it's worked for! again, good luck!

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    My daughter had TERRIBLE cradle cap when she was a baby and, after trying everything, I finally got rid of it by slathering her scalp with vaseline a couple times a week and putting a cotton hat on her until it all soaked in. Then I'd take the hat off, comb her scalp (not hair, she was a baldy til she was one!) After about a month of that, I cut back to once a week and eventually stopped doing it completely.

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    I have recently started using Paul Mitchell baby don't cry baby shampoo for my daughter's cradle cap as well as lightly scraping it off with the baby comb from the hospital. After just two weeks it is totally gone. Good luck!

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    You may have gotten alot of advice on this, but this is my cure for cradle cap – as prescribed by our pediatrician, and it worked! Use Mustela 2 in 1 hair and body wash and then after the bath slick 2% hydrocortizone cream through the hair and massage into the scalp. I thought the cream would make the hair/head greasy, but after it dried I would just comb through the hair and it was good as new. I saw improvement in just a couple days and soon after was completely gone! I know you like to use all natural products, as do I, but I felt I had to do something for the cradle cap. Even though it's harmless, I couldn't look at it any longer. Good luck

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