Santa Love!

I posted a peek from our visit to meet Santa here. That is the picture Mrs.Claus took. The ones below I took. Knox & Sloane did great! We went on December 9th and we were a bit nervous as we didn’t know how long the line would be or if they would cry. There was no line and no tears! We ate lunch right after and they did well there, too. It was a fun outing.

I’ve determined they smile when I take pictures with my phone because they can still see my face. They don’t smile when I’m behind the bigger camera :( I gather that will change with age :)


How cute is Santa’s house where we took pictures?

When we got home, we sat them on their couch so I could snap some pictures. You can probably tell how tired Sloane was at this point. By the time we sat them next to one another, she was ready to snuggle and sleep, Knox was ready to bit her head, haha.

I can’t get over how cute Knox’s side profile and cheeks are.

I know, again, exploding heart.



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    How cute are they.. Just precious..

    Santa's house is super adorable..

    It looks like Knox is kissing in her in that one picture.. Just precious..

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    They are so precious! I love that Santa's house and I think Knox looks like he is kissing Sloane in one of those pictures!

    I have the same problem with my big camera. I finally discovered the trrick, for me at least, is to get it zoomed, focused and positioned where I want it then lean my head to the side and talk and do what it takes to make them smile while snapping away hoping to get a good one! I have actually gotten quite a few great ones this way!

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    The trick to getting them to smile even with a big camera is get the camera lined up on them, then pull your face away from it so they can see you and then pretend to sneeze. "A-A-A-Achoo!" I don't know why it works, but it does! The first time we ever got a picture of Trent smiling was when we had his 3 month professional shots, and the photographer took the pics. It has worked like a charm since then (well as babies) with him, my niece and nephew!

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