Erin Condren planner/notepad – SALE!

Today only, Tiny Prints has all their planners and notebooks 30% off. This caught my eye because it also includes the Erin Condren planners & notepads! So, if you’ve been wanting a planner, and haven’t gotten one, I think this is a great opportunity. It is silly that I’ve thought about ordering another? I love my planner and the notepads also! I need to share some sweet ones I just got in with you all soon. I’ll give you a hint, they have two babies on them 😉

To get the deal – click HERE for the landing page with code :)

I posted a Elton post earlier, just for you! :) Also, thank you all for the feedback.

Don’t forget to check out my post about the air we breathe! Moms Clean Air Force is fighting big air pollution battles..and winning!



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    Hi! I purchased something from an Etsy shop you mentioned a while back called WhimseyCo and I have been waiting on a pillow since Halloween. Come to find out, her shop is closed down now and I don't have a pillow! I'm so sad because the one I purchased from her in September was beautiful. I was hoping you might be able to fill me in if you know what is going on…..
    love reading every day!

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    have also thought about getting another planner! haha! i know that's so silly but i love mine. So I"ll probably have to stay far far away from this deal. :)
    As far as the whole Elton thing…maybe this means you have reached a whole new level of blogging when people complain about you not writing about your dog! That is just plain crazy! And everyone can say they won't feel differently about their pets before they have children. But until they have a child (or children in your case), they will never understand how dynamics change. And it's okay! And seriously, if you have to wipe Elton after he goes out…I"d say he's still one of your children! :) Happy New Year!

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