Elton….our doggie :)

So if you have been reading since August, you do know we welcomed twins into our world :) Soon after, in September, I did this post. It confirmed Elton was still being sweet and adapting really well to the babies. I guess I should say, if you have been reading for a while you probably know us well enough to skip this post all together, but for those who are unsure……

Well, good news, Elton is still doing great! He is doing all the things a spoiled doggie does.

After about the 500th comment since my last post on Elton, I determined it was time for another. And no, most aren’t like nice, friendly comments asking about Elton. They are rude, but hey, I guess there are all types out there, aren’t there? Anyways, Elton is doing good and he has taken over the role of dog of the house. I think he thinks it’s a fun role and he adores the babies, too. I think he misses sleeping with us, but he has a nice comfy chair in our room as of right now. Yes, when we moved, in winter….in the rain…with two babies…we had him at doggie daycare. He loves it there.

They did his well check and determined his little heat is doing great. Have I ever mentioned he has an enlarged heart? Well, he does, but all works well. He also use to have liver enzyme issues, but after changing his food to grain free years ago, those seem to be well. One thing we did ask the doctor about was his bowels. I’m sure I’ve failed to mention this intentionally, but for the past four or five years we have had to wipe his bottom. Yep, you heard me right. When he poops, we have to wipe it with wet wipes before he comes in. We were originally told this was because he has some allergies and such and that the food he was on helps, but it has never seemed to improve. After his last visit at the vet, last week, they told us they thought we should have him neutered. We never really saw a need to and at one point we were told his heart might not could handle surgery. Well, the doctor assured us that it can and it will help his bowels and perhaps his longevity of life. So, he will be having that surgery in a few weeks, as per doctor’s recommendations.

We are very lucky to have family that can watch Elton and take him to the doctor or babysit him if we need a break from dog walks and door barking. They know it’s not feasible for me to try to tote two babies to the vet to get the dog in and out. We are very blessed to have family living so close.  

Elton loves the babies. He sniffs their little heads and sits outside their door when we are in there. Sometimes he sits behind the chair while we are doing bedtime. We think he will have lots of fun when they are old enough to actually play with him.

He still barks at the door and tries to run out, which drives us crazy. Our current house needs a fence from the back to the front yard, so we are currently having to walk him on a leash every time it’s time to go out.

So, I think you are all caught up on Elton. We love him no less, but he is now officially the dog of the family. Before, he was the baby, BUT now we have real babies at home…two of them! :)

Sure, I snap pictures of Elton. How cute does he look being on watch outside the babies temporary nursery yesterday?

But when I’m not juggling two little dumplings, I’m staring and taking pictures of them :)…….

Lots of love :)

****And yes, I was one that said things would never change with Elton. They do. It’s life.Things had to change in order for us to give the babies the attention they deserve :)



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    OMG,I cannot believe people leave you rude comments about NOT posting about Elton. Why?? People need to get a life! Either that, or get their own dog to worry about! GEEZ people!

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    Hello! First time commenter here. I do think your "real babies" are adorable but I think Elton is the greatest. Not sure if your rude comments have been about the fact that he used to be a focus on your blog and now seems to be an after thought. I understand infants take center stage, but don't forget he was there first! Really I am not trying to be rude, but to say he has been moved to his rightful place as "dog" and bumped from "baby" is heartbreaking. I think some people (me!) are very sensitve about thier pets, and when God willing I am blessed with a child, I will have two "babies".
    I wish you the best!

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    Bwahahahaha. It's sad that you had to do a post on this. Obviously you have your hands full! Either way, Elton is definitely a cutie, but those twinkies of yours are such an beautiful, precious gift. Wish y'all all the best getting settled in your new house!

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    I've seen other bloggers have to address "dog questions" and I personally think it is crazy that it has to be addressed! I think it is NORMAL for a dog to go from "baby" to "doggie" when a child is born or comes in to the family. :)

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    People need to get a life! Elton is an animal(albeit, a super cute one) and Knox and Sloane are humans (also super cute). Who do you think takes priority? Haha! You are a wonderful dog mom and human mom :)

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    Ha! I love this post!! EVERYBODY says their dogs will still be as high as a priority after babies (myself and sister included) and after our babies came (twins for me 3 months ago) they are totally our "spoiled dogs." They still have their ottoman, and get to sleep in our room on the floor (instead of our bed) but they are not banished outside, and they are no less happy than they were before. The kids will LOVE Elton when they get older and remember their beloved dog. =) Cute post! I am sure he is very much enjoying his new home.

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    Admittedly, I am a huge dog lover. But new babies are such a blessing and especially for you after everything you guys have been through! Did these same people complain when you were spending all of your time talking about Cohen? I would guess (and hope) not! Having new additions doesn't take away love, just adds more. Elton will soon reap the benefits of having little ones to play with. That's all! Couldn't help but add my two cents!

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    I think your dog is super cute, but I think your babies are a precious gift from God! I have a dog as well, he was our first baby, but after two sweet baby boys, the dog is definitely the dog. That is how families evolve. I love my dog, and he's a very important part of our family, but a dog none the less! Anyhow, its your family and I can't believe people feel the need to make rude comments… keep those baby and doggie pictures coming!

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    :) This post made me smile….I think Knox and Sloane are so precious…and your sweet dog, Elton, is super cute too!! Cracks me up that you have recieved comments about not talking about Elton enough….Sounds like you are an excellent momma on all fronts :)

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    I would think(hope)the rude people who leave comments about your dog not taking center stage, have never had real children. It would be a sad day if your sweet dog was more important the your precious babies. Makes me insane that people have nothing better to do then say something ignorant about your priorites. Clearly , you love Elton. You just now are doing the most important job you will ever do. Raising your babies. Thank you for sharing a little piece of them with us. They make me smile when I see the pictures and post. Keep doing what your doing. And to all who want to read about dogs, I can assure you there are blogs that are devoted to dogs.

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    Ha! This post makes me smile. My first "baby" was a pug, who is now 5 years old, and my second was a puggle, who is now 4. Then my REAL baby came on August 18….and things change. Anyone who says it won't has never experienced the blessing of a child. And you know what? It's OKAY that things change. My fur-babies have had to adjust just like the rest of us, and they are just as happy as before, even though things are different. And as my little boy grows up, their lives will be even more enriched.

    How lame that you even had to address this. I'm sure Elton has it better than 90% of the dogs in this world, so I would suggest those who feel bad for YOUR dog to spend their well-intentioned (?) time doing something productive for their furry little friends that actually ARE neglected….like volunteering at a shelter.

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    I can't believe that people leave rude comments about the dog??!! Seriously! We love our dogs just as much as before the kids and they are still spoiled but When the kids are awake… that is where the attention goes. Now that our oldest is 2.5 she gives more attention to the dogs then they want. I hate that you all get nasty comments on YOUR blog!

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    I think it's ok for them to be equal, actually. I also think it's ok for people to have differing opinions about things. But that's just how I roll. Saying there are blogs about dogs, was pretty rude too. There are blogs about only babies too. Sorry, but snarky people are making me cranky today!

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    I love reading all your posts about the twins. And elton. They are both beautiful additions to your family. I do beleive that your human babies take presidence (sp?) over the dog. God bless you and your sweet family!

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    um, i SWORE up and down, left and right, that the baby would NEVER change how i felt about our pup. but it is true… things change…the dog becomes the dog. as they should be. and i dont think people really will ever understand until they are in that position. believe me, i used to be one of those people.

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    Oh people like Lori just crack me up! I had a Lhasa Apso who I was madly in love with, she WAS my baby. I swore I'd never ever treat her like a dog, EVER even after I had a baby. HA! No way, once our daughter came along, Sophie(our dog) became a dog a VERY loved dog but she definitely lost her "baby" status. It's happened to many many many people and I promise it will even happen to Lori and those who swear it won't.

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    This made me laugh, ha! I can't imagine all of the rude comments from mean people you have to read.. yikes. I bet being a "dog" in your family is pretty great too!!

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    Oh how I can relate! My two doggies were my babies – before I had babies! Now, they are still my babies and they are still rotten, but times have changed.
    We made the tough decision to restrict their access to the upstairs and to the basement. I needed two areas of the house where I didn't have to worry about dog hair being all over my baby. They still have more than enough room to chill.
    I'm sorry you had to do a post explaining how things are different now! Silly! But I do love seeing pics of Elton – and the babies too. :)

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    Oh people can be such sour-pusses, of course you still love your little Elton! You and your family are just prescious! Thanks for writing such a great blog :)

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    Oh people can be such sour-pusses, of course you still love your little Elton! You and your family are just prescious! Thanks for writing such a great blog :)

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    Wow…how terrible that you have to take time from your precious babies to read and address rude comments! It amazes me that people go (voluntarily, not forced) to blogs to read them for information and entertainment, and then will actually complain about the content! As many others have commented, Elton is a dog, and there is nothing wrong with him taking his place as a dog! Your blog is for you, and as such, the content should be what you want it to be! Your babies are adorable (as is your dog) and I love reading all about them!!! :)

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    He is a dog. Period. You take care of him and his needs are met, but those babies are priority. Good job! And as for the rude comments….people need to realize that dogs are animals NOT human :)

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    First, may I just say that I'm oh so happy that my parents prioritized me over the dog. Second, why do people insist on a hierarchy? Do you love Brent? Yes. Do you love the babies? Yes. Do you love Elton? Yes. Are they all different? Yes. But they are not more or lesser. Just different!

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    I think anyone who had a "fur-child" before an actual child can relate to this. It is only natural that dogs become…well, dogs after having children. They aren't children and people shouldn't expect you to treat them as such when they don't even have kids of their own. Like someone said before, it is your blog and you can write what you want to. If you're like me, your blog is a way to preserve family memories as they happen. Knox and Sloane will not care that you didn't write that much about Elton. Write for you and your family, no one else.

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    First, I believe it might be a good idea for all of us readers to remember that it is YOUR life you are writing about: your husband, your dog, your sweet babies. We really should be thankful that you allow us to share in that life! We have no right to criticize or judge or ask you why you are doing or not doing anything.

    My mother taught me many, many years ago that many things are not my business and that I had no right to pry. That was long before the internet made things so open and information so easily attainable.

    THANK YOU for sharing your life with the world. I have enjoyed reading your blog for some time now even though I have never commented before. You have a beautiful family and offer such insight into many things. I learn from you, and I appreciate you.

    Just one last thought: I think it is so sweet that so many pictures of your twins show Knox with his hand or arm on his sister! Seems like he is already trying to protect her. How precious!

    God bless you and your family.

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    I get that things change when a baby is born, but I also get people being sensitive about dogs. Because some people totally disregard their animals when they become "inconvenient". NOT AT ALL implying you do/did. But I know people who gave away dogs after their kids were born because they chewed up a few of their baby's toys. Not going to lie…I think it was on twitter (I can't remember) you said something about big changes (in regard to Elton) or something to that effect and I got a little worried for him. I have a child and a boston terrier…not much changed in Casey's (my dog) life after my child was born. Still sleeps with us, etc… But again, I don't think you've at all done anything negligent regarding him. Just saying why I think some people might be a bit up in arms.

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    Girl you are an amazing mother and an amazing owner. Elton is still very loved and it is obvious!
    People need to remember this it YOUR blog where YOU post about YOUR life. If they don't like or agree with something you say they should just stop reading/following your post. But to leave negative comments trying to make you feel bad is just rude and disrespectful.

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    I can't believe comments about a dog with babies. We didn't have a dog with babies, but I would have never made comments. And being a dog owner now he's awesome and loved. Elton will do great with surgery and just down a couple of days.

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    You have such a sweet family, and I love reading your posts. I can't believe people would criticize over not writing about Elton more. I, like many on here, had my dog first, took her everywhere with me, and dressed her in cute shirts. Since having my son, she is still very loved, but she's the dog, and my son comes first. I'm sure in the next few months, she'll have more attention (from him) than she had even before. :) You have way more positive people reading and commenting to outweigh the negative. :)

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    I sense from your post that having to walk Elton everyday is going to become an issue, especially in the Winter.

    You've mentioned your priorities for the house – new appliances, furniture, etc.

    Please, please put in the fence asap so Elton can go outside.

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    I was just talking about my doggies today! They (all three of them, including my 100 + lb lab) used to be my babies but it is funny how things do change and I realized they are just my doggies and I have a beautiful, fun, energetic REAL LIFE baby to play with and take care of and how I don't think I will ever have 3 dogs again! And in regards to other's comments – how ignorant! :) Enjoy your babies (and the dog)!

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    Aw I am so glad to hear that Elton is adjusting! I can't believe some of the comments people are leaving, geesh. Although, I am like you pre-babies. Our Frenchie is our little baby and I know one day he will be less important (totally hard to imagine but I know it will happen!)

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    I had a baby in March and feel the same way you do! My dogs a dog and my baby is my child. His priorities come first. Still love my dog, but understand she's a dog, not my child! The twins are precious, you're a great momma! :)

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    Megan all of your babies are adorable (human and fur 😉 I think you may be in need of a fence for your blog to keep out the pet police and allow you the freedom to post about what you please, this is your blog afterall ; ) Perhaps those who are so worried about what your fur-baby is doing should go on a walk themselves as it seems they have nothing else to do…just sayin ; )

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    I, too, swore things wouldn't change with our pug once our baby was born…but they do. They do assume their roles as dogs instead of babies. I think we give a more negative connotation to that than they do. I think it is somewhat of a normal progression of life for them. We don't love our dog any less, we just love him differently. The love you have for them simply cannot equal the love you have for your children, nor should it. Those who don't have children and want to give you a hard time about this just do not understand…I know this because I used to not understand it or be able to imagine him not being the center of our world either! You're right- it's life.

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    I guess I should thank god everyday that I was lucky enough to have parents who thought I was more important than a dog.

    Karen, perhaps you should pay For the fence. And Elton's surgery and special food since you are so concerned. Seriously, there are animals that have it far worse than that spoiled little cutie. Go save one of them and leave Megan alone!

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    Megan (hope I spelled your name right) We live in the country and don't have a fence, we do however have a tether or lead line to hook our Pug to. His interaction with vehicles lead us to have to do this so I don't have frequent heart attacks. I kid, but all of our kids are grown and out of the house, so he is my baby and it makes me feel safer that he is not on the lose. Hope this helps you all out. We have had two Bostons in the past, a bit hyper but wonderful. Hugs to you all.

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    Elton's such a sweetheart:) I completely understand the whole new baby and fur child dynamic. My hubby and I had our Sophie Elisabeth for 6 years before having our son, so obviously she was very spoiled being an "only child". Once Britton came along I had to make a special effort to lavish Sophie with a little extra attention…it was definitely hard juggling this with all the new responsibilites that motherhood brings and the truth that all mothers know is that baby comes FIRST!!! I love Sophie no less, but I now have a human child that requires my complete attention, protection, and care. Luckily, Sophie has settled well into her new role as big "fur" sister and the two get along spendidly.

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    Why do people feel the need to make nasty comments about others. Of course your children are going to get more attention than Elton right now…doesn't mean you don't care about him or still give him attention. Silly people.

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    I can't handle people sometimes. I have always been under the impression that your children, especially over the top precious new babies, are a bigger priority than the doggie…you love them all in different ways & it's so obvious how much you love your husband, babies, & of course Mr. Elton. I hope people learn to relax & just enjoy you giving us the opportunity to have a tiny glimpse into your life. I absolutely adore your blog, it was one of the very few I made a great effort to keep up with during finals week :) Thank you for sharing!!

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    Megan I know 100% how you feel. We have two fur babies that were center stage before Rowan came along. Everyone told me it would change, I disagreed. But it does. I love my doggies and they are a big part of our family but as you said they are the family dogs now. Rowan is our baby. I hope people realize that we still love our dogs but we have little miracles that need a lot of our attention too!

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    People can be SUCH IDIOTS! It's not like having babies has pushed you to put your dog out in the garage 24/7 with a dry water bowl and food only when you remember he's there. Come on folks! This is MEGAN'S blog and she's kind enough to share details of her beautiful life with us. If you took two seconds to put yourself in the shoes of a mom who has practically brand new twins, who just sold, packed up and cleared out one house only to move into and start re-decorating another house, you'd realize that you're being incredibly ridiculous. Megan, keep up the fabulous work as mommy, wife, decorator, blogger, and in all the other "hats" you wear on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing all that you do :)

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    Hey Megan :)

    I'm sorry people left rude comments! Glad to know Elton is doing fine. I was sure he was. I never thought our uorkie would become our dog but he has. And it's usually right when I get our 3 year olds breakfast and settled w a show and I'm sitting down to nurse our 3 month old that the dog chooses to have to use the bathroom too! But we love him. Sorry to hear about his bowels.. poor guy!


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    First off, I love your blog! We have 16 weeks old twins, so I love reading your updates and seeing what will be "coming up" with ours! (By the way thanks for the Moms on Call tips!). Also, we have a dog who was our "baby" before our "real" babies too…and as much as we love him, it has been hard to give him as much attention as he used to have…so I can completely relate! You are doing a fabulous job and I'm sure Elton loves just having new members in his "pack". I can't believe people's rude comments…they really DON'T know what it's like unless they are in our shoes!

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    I hope you can contact Karen somehow. She is extremely interested in the life of your dog. She'd die if she knew my yorkie-poo lives outside w/ my american bull dog. (His choice. He begs to go outside anytime he's inside & Reese is not.) This is absolutely hilariously ridiculous.

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    You are not the first or the last Mommy to say your dog is your baby and things will never change after human baby is born. I am one of those as well. I just had my first babygirl in June and we have 4 dogs. You don't love them any less, but some of your focus definitely changes. Don't fret about all the negativity. Just keep on.

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    People are insane. Once upon a time, I thought I would never love a baby like I loved my dog. Ha. Insane. I still adore my dogs, but they are DOGS. It happens. I can't believe people are seriously giving you a hard time about that. Guess that's what happens when you're famous 😉

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    People are leaving you rude comments? Makes no sense!

    I think the way it is being stated that you are treating Elton as a "dog" comes across differently written than when you say it out loud. And maybe that is why some people are having a hard time about it. But they also need to be open minded and respectful of your decisions to prioritize your time… I mean you wipe his butt!!! what does that tell you!

    One of the things that my husband and I immediately agreed on was to not nickname our dog "baby" or any other name easily given to a human baby. We call them puppy or other nicknames we have for them that are too embarrassing to print. They consume our life right now and are most spoiled and loved. But they always will be and continue to be dogs. And the dynamics will change if and when a child comes into the picture.

    I hope that Elton does well during his surgery. A great tip: Instead of putting him in cone, put him in a onsie with the belly side on his back. It'll be more comfortable for him.

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