We are ready….

for the big game!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was wonderful. We are very, very thankful for our blessings. I’ll do a recap of our week soon.

Happy 14 weeks to Knox & Sloane today :) 

As some of you may know, Arkansas plays LSU today. Knox & Sloane have lots of team spirit….

Knox is so congested :( He wasn’t up for many pics, bless his heart.

Although we have won this game for the past four years, and that says a lot, I’m not holding my breath. I think Arkansas has gotten quite lucky this year, but is still a pretty good team. We tragically lost a player so I also know that’s been a strain on the team.

I’ve always loved how much team spirit Razorback fans have. It’s exciting and so fun. 

And because Sloane is honest, this is what she thinks of LSU 😉

#WPS 😉

*Onesies by Mary Kate’s Monograms
*Sloane’s bow by Turtle Feathers.
*Knox’s hat is Mud Pie.
*Sloane’s leg warmers by Fine Boutique.


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    Good grief. I can't believe how cute they are. I really hope Knox feels better. He may hate it, actually he will most likely hate it, but you may try little noses saline solution. My four year old has allergies, and has gotten so used to having saline spray shot up his nose that he'll do it himself. But I don't think we did it for the first time until he was around 5-6 months so you may want to ask a pharmacist. Also, humidity really helps when they're congested. And now I'll stop giving unsolicited advice.

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    They are adorable!! I love Sloane's leg warners! Too bad you didn't have triplets. Then you could have put "Woo" "Pig" and "Sooie" on their bottoms. However, Knox wears the "Pig Sooie" well. :-) I hope Knox feels better soon!

    Btw, y'all have only won 3 of the last 4. And I hoping we make that 3 of the last 5 today. Good luck to both of our teams today. Geaux Tigers!!

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    OOOOMMMMGGGG those are the cutest outfits EVER!! I love the football hat and Sloane's leg warmers are the cutest thing ever!!!! Makes me wish I had babies to dress up again!!! haha
    Beautiful babies!

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    They are too stinkin' cute!! Love their outfits and the way that Knox looks so protective of his sissy! Sweet babies! Don't ya just love college football?

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    Oh.my.word!!! Those outfits!!!
    We've already established that the babies are
    precious.. And those little leg warmers/ leggings!!
    Wonder if they make them in my size?
    I especially love sloaney's last picture.

    Showed my husband, he loved it!
    Good luck today!
    I'm rooting for y'all!!!


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    Sorry your razorbacks lost, but SO BEYOND EXCITED my TIGERS WON!!!! Your babies are tooooooooo precious! Love their outfits! Even if they are red and black instead of purple and gold;) LOL!

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    I chuckle when I see their pictures. Last night my daughter and I were talking about them – one of her triplets has huge blue eyes like Sloan. She reminds me a lot of him in their pictures!

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    Ok, so are we changing the quote above the last picture of Sloane to "and this is what Sloane though of the Hog's performance today". I was sad we didn't get the win :-(

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    Okay…those outfits (and the babies wearing them) are the VERY CUTEST things I have ever seen. Ugh, the game was a disappointment, but we've had a great year nonetheless!

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    I am not a football fan at all (sowwie, don't hate!) BUT their outfits are the most adorable things I have ever seen! They both look too cute for words!!!! 😉

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