I didn’t have time for the computer on Thanksgiving, but I’m thankful everyday, so I thought I’d post a little something now :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and days following :)

I am incredibly thankful for the year we have had.

We have had some very sad moments this year, mostly experiencing Cohen’s first birthday, but we have also had some of the best moments of our life. See below.

Though we are thankful for this year, it’s not at all a year we ever expected. I thank God everyday for answered prayers. In the past three months, we’ve had two beautiful & healthy babies, Brent has gotten a new job, I became a stay at home mommy, we sold our house, we are buying a new house and I am so incredibly thankful for these blessings and their timing. We made it through Cohen’s birthday and it was something we never expected to even go through, but I’m thankful. I’m thankful we had Cohen and he’s safe and healthy now. Of course sometimes we miss him so much it hurts, but thankfully we are finding peace and experiencing things that have made our hearts very happy. See below.

I’m very thankful for our health.

I’m very thankful for our family. We have amazing families.

I’m thankful for these angel babies. I love them. I watch their slideshow and still cant believe my eyes. I’m so thankful for pictures as well. Obviously :)

We had a very nice Thanksgiving Day. My parents went to the DFW area, but we thought the babies were still a bit too young to travel this year. They really missed their grandma and grandpa, but got to hang out with their two other sets and lots of cousins.

Yep, the pumpkin spice whoopie pies were delicious. Brent’s sister, Kate, made them.

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my post yesterday on the babies’ team spirit outfits :) We had fun watching the game even though it didn’t quite end as we had hoped it would.

I’m thankful today we just spent the day hanging with the babies and watching movies. We have watched Change-Up, Crazy, Stupid Love, part of Swimfan and You Again. Swimfan we saw on our first date :)

I’m thankful inspections on our house went well this past Wednesday. Inspections on our, hopefully, new house are this coming Wednesday.

Last, but never least, I’m so thankful for you all. You all have been so amazing. The comments, emails, tweets and such have meant so much to us! You have made it fun to share our little life journal :)

Be thankful :)



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    Megan, I'm so glad that you've had good things happen this year to go along with your sad ones. I've loved hearing about your journey and I'm grateful for all that you have taught me about perseverance & strength. You are the strongest woman that I know, you're my hero. Happy Thanksgiving, Megan, Brent, Sloane and Knox!

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    Megan and Brent thank you for sharing your journey. You have always been positive no matter what the odds. I have been inspired by your family and have enjoyed all the posts on beautiful Cohen your adorable twins. All your blog readers ere thankful.

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    This is such a sweet post-I've loved following your journey and am so thankful for bloggers like you for showing me true faith and grace.

    Knox and Sloane are getting so big! They are so precious! Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving!

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    There is no doubt that you've been through some very rough times in your life in the past couple of years. Your attitude through it all has amazed me. I'm so glad you have two precious babies to hold here on earth. And one day you will hold and hug Cohen again in heaven.

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    Perfect pictures. These kids are getting cuter by the day. Sloane is especially cute on your last post posing with her game outfit and face of disapproval.

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    Reading about your year has been wonderful. You're so honest and share so much of your like with the blog world. We're thankful for that!
    Those sequin boots are FABULOUS! That little girl has got style!

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    I love reading all your posts and seeing the sweet photos of your two angels!!! Where did you get the silver sparkly boots for Sloan??? I just know my granddaughter will need some for her first birthday!!! Thanks!!!

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