New House!

What a week we had!

As you may have read in my previous posts, we put our house on the market in October. It was October 15th to be exact. It was almost four weeks before we had a call. Yes, I was a little bit shocked just because I thought the house looked good in the pictures. Biased, maybe 😉 It’s such a cute house and I think we have it fixed up nicely. Not to mention the new tile we should have put in years ago, which I love. Our first showing was scheduled for last Wednesday evening. Thursday evening, our realtor called and asked if we could be out by the end of the year. Actually, December 14th to be exact. Um, sure! So, Brent and I freak out a bit and then do some negoatiting with the buyer and come to an agreement. Our house goes under contract.

In October, we started looking around at houses. We found a few, but most sold. We found one we really liked, but didn’t want to get our hopes up because we had no idea when ours would sell. On Saturday, we went and looked at it first, followed by about twelve others. Luckily, we found three we really liked. However, the first one we felt right. By the end of the night, some negotiating had been done and we are now under contract to buy a house we really, really love!

We are scheduled to close on both houses on December 14th! I’m hoping and praying everything goes well during inspections and such. I may start packing a bit now, or I may wait until inspections are done. From this Friday, inspections should be completed within ten days.

The new house is less than a mile from where we are now. We are very thankful to be staying in the same area.

I’ll miss my trees this year, but we will put up a smaller one in the new house once we get there, even if it isn’t up long :)

Talk about a very thankful Thanksgiving. This year all together makes me cry happy tears.

The new house is one we can grow into and plan to stay at least 8-10 years. I have visions of new wall & trim colors, lighter kitchen cabinets and a few other things here and there. It’s been very well taken care of and I can’t wait for it to be our home!

If you have any input on washer, dyers and/or refridgeorators, feel free to share :) Part of our deal was leaving ours in our current house. We may also need a new stove top. We are leaving gas for electric so we will see.

More house pictures here.

Thank you all for the prayers and sweet words!

Don’t forget, I teamed up with Home Depot to share with you all some things our family does in hopes to be more “green” :) Check that out here.

Brayla Bees winner will be picked and announced later today.

Happy Monday!


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    Congratulations! I know that Lowes is having some fantastic deals THIS WEEKEND for black friday! I think we're going to buy some stuff ourselves and the man we talked to yesterday said that you don't have to get there at 4 A.M. for their deals — that they are basically all weekend long and if they're out they can just order it for the same price! Good luck and again, congratulations! I love your blog and your beautiful babies (all 3 of them!) So happy 2011 has been so good to you and yours.

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    Awesome kitchen!!! Congrats!!! You should be able to get lots of good deals this weekend and set up deliveries for 12/14!!! :) What a crazy/fun/hectic Christmas you'll have this year!!

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    We listed our house on Nov 2 and have had one couple look at it and an Open House with seven couples. So far no takers. We priced it to sell quick. I just keep praying!

    As far as appliances. I have a GE 5 burner stove that I LOVE! We got it from Best Buy and it was so worth the money. I have a french door frig that is Samsung. LOVE IT! I also have Samsung washer and dryer (front loader) I have had a couple issues with the dryer though…thankfully all under warranty.

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    How exciting Megan!! I can't believe your house sold so fast- what a blessing! And your new kitchen looks amazing- can't wait to see all you do with it. So happy for you guys :)

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    WOW I am in love with your kitchen! Congrats on the new place & of course, I'll keep my fingers crossed on the 14th! It's my boyfriend & doggie's birthday, so it's a good day!

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    Congratulations!!!! I will just suggest sticking with Kenmore for all appliances. We are very happy with ours and I highly suggest them. However, if I could ever get a whirlpool duet washer and dryer…I would totally switch teams! :) Those things are awesome! I just I know I'm an adult when I get excited over washing machines, haha!

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    Again, SUPER EXCITED FOR YOU! :) You will be starting the New Year right this year! We just got a new fridge at Lowe's a few months ago and we love it!! Its the Samsung RF266AEPN 26 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator – My favorite feature is that the water filter is on the inside of the left door, so it doesn't take space away from the fridge. The ice is made in the freezer. The freezer has tons of space (which is what we needed with all the breast milk). We really do love it.

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    We have a Cabrio washer and dryer which is like a front loader but loads on the top and we adore them.
    We bought an LG fridge with the french doors and 2 freezer drawers with ice and water in the door and are happy with it as well.
    Good luck!

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    Congratulations! God really does make all things new, doesn't he? :)

    I live in Tulsa and we just had to replace our fridge. I went to Lowes, Home Depot and Hahn and finally Metro on Mingo. We ended up buying from Metro because they had the best price and free next day delivery. I went in and told the guy I was looking for a deal and he showed me a side by side priced two hundred less than I had seen it anywhere else. Our salesman's name is Paul, he is older and knows his stuff and doesn't try to be pushy at all.

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    I LOVE my Samsung washer and dryer – it is the VRT Steam XL capacity – they wash and dry so well! I am a mom of a newborn and it handles all of our laundry perfectly – LOVE the sanitizing cycle!
    Also, I would not get the GE Artica refrigerator. My mother and law and I both have one and the icemaker is messed up on both of them!

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    Wow new babies and a new house for Christmas. That kitchen is so great. Is the space for a sub zero or big fridge? It looks huge. As for the washer, I highly encourage for energy efficiency to get one of the LG front loaders with the thing under it. Oh, I love this washer and our water bill is so much lower. It's quiet and nice. I want to say that ours is mid grade. I bet the dryer is nice but we have a kenmore (that has broke several times in the few years that we have it). Grrr…

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    Congrats! I hope all goes smooth with the inspections and closing. I know it can be so stressful and with 2 little ones, you need everything to fall into place! I will be praying for that to happen for you and your family!

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    We just bought a washer and dryer because ours literally died one day. After MUCH looking and researching, we chose the Maytag Top Loader 750 (no agitator) and dryer to match. Home Depot has them on sale right now. I LOVE them. They wash and dry faster than my old Whirlpool Front Loader and actually hold more clothes. About 2 years ago, we bought a LG Refrigerator with 2 drawer freezer on the bottom. I really like it also. I highly recommend getting a counter depth refrigerator no matter what brand you buy. It fits so much more flush with the counters and looks much nicer in the kitchen. Good luck — can't wait to see all the pictures of the new house.

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    WOW! How awesome! Congratulations and I hope all goes well for you, Brent, Sloane and Knox! The new kitchen looks fantastic!~ Can't wait to see pics of the babies there cooking with Mom!

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    Awesome! CONGRATS! That's very exciting…what a great Xmas gift! PS-so random but when I clicked on your blog a Country Crock ad came up and I seriously thought it was your new Thanksgiving header -ha!

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    Just realized that I told you we bought the Maytag 750 —- I was wrong, it is the Maytag 850 — top loader, no agitator and dryer to match. Love it so far. On sale at Home Depot this weekend too.

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    We built our forever home last year complete with long term appliances. Best deals we found were online actually at warehouse discount center. They were fantastic to deal with, beat everyone's prices and we saved on taxes. I even bought close out Viking grill and 6 burner range for our kitchen and saved nearly $2000 on those two items alone.

    Congrats on your beautiful new house! God is truly blessing you and your family. So happynfor you

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    eeekkkkkkk! MEgan this is so awesome and exciting! YOu will love having the space you need with babies! We have been trying to move for about 9 months now! I learned alot from buying all the appliances in this house and here is what I would do differentlt:
    I would go all out on the dishwasher. A nice dishwasher is a big deal and a crappy one is not worth having.
    I would get a HUGE fridge. I like the non french door style, especially with kids because they can open those doors TONS as todderls, If you get the bottom drawer freezer they can open and you will have all your food eye level in top of fridge

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    and also. I will never buy another front load washer. They have issues with actually cleaning as well as a top loader from lack of water, and the rubber seal gets LOTS of mold and mildew in it.

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    Congratulations! So exciting! I cannot imagine moving with a baby, much less two so I pray it goes very smoothly for you all.

    When researching cloth diapers I did see over and over that a top loader is best for washing them. I always wanted a front loader until I discovered that. Just some food for thought.

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