Monday Mish Mash & Your Cyber Deals

Hi friends!

  • I can’t believe it’s officially Christmas time! How did December sneak up on us so fast?  I feel like two weeks ago it was smoldering hot and I was awaiting Knox’s & Sloane’s departure from my belly. 
  • Thanks for the comments on my Thankful post. Yesterday, I was browsing around and came across my Thankful post from last Thanksgiving. It made me cry. What a crazy few years.
  • Last night I tweeted about maybe waiting a bit to to stop swaddling during the night. Well, a few hours later, we woke up to Sloane sucking her hand….like it was a paci. She broke out. So, looks like the time might be closer than we thought. We will also put them in their own cribs. I will also be getting the Angel Care monitors. I’m currently deciding which ones.
  • I’m starting to get a bit nervous about the new nursery being upstairs. I just don’t want to throw them off from their sleep habits and such. I’d like to have them in their nursery at night, but I may see about keeping them downstairs in a pack n play during the daytime naps. I’ll be emailing Laura, from Moms on Call, because I’m willing to bet she has good advice on this matter :)
  • I need to get the Treat Treats 14 week post up!
  • There is so much paperwork and gathering stuff when it comes to buying a house. Brent had to go to Target this morning to get more ink for our printer. Insane.
  • We went with this Samsung refrigerator. It was an amazing deal and hard to pass up. I can’t WAIT for it to arrive!
  • I can’t believe I’ve got to pack my entire house up. Soon. We are planning to start moving in December 10th!
  • Yesterday, we went to Lindsey’s house to get some boxes for packing and to give her a housewarming gift. We drove the babes out there for a little car ride. When we got home, Knox was sound asleep, but Sloane was wanting to play. Yep, she is in the holiday spirit. Naturally. 
  • The new house has a walk in attic. We may actually finish it off. It’s huge and will be so much better than the little hole in the garage ceiling. Anyways, I want to get these big silver tiered shelves to go in it. This is how I price shop. For instance, I took this at Target. What did we do before camera phones?
  • My sweet friend, Jane, is bringing dinner for tonight and I’m so excited :)
  • Do you all shop on Cyber Monday? I’m trying not to buy anything, but I may go ahead and get the Angel Care monitors on sale.
  • One of my sponsors, Monogram Chick, has a great special and her biggest discount today….

  • Also, do you get GroopDealz emails?? They have TONS of specials going on right now for Cyber Monday. I love all their options and I think each one would make great Christmas presents. Here are just a few!

I was thinking, I’ll do a linky and if you have a shop and are participating in Cyber Monday, you can link up! Happy Shopping!

Happy Monday!


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    I kept our twins in my bedroom during nap time for a few months, until I was comfortable with them being so far away :) P N P's are a life saver, aren't they?

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    I think the twins will be fine napping downstairs – cut yourself some slack :) It all works out in the end!! Gorg new fridge and super cute babes!

    I linked up for my shop, Love B&P Designs! I have the following for sales:
    – Buy more than 3 sets, get 1 free
    – Buy less than 3, get 20% off
    – Buy a digital design, get 10% off

    Thanks for this link-up!!

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    I have the angelcare monitor. I have the one where the parents unit look like an angel. I had the one that has tempature and other setting and was complicated and two… you had to turn off all the units when you took them out…too much for my hormonal self…lol.

    Anyway, I had a question for you…my little man is 3 months and he breaks out of the swaddle quite often and all i hear is him sucking his hands – very loudly…so i reswaddle him and he goes right back to sleep. i imagine he will eventually end up sucking his thumb. So is Sloane loud when she is out of the swaddle? I am a little scared that if i take it away, I will be up all night while he sucks his hands…just wanted another mom's thoughts…

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    Thanks for the information on etsy sales.

    My friend has that fridge and loves it. If I remember correctly your fridge space is huge so you don't have to worry about it fitting…it wouldn't fit in our kitchen the way it's designed. I will encourage you as the kids get older that a chest freezer would be helper as the french door freezers are not that roomy. Oh and you'll be baby proofing it because it could be opened a million times a day by them :)

    Now that I got side tracked…check Ikea for those metal shelves. WE were there this weekend looking for some storage stuff and I remember them being a bit cheaper or not substantially.
    Have fun fixing up the new house.

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    Love love love the Angel Care monitor! We had an issue with our daughter stop breathing in the hospital, so when we came home it was a sanity saver!! :) A bonus is that it gets GREAT reception. On the not-swaddling anymore issue, we used sleep sacks once she broke from the swaddles for good and loved them as well! :)

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    You're glowing (and look beautiful)in that picture of you and sweet Sloane! love it! love the fridge and even though I'm sure moving is stressful, I bet it will be so nice to be in your new place! good luck with it all!

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    We travel alot and not long after our girlies were born, we had them nap every day in their travel cribs (loved the Bjorn)! It made for very easy transitions while traveling because they were so used to their travel cribs (and great for day trips to family/friends' houses!) I think you'll be glad you made that decision!

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    We have those same shelves from Target in the basement! They're a good price and easy to put together. Not the fanciest thing, but they sure do hold stuff!

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    Hi Megan!
    I just love Miss Sloane's pj's and adorable hat! She is getting so big:) I put up my link to my Etsy shop-Prissy Petals. If you like them, I would love to send a couple for your little princess:) Happy Holidays! -Kimberly

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    ohhhhh swaddling! this is my 3rd baby and first to be swaddled! Well with the miracle blanket- she was sleeping soundly through the night at 4 wks. At 3 months she was rolling both ways- so doc said no more swaddling. I tried it and she woke up all night long (tried arms in, arms out). So I just kept swaddling, well doc said stop or she would be swaddled forever….. so after one LONG week of getting used to sleeping in sleep sacks we are back on track…

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    We have a family jewelry business in Texas. My father-in-law was one of the first designers for James Avery but started his own business years ago. Right now we are offering 15% off silver jewelry using the code THANKYOU and free shipping if you use the code NEWSTORE. We recently launched a new webstore. I hope you check it out and get some great Christmas presents!

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    Swaddling didn't last long at our house. My son didn't like it at all.

    Just so you know we have a Samsung Refrigerator (similar to yours but in black), a Samsung Washer and Dryer, and Two Samsung T.V.s. They've all held up well, and once one of our sensors went out in our dryer. They came and replaced all the sensors, and they had awesome customer service. :)

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    Have you looked at the Halo Snuza monitors? We bought the Angle Care but ended up getting the Halo Snuza too. It clips on their diaper so it can be used anywhere they are sleeping. I wish that I had known about the Snuza before we bought the Angel Care.

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    Knox and Sloane are soooo cute! I wanted to tell you something about the Angel Care monitors. We also got one and found that our little one was too wiggly for it. She would wiggle off the pad which would set off the alarm and scare me to death! We ended up with the Snuza instead. It is a clip on monitor that clips to her diaper and registers movement. We LOVE it! we can take it anywhere we go and it has a great battery life. Just wanted to share.

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