Midweek Randoms!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving week!!!

  • Thank you again for the sweet comments on the announcement as well as the pics I posted last night :) I can’t help myself and the picture taking. In fact, I’ll probably take a few more today!
  • Today, we have inspections on our current house! Brent’s home doing some things and I’m about to start mounds of laundry. This afternoon, we are going to run over to the hopefully new house to get some measurements for appliances.
  • Thank you for the appliance feedback on here and Twitter.
  • Brent has warned me he is NOT carrying my piles of magazines over to the new house. Needless to say, I have a lot of magazines to go through.
  • How cute are our new friends, Clark & Eddie? I picked them up at CVS and love them.They are 3 1/2 feet and have great detail!
  • I’ve had lot of people email me the last few days about our Elton ‘Warhol’ picture. Brent’s mom did ours, but our friend, Jessica, now does them now here.
  • One of my friends, Jordan, had her twins yesterday! They were due in February so they are quite early. They are doing well, but please add them to your prayers if you will. 
  • I’ve already started thinking about moving announcements. I’m going to work with a super sweet gal on them and I can’t wait. I know, between the babies’ announcement, Christmas cards and the moving cards, I’ll need to get another job to buy stamps! Also, if it weren’t for those adding up, I’d mail you all one :)
  • Do you all have anything you are going to buy on black Friday? My dad has gone and hit early sales for years, but I’ve never jumped on wagon. I almost did one year for a pink Dyson, but didn’t. We are typically in the Dallas area for black Friday, but this year we stayed home since Knox & Sloane are still pretty small. We may go look for appliances early. 
  • I’m loving the December issue of Southern Living. I’m not letting myself by any ‘stuff’ for myself, but if I were, the pie carrier and the chevron drawer liner are awesome. 
  • The only thing I had on my Christmas list was the Keurig, but really, I can go without it since we will be getting some things for the new house!
  • Because I can’t help myself, another pic in the pumpkin outfits. Sloane’s face cracks me up…
  • If you are interested in still taking part in a book exchange, leave a comment with your email address. I have a few girls on Twitter that are still look for people to participate.

Hope you all have a great day! :)


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    It may not be a bad idea to check out Home Depot or Lowes for appliance sales after Thanksgiving. We purchased an LG front loader (steam) Washer/Dryer set 2 years ago in early November. We happened to be walking through Home Depot 2 days after Thanksgiving and noticed the exact same set on sale for 50% off. Luckily, we were able to get a price adjustment. :)

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    I've never really been into the Black Friday shopping either. I hateeee getting up early!! But, last year the hubbs and I got up at 2:30am and headed to Best Buy to wait in line for our LG Washer and Dryer. They were a great bargain and I use them every single day!!

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    congrats on selling the house and getting a new one!! we just moved this past weekend and closed yesterday. our rental is half the size of the house we just came from so it's an adjustment and I'm trying to find a place for everything :-/

    If you are looking for appliances go to Metro Builders supply at 61st and Mingo. That is where we buy all of ours at (personal and customs homes we build). Take a look at their closeouts in the back room for awesome deals. We try to get our personal appliances out of there and save a TON of money. They have very basic generic brands to high end professional brands. You'll def find what you want there!

    Beautiful announcements!!

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    Hi! I just came across your blog a few weeks ago. My husband and I just had twins as well, two girls born about 2 weeks before yours were. Our girls were due the same time as your little ones but came 4 wks early. It is so funny to read your twin treats posts as our girls are doing so many of the same things as Knox and Sloane.

    I would also love to be a part of the book exchange. My email is kleen866(at)(hotmail) dot com.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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