Midweek Randoms

I hope you all are having a good week!

  • I’m going to get my flu shot today. Not too excited.
  • I think I forgot to mention the results from my heart monitor. I wore it for about six days. It was annoying and I think the babies got frustrated with the cords and pulled on them. Anyways, it basically said I had extra beats, which is what the cardiologist suspected. My rate averaged in the 40’s & 50’s and would dip down to about 39 when I was sleeping. He said the extra beats are few and far between. He doesn’t have concerns about either right now and said many, many people have this. 
  •  Brent and I had a wonderful five year anniversary and I wanted to share some of the sweet treats he got me :) A red La Creuset rectangle stoneware dish & some other treats from Williams-Sonoma. LOVE.
  •  Yes, a few people have asked, that is a jar of gumballs on the island :) I was craving them a few weeks before Knox & Sloane arrived. 
  • Our sweet friend, Katheryn, sent us some BEAUTIFUL flowers for our anniversary : )
  • There is a new Zulily coupon code – 10% off a $30 purchase – Enter “coupcab113″ :)
  •  I thought I wouldn’t mind getting rid of Knox & Sloane’s clothes as they outgrow them, but I’m having a hard time. Someone gave me the idea of keeping their personalized clothes and making a quilt or something one day. As for the other clothes, I’ll reevaluate that on down the road.
  • I’m watching Regis & Kelly right now. I like watching the old show clips. I remember watching Regis and Kathie when I stayed home sick in elementary school. 
  • It’s been a really pretty fall and I can’t believe November is already here. One thing about being inside with the babies and on a schedule, I really think it makes the days pass quicker :( When I took them to my OB’s office the other day, I drove us around for a bit after so we could enjoy the pretty weather. 
  • Speaking of, this is a “fall special” and I liiiiiike it!
  • I’ve not been drinking much caffeine at all while nursing. I might have a small amount from a coffee drink ones per week. I’ve been doing some decaf, though. I just like the taste of coffee. I’ve been using a french press, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to ask for Keurig! So, if you all know the best place to get the K cups and the yummiest ones, let me know!
  • I can hear the babies in their crib and I think they have started “talking” to one another :) 
  • I pulled out a little bit of my mercury glass pieces :) I LOVE MERCURY glass. I started buying it years ago and I have some that I really like. I like that you can really have it out any time of the year, but I think it’s very fitting during the holidays! 
  • Speaking of mercury, I had a few comments on my post from Monday that mentioned the light bulbs I posted being dangerous because of their mercury content. I had no idea! That kind of freaks me out. I guess you aren’t just supposed to throw them away and if they break, that’s bad, too. So, must be extra careful.
  • My mom made some cute little cupcakes this week :) I think based on her foil box lid holder, I know what to get her for Christmas, haha.
  • I’ve cooked for the past two nights :) It’s also been nice to have leftovers for lunch. I LOVE poppy seed chicken!
  • I’ve been working with the twins this week to grip something other than my hair. They now won’t let go of their toys..Well, Knox has the hook that hangs the star on the activity gym.
  • I’m teaming up with Oreck and I’m very excited :) Also, if you enter “FALLSAVE” you will get 20% off any regularly priced item AND free shipping! Expires today!
  • The babies are participating in a book exchange! I think it’s a fun idea. I’m assuming and hoping it works! We don’t have many books, but should once the exchange is over :)
  • Thank you, again, for the crock pot recipes in last week’s “midweek randoms” post. I’ve been referencing it a lot! I’ll share which ones I make and what we think!

Have a good day! 



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    Don't get rid of clothes yet! I keep all clothes so I can use them for more kids. As for the personalized ones I would keep the ones you really like and make a quilt out of them as someone already suggested. I believe there is a place online that will make them in a quilt for you. Can't recall the name of it right now.

    Ahhh, I would love to review an Oreck on my blog!!

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    I love my Keurig! It makes the coffee so HOT and it's super quick!! The hot chocolate is heavenly…especially with the cool nights we have been having (& no caffeine!). I also like the cappuchino cups, the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend & the Donut shop brand K-cups! I'm pretty sure they have decaf coffee cups too!! Making coffee is fun with a Keurig!

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    Bed BAth and Beyond is the easiest place for the K-cups along with a coupon (of course). There is a online source too that has good prices. bigcatcoffees.com

    My suggestion for keeping the kids clothes (you just can't get rid of them yet). Go to mabelslabels.com and they have great labels for bins (infant, 0-3 months, 3 – 6 months) to put on the bins and keep them very organized. They are great. Also great labels to label your sweet twins cups, clothes, etc. All the things that get lost as the kids get bigger, but especially when you take them places. Nope, I don't work for Mabels Labels — I just love the product. Dishwasher safe labels for those zippy cups or bottles.

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    Love the Donut shop decaff k-cups! And Caribou, but I haven't tried their decaff yet. I'm sure it's good, too. Their regular is my hub's favorite. We order them from coffeecow.com.

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    I love my Keurig. I think Bed, Bath, and Beyond is the best place to get them.

    When I had to get rid of clothes, I bought a memory box at Hobby Lobby. I put special clothing, personalized items, and other stuff from my son's first year in that box. It made it easier for me to give the rest away.

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    I love my Keurig! I get the box of 80 K-cups at BJs for $39.99 and I also get some of the flavored ones from Bed Bath & Beyond. Make sure you use your 20% off coupon there. Be on the look out for sales on the Keurigs. Definitely keep your eye out in the Kohl's ad.

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    LOVE my Keurig. My mom buys the Green Mountain Half Caff because she is trying cut back on caffiene and it is really good. I also love the Pumpkin Spice that is out right now and Timothy's has the best decaf.

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    LOOOOVE my Keurig!!

    We get k-cups at Sams club. They equal out to be 44cents a piece. Worst place to buy them is Bed Bath & Beyond… they have a great selection but you only get 18 for 12.99… total rip off!

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    I get all of my K-cups at Bed Bath & Beyond. They always have a great selection, and you can use the 20% off coupons! (don't forget – they take expired coupons – I'm still using ones from 2007!)

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    sloane looks absoultely stunning in that picture where she's holding her toy!!! It might just be my favorite picture that you've posted of her. She's going to be a total heartbreaker! Watch out Brent! : )

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    I am a long time blog reader and I just never comment. :/ Sorry! I bought my Keurig at Sam's Clun. It was the cheapest I could find. It came with, like, 30 sample K-Cups so maybe you could do that and find out what you like best. We buy our K-Cups at Target…18 for 11.99. Also, a few weeks ago, target had a sale and if you bought 2 boxes you get a $5 gift card. You could always keep an eye on that. Kohl's also sells the K-Cups. Not the best variety and definitely wait till they go on sale for $11.99 as well.

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    I read all the time, but never comment. I started reading when you were pregnant with Cohen. I had a baby boy about 3 weeks after Cohen was born. Your babies are so adorable! My office orders the Keurig coffee cups from Coffee Giant online. My boss thinks they have a great price on them!

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    Hi! My husband JUST brought home a little keurig cup for me tonight. It's called Ekobrew. And you can put your own coffee grounds in it and apparently it's supposed to work great. I plan on trying it tomorrow. Less waste for one thing, and definitly cheaper! http://www.ekobrew.com/

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    Happy Anniversary! (Belated…can't remember if I said anything to you earlier).
    I've packed up the girls clothes. I figure, we're not done so no point in getting rid of them just yet. I've even kept the boy stuff my MIL bought before we found out we were having 2 girls.
    That Cinnabon creamer looks yummy! I'm currently addicted to the Coffee Mate Caramel Macchiato.
    I had to separate the girls this morning…they started out talking but then Tensley (little miss wiggle worm) wiggled herself around to where she was kicking Tillie in the head! Of course, both girls were screaming crying at the top of their lungs.

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    I love our Keurig. I get all my K-Cups on Amazon.com (which also triggers Amazon Mom). Free shipping and here in 1-2 days. With a toddler that means I don't have to pack him up and go out. Best prices and selection too!

    I love the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Decaf. Light blend coffee and decaf.

    The flavored ones are great too, I found one that's a raspberry chocolate and use it for ice coffee. Tastes so good!

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    Ohh. I forgot, Costco has the best price on the Keurig. Not only the actual pot, but you get the My Cup (so you can use your own coffee/tea if you like, rather than a k-cup) included and ~60 kcups to sample.
    Sam's has the same thing.

    But, more importantly, Costco has the BEST return policy should something happen. Just bring it in- receipt or not. Doesn't matter how long after you purchased it from them, if something happens (which with these it often does, I'm on #3) they give you another one in the box. Easy peasy.

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    I buy my Kcups at Bed Bath and Beyond (yay for 20%off coupons)and once in awhile at Kohls if they have a super deal….donut shop is yummy so is Caribou. I have 4 boys ages 8,7 15 mo and 6 weeks and my rule of saving is anything they wore for the first year like holiday outfits, anything personalized, the outfit they wore home from the hospital,their favorite blankey(these will be used to make a quiltfor me….I also save their sports t's/uniform shirts these will be turned into quilts for them!) and of course the christening outfit( I will be having it framed I got the idea from Kelly @ Kelly's Korner)

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    You'll never regret getting the Keurig! Mine came from costco and we got a much better deal than the regular department stores. It came with the machine and 60 cups. That was nice because I was able to try the different flavors. It aslo came the the cup that will allow you to use regular coffee grinds which is also nice because my husband loves Community Coffee.

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    A lot of stores around here (or Amazon) sell a reuseable K-cup for the Keurig. Basically, you can "cheapen" the use of the cup by using your own coffee, grind it, put it in the reusable cup, and put it in the Keurig just like the cups they sell. It saves a pretty penny (and it's only like $15! around here). Also, stock up on k cups at Kohls when they have them on sale, with coupons AND get Kohls cash. Then go back to Kohls and use the kohls cash on more cups. You will LOVE your Keurig!!!

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    Had to add to the Keurig bandwagon… love mine. We have the B70 'Platinum' machine and love it. We did have 1 issue where it was intermittently working but Keurig sent us out another one fairly easily – so good customer service! Also, best K-cups right now are Timothy's Perfectly Pumpkin from Amazon (Free 2day shipping w/ Prime!) and I couple that with Delight Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer – YUM!! They also have Gingerbread Latte creamer which I just picked up. Ok.done.sorry for my novel!

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