Babies Announcement :)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the twins’ announcement turned out! It’s exactly what I had in mind :) The sweetest faces in the whole world.

We carried out the nursery and baby shower colors and patterns :) I adore the pictures. Brent’s mom took them. One of my best friends, Allison of Sylvia Rose Design, designed it. PERFECT :)


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    omg the tea cups is the cutest idea ever! I have never saw so much cuteness on one card! The back is precious and little knox looking like his hands are propped up is just to presh for words! Love Sloanes headband and those hats…CUTE!! love them Megan…excellent job to your MIL and your friend who designed them…your little twinkies are the cutest ever…my friend has twins and she calls them twinkies lol…hince why I used that word lol…

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    LOVE these! So stinking cute. The one with the hats on just melted my heart. I bet you have family beating down your door to meet them after recieving these!

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    This is Precious!!! Knox and Sloane are so beautiful! I love seeing thier pictures!! They put a smile on my face!!! Congratulations!!! God Bless you and your family!

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    The sweetest faces on the planet – love how they turned out, Megan!

    BTW congrats on ALL the house happenings! Holy crap – as it you guys don't have enough with the holidays and new twin babies, ha ha! You had to add to the challenge??? I know, just kidding. The kitchen pics of your new house made me swoon, that is bigger than the whole main level of my house!!!

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    I LOVE them! I just found out this morning that I'm expecting our second baby (first is 11 months) and I was literally praying 10 minutes ago that God would give me a verse for this baby (our first one's verse hangs in his room). The verse on your announcement just was perfect for how I'm feeling this morning. One blessing after another. =)

    I may have to steal that sweet coffee mug idea. . .

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    love love love!! knox and sloane could not be any cuter! and congrats on selling and buying a new house! such a fabulous year for yall. i will be praying that everything with the houses work out…we just bought a new house and it can be very stressful-so i pray everything goes smoothly!

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    Hi! I've been following your blog for awhile. Just realized the twins and I share a birthday. August 19th is a great day. However, when they are 5, I do not recommend an outdoor birthday party with 30 other kids…in the south…in August. My mother did it once. Said never again! :)

    Great pics, and I enjoy your blog!

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    Wow I LOVE them!!! I don't comment much but wanted to say your family is so sweet, so lovely…I'm so happy for you guys. Thanks for sharing your beautiful babies with us all :)

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    this is just too darn cuuuuute!!
    they just look soooo sweet.. I especially love the picture on the back top. Those little hats!! ahhh!!!

    and of course Brent's mom took them. She is so talented it is crazy!!

    we still can't believe how awesome our engagement photos turned out that she took!!

    I actually use one as my blog header :) gotta love the buffalo in the background!


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    Was SO thrilled when I saw this in the mail. Thanks for sending one to me! So sweet of you. They are such BEAUTIFUL babies! I know you are going to have so much fun during the holidays with these little peanuts!

    Since Thanksgiving is over…Merry Christmas!

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