Wedding Anniversary :)

a little bit of a mushy alert…

Five years ago, Brent and I tied the knot. October 28, 2006 was a very special day. I think back to our wedding day and it was perfect. We had the perfect fall wedding with the perfect weather, perfect surroundings and the perfectly normal desire to be married for the long haul.

I love weddings. I love looking at all things wedding and I love attending weddings. However, to me, never has a wedding been (or should be) about only about “big day” per se. It is about all the days that follow. The most important thing about our wedding day was committing ourselves to one another in the hands of God.

I look back to five years ago on our wedding day. I think how it felt being a bride and marrying the person I was meant to spend forever with. I think about our family and friends that came to support us and celebrate with us. I think about all the dancing people did and Brent singing with the band. I think about the beautiful flowers, the amazing wedding cake and the fun cupcakes! I think about how I really would have picked a different dress had I gotten married this year, or last or..well you get the point. I think about my excitement to spend the rest of our lives together. I still feel that way. I’m thankful for every day with him and we do have to make the most of this life, no matter what situation comes our way.

As of September 10th of this year, we have been together for nine years. Brent and I met when I was 18 years old and he was 21. I had only been in college for two weeks. I had no intentions of going to college and ‘meeting someone’ right away. I had met some girls at orientation that grew up with Brent. When we all met back up when school started, they introduced us.

Fortunately, we never had to, or wanted to, take time apart. We’ve been together ever since.

The past two years have been almost 100% focused on our children. Neither of us would have had it any other way. No, we never thought we would find out our first child had a broken heart and only have twelve days with him. We also didn’t expect to now have had three children in fourteen months, including a set of healthy twins. We have been through the unthinkable and the most amazing part of life. Seeing and being with each other during that time has been a large part of our relationship thus far. It’s amazing what two bittersweet years can do for your heart. I’m not sure I would have made it out like I have without Brent.

Brent and I have been blessed with an amazing family and set of friends. We’ve been able to travel some and do the things we enjoy doing. No, our relationship isn’t always perfect, but it’s the imperfections that have gotten us where we are today.

I don’t really know how I feel about luck, but I do honestly feel like I am so lucky to have Brent as my husband. I am blessed and I am happy. Brent is an amazing dad to our children. Just thinking about him as a dad and seeing him in action can make me cry in an instant.  I thank God for him every day. No, he isn’t perfect and neither am I, but I’m pretty sure we are perfect for one another.

My parents have been married for 39 years…THIRTY NINE. Now, that is a long time! Next August will make forty years. They tell me, fairly often, how wonderful Brent is to them, me and our children. I know they feel very thankful that God put us together and that means a lot.

This year, we experienced Cohen’s first birthday. While hard, we are thankful our little guy is healed and happy. We miss him everyday, but certainly able to see him some in his brother and sister.

We welcomed Knox & Sloane and it’s been amazing. I tried to think of my favorite picture from this year. I think their slideshow contains every favorite picture, including these two…

{Right after Knox & Sloane were born.}

{Getting ready to leave the hospital with Knox & Sloane.}

The picture under this post with us and Cohen will, of course, always be a favorite.

I’m so thankful for my marriage and for Brent! I’m thankful we made a commitment to ourselves and God five years ago. We’ve worked everyday to fulfill it.

Happy Anniversary, Brent! Yes, a lot of the time I call him “honey” :) I thought I would spare you all that.

Oh, If you ever doubted if I was a Texan…..

I got married in Hooks, TX, though I’m not from there. We got married on some beautiful land, by a barn. The reception was in the barn. It’s called Ramage Farms. There is a barn right of I-30 and that is the restaurant and store. The other barn and land is a few miles down the road. Last night, I went to the main site and found this…..

I had no clue I was the cut-out ad, ha!

If you go to the wedding page, you know, by clicking on me….the first several pictures are from our wedding :) 

**Soon after I posted this, I got word that Ramage Farms restaurant burnt down at the first of this month :( So sad! 

Twin Treats – 10 wks will go up sometime this afternoon :)

Happy Friday!



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    Happy Anniversary!! Today is my parents' 39th anniversary so I think it is a great day!! =)
    Your babies are beautiful! I love all of your pictures!!
    I wish you many more blessed years together!!

  2. says

    Happy Anni pretty girl! This post made me cry! What an awesome post and a true testimony to GOD that even thru the tough times ya'll have stuck together! All three of your children are perfect in every way! You are an amazing mother as Brent is an amazing father! Hope your Anni is the best yet and I am sure it will be with Knox and Sloane by your side :) and Cohen sending wishes from Heaven!!

    OMG that is a riot that you are on their website and didn't know. See your so pretty your on ads lol :) love it


  3. says

    Congrats on having a fabulous husband, and having God there to guide you! My hubs and I have been together for almost 8 years, and married for 2. I love my high school sweetie and am SO thankful I have him by my side!

    Congrats to you, brent and the babes!

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    I have been reading your blog and don't usually comment, but I wanted to today. Happy Anniversary :) Today is also my parents and my sister & brother in law's anniversaries! 28 years for my parents and 11 for my sister… I hope you have a great day!

  5. says

    I have been following your blog for about a year now but have never commented. I saw in this post that you put that you were from Hooks, Texas. What a small world. I'm from New Boston. Your twins are beautiful. Congrats on the anniversary.

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    Happy Anniversary and what sweet pictures!! I wanted to ask if you have ever considered showing more than one post at a time? I LOVE reading but am always back scrolling, haha. Just curious :)

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    happy anniversary to you and Brent! y'all are a beautiful couple with a beautiful family! i pray you have many, many more blessed years together! :)

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    Happy Anniversary to you and Brent! What a wonderful post and photos! That is amazing to hear that your parents are on 39 years of marriage, so wonderful! My parents are on 34 years, and my husband and I will be married 4 years in December. We have no kids, and have PCOS, but we love each other with our entire souls :)

    ~Happy Anniversary~

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    Happy anniversary! I love seeing your pictures again from the photo shoot and slideshow. Soo sweet! You are such a sweet couple and to have God at the center of it all you are a good influence to so many of us! Here's to 25 more years :)

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