Twin Treats :) 9 wks

**Miss Sloane Rose says thank you for the sweet words on her picture earlier today :) Her boots are from Totsy! They are actually on there today (Saturday) for $7. Also, use discount code TOTSYTWO for FREE SHIPPING :)

Knox & Sloane are 9 weeks old today! They are growing and changing. They are just as sweet as can be!

I know I’ve posted a few pictures of them already this week, but of course, I have a few more. Okay, a lot. I can’t help it.

They had their two month appointment today and it went good. Of course, we hated to see them get shots. They actually shed real tears.

– 10lbs 8oz (6lbs 2oz at birth)
The doctor said she is doing great for a twin who was technically a tad premature.
– 22.25 inches long

 – 9lbs (5lbs 10oz at birth)
-The doctor thinks Knox being in a lower percentile is probably due to reflux, eating slow and digestion changes. We are going to add 1/2-3/4 scoop of formula powder to his milk during the bedtime bottle to get him some extra calories in for a while. He needs to take in more than he burns :)
– 22 inches long

Overall, doctor said Knox & Sloane look great!

We are upping Knox’s dose of Axid for his reflux. It seems to have helped, but I felt like over the past week it wasn’t helping quite as much and I guess the bigger they get the dosage needs to be increased. 

We forgot to ask about his Ptosis, which is his lazy little lid. He must have had his eyes closed because based on the pictures I took before the appointment (shown below) it seems pretty distinct today. It seems more noticeable when he is tired so maybe me waking them from a nap for the appointment might be the case in the pictures. When the nurse called this afternoon, Brent asked about it and they are going to make a referral to a specialist/eye doctor. So we will do that in the next few weeks.

Here they are this morning….

Brent got me picking them both up off the couch…

I think the picture on the left is before shots and the right is after.

After the shots. Poor loves.

Trying to recover and get ready to leave…

Worn out….

You may notice Sloane’s puppy. My brother got it for her when she was born and she loves it. She recently started rubbing and holding onto it and it’s one of the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

The rest of these pics I took throughout the week.
Playing on the activity gym….

Sloane likes looking up and Knox likes looking in the mirror.

They are also into looking at  their mobile…

We woke up early one morning and it was so cold! I quickly grabbed some onesies and socks to put on them and woke up to this after their next nap. So funny…

 Tummy time buddies…

These are from last Sunday. Brent was a big fan of the babes track suits, haha.

Knox loves my hair, but he is so sweet, so I don’t mind..

Lunch with Brent….
Bedtime melts my heart…

I saw these at Target and I think we will need to own them soon 😉

Oh, here’s a little peak at what is to come on the pumpkin front, haha.

Have I mentioned nursing covers? Bebe au Lait sent me one over the summer and I love it! It comes in quite handy if someone comes by the house and the babes need to eat or if I have to feed outside the house, which I’ve now done once or twice, one being at the doctor today. I love the pattern I got! Bebe au Lait also carry a variety of other things such as burp cloths, towels and bibs.

That’s it for today :)

I think it’s evident which pictures were taken with my phone and which were taken with my camera. i really want to get better at doing mostly camera! Phone is just so small and easy. Lately, though, I don’t feel like the pictures look very clear!

Hope you all had a good day!



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    1. My sister thinks the babes look gangster in their tracksuits (that's a compliment lol).

    2. Sloane looks too cute in that pumpkin costume! Although it doesn't seem like she's as big of a fan

  2. says

    Knox is almost Lily's size when she was that age- she was an inch shorter though. She also had reflux but very mild. They are absolutely precious! And you are looking fabulous! Bouncing back much sooner than I thought it would take for anyone just having twins!

  3. says

    OMG precious! They are sooo cute! Love the punkin' outfits! Thanks for the free Totsy shipping code….I have $47 in credits so you KNOW I'm going to shop til' I drop lol

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    Hey Megan :)

    Haha! The twins just get cuter and cuter, and I love their sweet smiles! Poor babies.. shots are no fun, but they make for great naps.

    I have to ask- where did you get the bow Sloane is wearing with the blue flower? I LOVE it! I went to Polkadot posies and ordered a few bows for Brynley before she was born, but I have a hard time finding cute unique ones.

    Sloane will be the.cutest.pumpkin ever for Halloween! And I love her puppy stuffed toy. Brynley has a few that I haven't given to her yet, but as she approaches 6 weeks and is now starting to stay awake longer, I think I will start letting her hold her stuffed animals more. Knox loves his froggy and it's so cute! Brynley loves to pull my hair out (by the roots ouch!) too.. but I still let her because I know she doesn't mean to. Strong grasp though ha!

    Hope Knox does well with the formula. Great idea to add in to his breastmilk bottle, and not a bad idea for me to try on Brynley sometime. She is still so small after losing some of her birth weight.

    Happy Saturday!!

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    I love the tracksuits!! I have a little boy a couple days older than your twin and I am having such a hard time finding sweaters and such for his size. Where did he find them?

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    So precious!!! I don't know how you do it!
    FYI on the ptosis-my middle child has it in both eyes. When she was little like Knox it was really bad. Thankfully it has gotten a LOT better over the years(she's 4). Looking back on pictures it's a wonder she could even see. It does seem worse when she is tired. We've tried to make it a point to have her look at things that are above her head, just so she doesn't forget that sometimes it is necessary. Hopefully you will get a great doctor!

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    They are just so adorable!!

    Brayden had to be on a higher calorie formula as a baby. Both of my kids are lactose intolerant so they are soy drinkers but he had to have 24 calorie per ounce formula whereas it's generally 19 calls per ounce!

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    I'm just so happy for you and I'm so glad you are enjoying your babies! My story is very different from yours but I waited a long time for my first baby, too. Those first few months after she was born I literally sat on the couch and held her. I just wanted to soak up every minute. It brings me so much joy to keep up with your story.

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    I love all the pictures! I think you could do an entire photo blog on them and no one would mind! :) Also on the Ptosis, my daughter has it in her left eye and I noticed it always looked worse in pictures and if she was tired/just waking up. :)

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