Sawyer Cohen McCarthy

At the end of September, I received this email…..

Hey Megan,

I’ve been wanting to write you for a long time now but I wanted to wait until I felt the time was right! Well here I go! While I was about 30 weeks pregnant I was so anxious for my little boy to meet his mama, and I couldn’t wait to see how his daddy reacted to having a little boy. I always felt like picking a name for a child is always VERY important and I was going to make sure that my little boy had the most perfect name that fit him just right! While I was looking at blogs one night, I came across “In this wonderful life”, I saw a baby on there so I was excited to know all about him/her. I always checked out blogs when I was pregnant just to read what to expect when my little boy got here. I was looking through your page and came across a beautiful little boy named Cohen! I read and read stories all night about yall’s journey with him, my heart was heavy and I felt like his story really impacted me. I wasn’t sure if half of it was being pregnant or what but something told me that Cohen was going to be somewhere in my child’s name. A few weeks pass and I finally find a name for my little boy, Sawyer Cohen! It was perfect and I loved every bit of it now if he would’ve just hurried up and made his grand entrance. Sawyer Cohen McCarthy was born at 1:25am on November 10th 2010. He was a healthy, beautiful 7lb 10oz 20 1/2in. long baby boy and he was ALL MINE :)! Long story short, when Sawyer was 3 months old he was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia and Septo Optic Dysplasia. Being young and newly parents we didn’t know what that meant but we knew it wasn’t good. Our little angel was blind. We we’re devastated, but when I was sitting home one night I realized the significance of Sawyer’s middle name and Cohen; they were our special boys! They each were special in their own little way! I have learned so much through his tragedy and it’s been a blessing having him as a son! I guess most of having Cohen’s name being incorporated in Sawyers name just means to never give up! You two never gave up and that is so inspiring! I just thought that I would let you know a little about Cohen’s impact on our son Sawyer’s life… he has a special friend! Thank you so much for posting your story out there so that we could be impacted in a positive way! Sight or no sight, Sawyer is healthy and we thank the Lord for that! Cohen just must be a special name :)

Hope you and the twins are adjusting well! They are beautiful and look almost identical! Have a great rest of the week and God bless!

Brianna McCarthy at


Talk about needing to catch my breath. I’m pretty sure I start crying, naturally. I was so taken back that she had picked Cohen’s name. I just kept thinking about our Cohen and and all the days before him, the days with him and the days after him. I kept thinking about the strength that he gave Brent and I. I thought about the McCarthy family being blessed with such a little fighter as well. I’ve gotten SO many nice comments and emails in regards to our little Cohen and family over the past two years. I have had several people tell me that chose the name Cohen after hearing the name from us. This, and the McCarthy family naming Sawyer, really meant/means a lot to us!

After getting the email from Brianna, I went to her blog. I saw that they were hoping to get Sawyer to China for a stem cell treatment. They did their research and determined this would be Sawyer’s best chance at being able to see. After doing further research and finding their Facebook page, I decided I wanted to help. Something as small as a prayer will be helpful :)  I feel like this little one has a piece of our heart.

God is hearing prayers because during the middle of this month, the McCarthy’s had a doctor’s appointment and actually got very unexpected news that Sawyer’s optic nerve had improved some! 

On more information, please contact You can also check out the blog and Facebook page.

And because I look at them often, but haven’t posted one lately… our sweet love…..



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    wow, i don't know you personally Megan, but i have been reading for a long time and COHEN is def an inspiration. I tell people about him all the time, reading this today, made me cry as well.; God has blessed you so very much.

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    Oh my gosh… this is the sweetest thing ever. I'm in tears sitting here at work reading it. Many many prayers going up for sweet Sawyer and his parents. And lots of love for the Marshall's :)

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    Oh Megan, this just takes my breath away. What an amazing story.

    You know, I have a list of girl names a mile long and have zero potential boy names on my radar… but Cohen seems like it would be a good one to start my list with, especially knowing how your Cohen was such a strong boy.

    What an amazing story.

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    Wow, this is sooo amazing. It brought tears to my eyes.

    I was talking to my Brent last night and started crying when I told him how eternally thankful I am that so far, our baby is so healthy. I don't know if everyone with a healthy baby realizes how truly blessed they are. Your sweet Cohen reminds me every day to be thankful for everything I have; tears, sore nipples, sleepless nights and all.

    Love to all FIVE of you!

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    I hear the name Cohen often these days (I think it's increasing in its popularity, yes?), and EVERY SINGLE time I hear it I think of your Cohen. His story has touched so many lives . . . what a legacy!

    Love the pics of Cohen.

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    This is such a wonderful story! Isn't it amazing that someone so tiny like Cohen has made such an impact on so many people's lives! Knox and Sloan have an amazing big brother! :)

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    I am a new reader and I am amazed at your strength. I hope that it is some comfort to you to know how many lives that you and Cohen have touched.

    His pictures are so precious.

    God bless your family.

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    Love the pic in the little green hat. As soon as I saw it, I thought he was holding his tiny hand up to the Lord saying "I hear you and I'll stay as long as you need me to". What a handsome boy

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    What a sweet story! I must tell you – My husband and I don't plan to have children for a few more years, but we love to talk about our future kids' names. We've never been able to agree on boys' names, and I just don't like very many of them in general, but we both LOVE Cohen! And we love it even more because of what a fighter he was!

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