Midweek Randoms

Happy Midweek :)

  • So, no warm showers until the gas gets turned back on today. That’s right, I forgot to pay the gas bill. I guess I could add that to my post from Monday. 
  • I still need to find some cute Christmas stockings and I probably need to get it on that soon! Have I already said that? There is a good chance I’ve been saying it for weeks now. I love the ones we currently have, which are from Pottery Barn, but we’ve had them for a while and I think I’m ready for a change! Plus, we have a few additions to get them for as well :)
  • Fun little notebook from CVS. Yes, I got it because I liked the colors and patterns….
  • Yesterday afternoon I calculated how much we have spent on food for the month of October. Granted, it’s not over yet. Let’s just say it was very, very unacceptable. For just Brent and myself, we have spent way too much. Well, I like to say I’m technically eating for three, but really, pretty ridiculous. 
  • Starting this Monday we are going to make a LARGE effort to start cooking more again. We just have to manage our time with the babies schedule and the house being for sale. Another thing about cooking, I don’t want a large mess left lingering, so I’ll be sure to clean up once we’ve eaten. I want to get some recipes together for things I can prepare during the day and can cook closer to dinner time. I also would like some things that would allow leftovers for Brent and I to have for lunch the next day. If you have any recipes, please share! 
  • Where is it from? A lot of people have asked where such and such is from in my blog posts.
  • Sloane’s bows – They are mostly from J’s Princess Palace, Etsy and some Facebook flash sales.
  • The yo-yo’s from my wreath (both sets) are from the Yo Yo Cottage                                           
  • Sloane’s tummy time matBuy Buy Baby                                                                              
  • Blue rosette headband in this post – Katie, from Loves of Life, made it! She use to have a cute Etsy shop :) 
  • **If you have asked about something in a comment and I haven’t answered, I may have overlooked it or you might not have your email set up for me to respond directly! Just shoot me an email.
    • I’m currently obsessed with these lotions. I’ve actually been meaning to post them for a while. My friend, Allison, got me the Archipelago when the babies were born. The Shea Moisture I picked up somewhere. Though it says baby, I’m the only one using it :) Smells so good.

    • The babies announcements are being made as we speak :) So excited! We had a few setbacks, but better late than never!
    • Yes, I am maybe crazy and am still doing Christmas cards, too. I just wanted them to be separate.
    • Speaking of, have you seen Tiny Prints holiday cards??  SUCH CUTE CARDS!!! I love holiday cards and can’t wait for them to start arriving. Tiny Prints has tons of options and they are running lots of specials on them as well! Lucky for you all, they sponsor my blog and I have a few discount codes for ya! 

    Save 30% on Flip cards!
    – Code: 1026DOD
    25% off ornament cards!
    – Code: 1027DOD
    Free Upgrade for rounded corners!
    – Code: none needed.

    • I will say this week I’ve been good about eating what my mom has prepared. She made her chicken salad, which I cannot get enough of. She also made this cold pasta, which I also liked. I just kind of avoid the onions. It’s exactly what it appears…some unusual pasta, fresh basil, evoo, roasted red pepper, garlic salt, peas, dash red pepper flakes, little bit of red onion, black pepper & Kosher salt.
      • Someone sent this video to me for breast cancer awareness and asked if I would share it. Sweet & Sad.

      • The twins are hoping I have time to prepare some treats for their friends so that they can put these fun stickers on them :)
      • I’m excited for Revenge tonight. Also, excited to hear it’s no longer just a one season show :)
      • Still a lot of shows I have yet to catch up on. Maybe one day!
      • A few other fun things and specials going on at the bottom of this post.
      • I can’t wait to take pictures of Knox & Sloane in their Halloween costumes!! 

      Hope you are having a good week :)


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        I love Revenge!! It is my favorite new show! The treat bags are so adorable. I learned the hardway that the gas company is very quick on the draw to turn off your gas!!!

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        Have you tried doing some one pot meals? My crockpot is my go to item when I don't have time to cook, especially in the winter time because everything that is associated with winter can be cooked in a crock pot…ie:soups, stews, chili, spaghetti etc. I love it. It's also really hard to screw up. I'm not sure what y'alls taste in food are but I do know there are alot of places online that have great one pot wonder recipies. Then that's one less thing you have to worry about. Can't wait to see those cuties in their Halloween costumes!!

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        On Monday I made a roasted chicken in the crockpot. I just bought a chicken, covered in one of McCormick's seasoning packets for Roasted Chicken and Potatoes, which was really just paprika, minced onion, pepper and rosemary. Put the lid on it and put it on low for 6 hours. Seriously, thats it! SO GOOD! We've been eating on the for 3 days, then I made broth with the bones.

        You should seriously do pinterest and just look at the recipes. You would be amazed what you can come across!

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        Love those precious Halloween treat sticker…wish I had thought of that. You are so right on the cooking more at home thing. I realized that we had take-out 4 times and ate out three times for dinner last week. Um, twins…You have a total excuse for not cooking more. I didn't even look at my stove till our little one was like 5 months old!!! Totally love my crock-pot now when I do cook.

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        Crockpotgirls.com has good and easy recipes. Seriously with a baby (and in your case 2 babies) at home I cook crockpot stuff several times a week!

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        I was also going to reccomend the crock pot. You can do a lot of nice things with just a little prep (and have leftovers). Have you thought about doing something like a cook exchange with friends : you each make a big recipe and then share a portion with each other so you each get a few meals. Another option might be to make meals on Saturdays or Sundays when Brent can be home or you can have your mom come over and help with the babes. If you cooked a bunch on Sundays for a few weeks you could probably store up a bunch of meals and then might be able to get on a schedule of heavy cooking maybe once a month.

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        I second the crockpot comments. We love baked potatoes in the crockpot! Just wrap in foil and let 'er go for however long (I do 8 hours, while I'm at work) We've done both sweet and regular. Then just serve with toppings. Hope that helps!

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        Hey Megan :)

        I always look forward to your randoms each week! I too have to make a final decision on what stockings to get. Bummer about the cold showers but you probably don't have much time for a long one these days anyway.

        Thanks for the hair bow tips! Can't wait to see the babes cards :) happy midweek


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        You should try crock pot meals. Definitely invest in Reynolds Crock pot Liners they will be your best friend and because of them……little to no clean up!! below are two of our favorite meals and we always have left overs. the pork would be great on sandwiches if you dont like the idea of stuffed baked potatoes.

        Hope you like these,

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        A couple recipe suggestions:
        Pork Tenderloin Sliders:
        1 pork tenderloin
        1 bottle your favorite BBQ sauce
        1 cup apple cider vinegar or chicken stock or water
        Throw in crockpot on low for 8 hours.

        Put on Hawaiian rolls or buns of your choice for easy dinner.

        Chicken burgers
        1 lb ground chicken
        1 cup mayo
        3-4 sprigs fresh rosemary
        2 cloves garlic

        Mix mayo, rosemary, and garlic. Take half and work into ground chicken, adding s/p to your liking. Form into four patties (they will be sticky) and grill.

        Spread remaining mayo mix on toasted buns and top with arugula.

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        I'm currently pregnant with number 2, due in January, and I have a 4 1/2 year old. Like I have time to cook. :) Hubby got me these two cookbooks and I kid you not, they have changed my life. I literally cook one day a week and we have meals for 2 weeks. And the food is GOOD. (http://www.amazon.com/Dont-Panic-Dinners-Freezer-Great-Tasting/dp/0800730550/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1319665410&sr=8-1) There are 2 books and they are both fantastic! Hope this may be able to help you out! xoxo Erin

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        We started using paper products when our house was on the market…still use them 9 years later for most meals. We save on the dishwashing to almost make up the cost!
        Also, when using the crockpot use the liners so there's NO mess!! They are wonderful!
        Enjoying the baby pics!!

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        Love your blog. I have to add one more thing about Tiny Prints. On zulily.com today, you can get a $40 tiny prints gift certificate for $20. Awesome deal and use your other discounts on top of that!

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        The cold pasta salad looks delicious! Do you have a recipe or is it just "wing it?" Was it as good as it looked? I did miss the pictures of your little ones though! You should include at least one in each blog! :-)

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        So, I'm nosey and wondering how much you spent on groceries for the month. It seems to me that prices have gone WAY up. I am never able to stay on budget these days and I find I'm spending $800/month (at least) for 2 people. I can't even seem to get a handle on what a realistic budget should be. I know a lot of people talk about couponing, but I never seem to find coupons for healthy foods. I guess food is subject to inflation too!!

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        Here is a really great idea for how to prep your crock pot meals to make them even more convenient–I bet you could have your mom help you one afternoon on the weekend or something and knock out a ton of meals:

        As far as quick-and-easy, these are some of my favorites. Some are healthier than others, but you can always make some simple changes to make them healthier:


        And another great and affordable way to go is the bags of frozen chicken from costco. You can put them into your oven still frozen=saves tons of time. Baked chicken and fish are your friend!


        My last tip is to use grocery store prepared rotisserie chickens can make several easy meals, like chicken sandwiches/chicken salad, tortilla soup and these tasty taquitos: http://www.pink-parsley.com/2011/02/creamy-baked-chicken-taquitos.html

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        I don't know how you have time with all you do to do this and try and make meals at home…. maybe I should just come be your nanny or your chef. I'll take turns making dinner and holding babies. Deal?

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        definetly use a crockpot! especially this time of year you can make so much stuff and all it takes ia a little prep the night before, and for sure get some crockpot liners!! we do roast, soups, spaghetti sauce, pulled pork, breakfast casserole….YUM!!!

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        Hi Megan, I work with Lindsey K… I have a recipe that only takes about 30 minutes beginning to end and is cooked in one pot and makes great leftovers.
        1 stick of butter and 3/4 cup flour. Heat on low heat in pot until it makes a thick paste. Pour in 1/2 to 3/4 a carton of Half n Half. Stir until creamy. Pour in 3 cans of Chicken stock, 1 can Rotel,1 large can White Chicken Breast (or fresh shredded chicken breast but can chicken is cheaper and easier). Continue cooking, stirring occasionally until all the flour lumps are melted (should take about 10 minutes on medium heat). Turn off heat and add 2-3 cups of shredded cheese (I use Colby & Monterey Jack, but any can be used). Stir until cheese has melted. Optional: crush into bowl of soup 1 handful of Taco Doritos. YUMMY!!

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        This is such an easy and delicous crock pot recipe. I make it all the time in the fall.
        Put all the following in the crock pot and cook all day on low:
        – 1 jug V8 juice
        – 1 pack of dry onion soup mix
        – 1 lb. cooked ground beef or turkey
        – Any frozen/canned veggies you want (corn, carrots,green beans, etc.)
        – Any kind of potato you have on hand sliced into bite size peices.
        – Add water until it is as soupy as you want.

        I usually cook the meat and chop any fresh veggies the night before after I put the baby to bed. Then in the morning I just throw it all in the crock pot. I also like to make some cornbread with it. This will last my husband and I for a couple nights and it freezes really well. Enjoy! :)

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        201/2 months pregnant and I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer.

        Thank you for posting the You Tube video, it is so important to get the word out to get your mammogram. I found my lump myself, Being pregnant saved my life otherwise the tumor would not have grown as fast, I'm convinced the stage would of been much higher.

        I just had my 3rd round of chemo and our sweet baby girl will be here December 26!

        Again thank you again. It is so important to schedule a mammogram and find it early!

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