It would be awesome…

It would be awesome… if I dropped a bottle of Bio Oil and it splashed up ALL OVER the wall in our bathroom….because you know, oil is impossible to get off or cover on a wall. We’ve put talc, Dawn soap and Killz on it. We’ve also painted over. It popped right out. I think there is an oil based Killz we are going to try.

It would be awesome…if I went to the alterations place to pick up something, came out to the car and got in the passenger side. I was alone. I drove.

It would be awesome…if I ran a load of ‘hang to dry only’ and then dried the entire load, on warm.

It would be awesome …if I double checked the door when I got home (always) to make sure it’s locked only to find the keys in the lock, outside, 5 hours later.

It would be awesome…if I filled my tumbler with water and grabbed the straw to take a sip to find I had not screwed the lid back on the cup. Spill.

It would be awesome…if I waited until a week before Halloween to order the twins’ costumes. I couldn’t make up my mind. We won’t talk about the handmade price tag.

It would be awesome…if I drank a bottle of Gatorade to find I had put the bottle back in the fridge two hours later. I have never done that and would probably be irritated if I had seen someone else do that.

It would be awesome…if I left the broiler on after making toast to realize it 30 minutes later and then be freaked out wondering if the babies could smell it quicker than I did.

It would be awesome…if I had 398948573 typos in a blog post because I can’t really think straight and I tell myself to proof read and then I don’t. I forget.

It would be awesome…if I had a to-do list that only seems to grow because I think adding stuff to it will help me do the things and mark them off. I don’t think it does.

It would be awesome… if Knox & Sloane had a ridiculous amount of clothing, up to about two years, because their mom is addicted to cute tot clothes.

It would be awesome if I could remember to call and make a dentist appointment for the tooth I chipped this summer. I’m worried it’s ruining the tooth.

Do you sense the sarcasm?

Am I losing my mind?

Today is a good day (even if I do something listed above, again) because I woke up and I woke up to babies smiling. What more could I ask for? Oh, and a wonderful husband, of course :) Husband of FIVE YEARS on Friday. Also, of September 10th, we have been together for nine years. Time. Flies.

A few things today:
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– That includes, the Scentsy party for Cohen’s donation project :)

Have a good day!

Oh, did you think I would forget? Good morning, from the twinkies. They were working hard at tummy time.



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    Bless your heart! That is all I can find to say about all your awesomeness!! But what a joy to wake up to Knox and Sloane!! And early happy anniversary to y'all!

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    I just read this and laughed outloud so I had to share these with my coworkers. I am pregnant and have a 2 year old and I find myself doing things like this often. Glad I'm not alone!!
    **Oh and your kids are BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats.

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    Don't be too hard on yourself! I do silly things all the time…especially adding to my To-Do list in hopes of motivating myself to move down the list quicker–doesn't work for me either! At least you can laugh at yourself :)

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    I just had my 2nd little one and I've had lots of "It would be awesome's" lately. LOTS of yours I've done… Specifically leaving the keys in the door knob. I just won't mention how MANY times. Sigh.

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    AWESOMENESS happens!! I'm in the same boat with you on some things…It would have been awesome if we didn't wake up to a flooded apartment this morning from a broken washer but all I can say is Thank goodness I still have my health and a beautiful little family to keep me grounded when things just aren't going right…and that I'm a renter at this morning!! Keep smiling and looking into those precious little twins eyes because all the bad stuff goes away when you look at the people that you love the most!!

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    The twins are adorable as always .. and I love the picture of Knox with Elton in the background … The expressions are priceless …

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    love this post. Stinks about the BIO OIL. PS- Are you still using that? Should I be?

    Thanks for the Erin Condren heads up. I just bought one using the $5.00 it gave me from you (thanks!) and a 10% off code I found online (FABULOUS) I got the $50.00 gift credit for $17.50 and you are one person closer to getting yours free. WIN WIN!

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    elton is so sweet in the background with the babes!
    I can't really relate to all your to-do's and funny mishaps – just can with work and keeping the house straight!
    SO sorry about the oil – hope you find something that works!

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    You have to super cute reasons for all of your awesomeness – being a mom makes you lose your memory and your mind! A friend at work always told me that and I thought she was just crazy (or getting old – ha!) until I had my own kids.

    BTW, the one about getting in the car on the passenger side made me laugh out loud. Too funny!!!

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    Oh, and one time (just last year and my youngest is 2.5 now) I came home from work, parked my car in the garage, left it running and shut the garage door. I could've killed us all. Luckily, my husband was leaving shortly after I got home and realized it. SCARY!

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    Mommy brain will get better although with twins, you're always distracted. Story of my life.

    Fix your tooth soon, I chipped one the day I brought my twins home and didn't take care of it right away – I wish I would have.

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    Hey Megan :)

    Sounds like me! (hence the name Laura's blonde moments on my blog lol) just a case of post pregnancy brain! Can't wait to see Halloween pics. I'm so happy you woke to smiles this morning. We are in fussy 6 week mode right now so I can't wait for the smiles :)


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    It's great to live in mommyhood, isn't it? …especially with twins. :) I recently had to create a home organization notebook to keep myself sane. So far it's working pretty well. I've often wondered, since having twinsies, if I'll ever get my old brain back or if I just need to get use to the mommy brain. Either way, I'll adjust like I always do. :)

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    Awww…my kids are 7 & 12, think I can still use "Mommy Brain" as an excuse!?;)

    P.S. I once read online, that the way to get oil/grease based stains off of your walls is to use a piece of a brown paper sack and an iron on low. Just lay the paper over the stain and lightly rub the iron, ON LOW, over the stain. The warmth should pull the oil off and onto the paper. I tried this when my daughter rubbed Chapstick and Vaseline on her wall! Apparently, she was DONE with that cold!;) I got it off a site that suggested ways to get red (juice, KoolAid, medicine) stains out of carpet. I also followed their instructions for that and it worked wonderfully too!:) Love, hugs and blesings to you all!:)

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    Bless your heart, Sweetie. Being a new mommy can be overwhelming. And you have twins so it is doubled. I remember doing things like putting a brand new gallon of milk in the pantry. Putting salt instead of sugar into a dessert. Our minds get so overwhelmed that we can't think straight. One thing my doctor suggested for me was to take an hour or two to myself a week. That is hard to do when you want to be a mommy every minute of the day. But it does help. You will feel guitly at first but soon you will realize that you are re-energizing yourself. Kind of like when you are on an airplane and they tell you to take care of yourself first and then your child(ren). xoxo

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    Thanks for the heads up about the Erin Condren. I have been waiting to hear about a deal out there so I can buy a planner for next year. I bought one of the deals using the link you posted. Hopefully you will be able to get yours for free!! Now I can't wait to sit down and actually order it on the Erin Condren website. Hopefully I will have time to do that tomorrow night.

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