Twin Treats :) 6 wks

Knox & Sloane are six weeks old today! A month and a half ago we welcomed the most precious loves into our lives :)

They are growing and changing all the time!

I’m not sure if it was a fluke or what, but Knox rolled over yesterday! Luckily, I was sitting right there and got a pic when he landed, haha. My mom was over and was able to see also.

I’m hoping to get better at taking videos.

Knox went to the doctor this week and he does have some reflux. He isn’t projectile spitting up. It is more silent. I can hear it come up and he swallows it back down. Occasionally, he does spit it up. This is a package deal, of course, so he is fussy after feedings, arches his back, kicks his legs, etc. He was prescribed Axid. I’m not sure if it’s started helping already, but it didn’t seem quite as bad yesterday and today.

Many of you have asked about the schedule and routine we have going right now. I’m working on that post. I will aim to post it on Tuesday!

Knox & Sloane have really been doing good with bedtime and naptime (why does it spell check say bedtime is one word and naptime should be two?)… So, last night they were in bed by about 8:45. Not a peep until 2:30am. We got them fed and they were back in bed by about 3 and then woke again at 6:30am to eat.

I have noticed Sloane kind of hanging out more during nap time and sleeping a little less. So maybe that is helping her sleep better at night? I’m not sure. It could just be that she has chubby rolls storing her milk! ha

A few more grins this week. Brent and I get so tickled at all the faces they make. We laugh and laugh at them. You’ve probably guessed by now, Sloane is our more photogenic babe. I’m starting to think she actually poses for the camera.

At Knox’s appointment on Tuesday, he was 8lbs. Last Monday, he was 7lbs4oz. Growing boy!

I think someone asked about the new glider. I don’t think I’ve posted a picture of it. It is from Buy Buy Baby.

Now, how about lots of sweet baby pictures?

A lot of these pictures were taken from about Thursday-Saturday last week. I had intentions of posting on Sunday, but never got around to it. I want to journal our days with these sweet ones, so I’m doing that now :)

If you have Twitter, you have seen a few of these pictures already. I simply can’t resist sharing as I take them. I really need to work on using my real camera more often, but the phone is also much more handy.

So, Brent was home with us on last Thursday & Friday. We got out a bit on Thursday for lunch and again on Saturday.


Lunch on the river…

Sweet faces snuggled up

Before lunch on Saturday…

I blogged a bit about the Arkansas game and Brent losing a bet and having to sing the Bama fight song. Here were a few others from Saturday.

Tummy time. The one of Elton watching, too, cracks me up.

 Learning what a rubber ducky is….

Let’s talk abut the sweet little guys face. Adorable. He was snuggling in bed with me one morning when the sun was coming up :) Brent loves the last one.

Oh, and Sloaney this week. Isn’t she something…

They are my favorite….

We aren’t obsessed or anything, ha! :-)

Brent made a trip to Arkansas this week and brought us all back some flair. The kids scored these cute onesies.

Believe it or not, they really don’t have a ton of razorback stuff yet. Most of what they have, they have to grow into. I’m also on the hunt for miss Sloane a bow.

My sweet friend, Katheryn, sent Sloane a beautiful gown and blanket. We love them and hopefully fit into the gown soon!

I guess I’ll go ahead and blog this in case any of you have experienced. On Wednesday, I was nursing the babes and started having some weird breathing. I could feel it low in my throat/high chest..middle, by collar bone..hard to explain where. Anyways, it lasted for about ten minutes. Later that night, it started happening again and seemed to last longer. I decided to check my blood pressure. I don’t even remember what it was, but my pulse was 43! That is LOW. Much lower than would it should be. I monitored for about an hour with the machine and my hand and it ranged from 37-46. I had my 6 week postpartum check the next day so I was hoping I could have it checked out then. That was yesterday. My OB had some blood work drawn. He said Lance Armstrong and athletes have low pulse, but I’m not currently in that category. He said it wouldn’t raise much concern if I weren’t having the little breathing spells with it. So, he had me schedule with another doctor to get checked for bradycardia. Kind of freaks me out, but I’m hoping it passes. I’ve still been checking randomly, and it’s still low…in the 40’s. I’m going to chart it and my blood pressure to take to the doctor on Monday.

Hope you all have a good Friday! :)


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    Seriously, can they get any cuter?? You can tell their personalities are coming out!
    Yes, 40's are low and the fact that your having some breathing difficulties doesn't sound much better! Def continue to get it checked out!

    Ps..notice how I commented! 😉

  2. says

    Hi Megan,
    I've been reading your blog for awhile, but have never made a comment until now. Your babies are just precious, and I appreciate you sharing them with us. I am very concerned about your heart rate, and the fact that you are symptomatic with the difficulty in breathing. I am a critical care nurse, and I see people with this quite frequently in the hospital. But, they are usually elderly! Please get seen by a specialist – a cardiologist – very soon! If it happens again and you are truly having trouble breathing, then you need to get to a hospital! Call 911 if needed! I know you said it happens some when you are breastfeeding, so be very careful when you are standing up and holding the babies. Sometimes people become very faint, especially when they stand, so you wouldn't want to fall – especially with the babies! I hope you do better soon!

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    did they happen to check your thyroid levels? after pregnancy is when a lot of women start having issues with the thyroid , and it can affect your heart rate. Hope you feel better!

  4. says

    Such cuties! Love all their funny faces.

    I am wondering how you have them swaddled. It always looks like they are double swaddled. Is it like a swaddle blanket and then you just wrap their feet in another blanket?

  5. says

    I can't believe they are already 6 weeks old! They are such doll babies!!!!!! Love that gown and blanket a friend sent, adorable!

    Praying you feel better soon!

  6. says

    Hi Megan – omg soooo cute, these pics just get better and better. You SHOULD be obsessed, girl! You deserve it! I think Twin Treats are my favorite posts of the week, I love hearing about what each of them is doing now. Sorry about your breathing issue, that must have been very scary for you. I hope it all gets checked out and it doesn't happen again. I loled at the "future hog" shirts! You Razorback fans are too funny.

    Have a great weekend :)


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    I had a friend that developed swings between very low and very fast heart rates that started when she was nursing. It took doctors a couple of years to figure it out. Her potassium levels were way off. She completely controls it now with diet.

  8. says

    Sorry I couldn't share more on twitter last night CLK98, I was having troubles.

    Definitely get it checked out and stay on it though I think a cardiologist would be best. I didn't have any breathing issues with it until right after I delivered my third living child. My dr was really worried. If you are on pain meds they can make your heart rate lower…which is why I have to limit taking anything after surgeries due to having bradycardia (spelling). Also, be aware that standing in one spot too long can make you pass out (though you'll come to as soon as you pass out). A table tilt test is something they might do if you're having that issue. I did with my third pregnancy and they learned that either my heart rate and/or my bp was going too low and thus passing out (neurgenic syncope)…so I not allowed to drive or stand in any kind of line at all for a LONG time. She's 7 and sometimes I still get like this if I stand in one spot for too long so I try to keep my stuff higher by walking back and forth. Anyhow…I shared too much but email me keenerfamily at gmail dot com if you ever have more questions. My inner ear specialist and cardiologist would actually refer new moms or expecting moms to me with such issues to learn more.

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    I know I already tweeted you about the heart rate/breathing thing, but then someone mentioned thyroid, and that reminded me that I had some minor incidents during pregnancy caused by my thyroid. Hopefully, whatever it is you'll get to the bottom of it soon.

    The babies are so precious and are growing so fast. Love your Twin Treats posts.

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    Love all the pics!! They are precious.
    I'm also curious on the swaddling–a swaddle blanket and then another for just the feet? I want tips on how to get 2 happy at once 😉
    Hope you get your heart rate figured out asap! Scary!

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    Your sweeties are getting cuter and cuter!!! It is so cute that Sloane has a tiny bit of length to her hair in the back!!! Love the hair bows!

    So sorry to hear you are having a scare with breathing/heart! Be careful and listen to your body… I'll say a lil prayer everything is fine…

    I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GOT THOSE ONSIES!!! I got P the toddler t-shirt several weeks ago!!! I had it back ordered and totally intended to send you some onsies as a baby gift!!! Ahhh… Best intentions … So much for me being on the ball! You need to take a pic of the babes in those … Would love to see!

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    Connor was a silent refluxer. Even made him wheezy. We were given Zantac which helped tremendously. He took it until 9 months. I have also heard great things about Axid. Be sure to ask of Axid is weight-based. If dosage is based on weight, keep an eye on him outgrowing his dosage. We knew we needed to take Connor in for a weight check when he would start spitting up again and like you said hearing the reflux. Based on his weight, they would up the dosage and he would be back to normal in no time! Take care!

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