Twin Treats :) 5 wks

Thank you to those who checked out the info on iLatch and donated if you could! All opinions are welcome, but I believe we need to encourage and support one another. However, if you can juggle multiple, crying kids in an airport security line or from the front seat with toys that they won’t throw, talking to them or any other method, more power to ya! There are also about twenty brands of pasta; you pick your favorite :)

Knox & Sloane are five weeks old :)

We have had a good week. Brent’s been back to work the first part of the week and he was home most of the day yesterday and today. I think we may take the babes out to lunch today.

One of the days, both babes seemed pretty fussy around feeding and play time. I think they are eating more and growing more.

I know I probably blogged this already, but so I’ll keep record in their specific posts..We went to the doctor on Monday and babes are doing good. Sloane weighs 8lbs4oz and Knox weighs 7lbs4oz.

It’s amazing how different a pound feels. She just seems to much bigger.

Knox needed a little silver nitrate on his belly button for it to heal up.

I also asked the doctor about his little lazy lid. It’s actually called Ptosis. The “p” is silent. We are hoping it heals on it’s own. The doctor just said he will keep an eye on it to determine if it is interfering when he starts to see more. I did have this one I was little, but I’m not sure if was quite as bad as Knox’s. Well, I shouldn’t say bad. The doctor didn’t really act like Knox’s was all too bad.

Sloane’s eye lashes and hair have both seemed to grow this week.

Knox loves to move close to Sloane in the crib.

They are going to bed about 8:30…waking up close to 1am to feed and then again about 6. Not too bad!

Their nails need to be cut, but I’m not brave enough yet. Laura, from Moms On Call, cut them while she was here and showed us how. Brent did one of Sloane’s hands this morning, so that was nice. She started getting wiggly so maybe the other hand later.

A lot of you have asked about their personalized outfits. I figured they would be in some preemie and newborn things for a while. So, I bought plain white onesies and had them jazzed up :) Most of them were created by Mary Kate’s Monograms. You can see some of them in this post, here, here here and here.

The monthly growth oneise stickers you saw in the one month post are from Nellie Designs.

The babes are doing great at tummy time. In fact, here they are this morning with dad….

 Both are really doing good holding their heads up as well. Every time we are holding or burping Knox, he acts like he just wants to hold his head up on his own….

While we were at the doctor’s office, Knox discovered my hair. He pulled it for the rest of the day. Here is grandma and Sloane at the doctor’s office.

They love lounging in the sun….here is Knox at the doctor’s office and Sloane waking up from a nap.

These pictures crack me up. The picture on the left if Sloane’s ‘I need to potty’ face and the right picture is her ‘all done’ face! haha

Mom, is that a dog?

These next few aren’t exactly from this week, but I wanted to post. Knox watching his first Razorback football game…

 Don’t worry, they both fell asleep within seconds…

A few people have asked about all the cute clothes I stocked up on before Knox & Sloane arrived. Well, I didn’t buy too much for the newborn stage nor 0-3 months. I mostly have onesies for those times.! I knew wouldn’t be hanging at home the majority of the time. However, I do need need to get better about putting them in some of the things since they mostly are cuddled in their blankets.

Watch out Toddlers and Tiaras…

Here is Mr.Knoxy. No outfit for him this day…

Knox & Sloane got their first L.L. Bean totes this week :) I had actually debated on getting them some a while back, but could never decide what I wanted. My childhood friend, Ashley (who has 4 kids including a set of triplets!) gifted them :) They are the small ones and so cute. I know they will get great use!

When I was working on the nursery, I found Whimsey & Co on Etsy. Well, I found Sloane a pillow I loved that for the nursery. I ordered the pillow and a few other things and then Whimsey & Co sent a few other fun things. So nice of her! It’s all so cute! :)

Don’t forget about the Moms On Call special offer and giveaway! You have until Sunday night!

Have a good day :)



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    So precious! Nicu nurse tip: I hate cutting baby nails because they are so fragile, it is waaaaay easier to file them with a regular old nail file and you don't have to worry about those delicate little fingers, plus it makes them nice and smooth so they won't scratch their sweet little faces.

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    Megan!!! You dress them TOO cute!! I love it! I will go broke buying baby clothes when I have a little one! And I absolutely love the picture of Miss Sloane sleeping with the flower in her hair. Precious babies

  3. says

    My oldest son had ptosis when he was born and it went away on it's own within the first 2 months. Until then, we got some really cute "Pirate" pictures. :) I totally think that nail cutting is a "dad" job! My boys are 3 and 6 and my husband still does it!

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    The babies are precious and i love their outfits! You are doing a great job!!

    I hope my comment about the ilatch was not offensive to you…I truely did not intend it to be! I totally agree about supporting our friends, especially moms, on any endeavour!(And I"m sure she's doing to do great with her business idea.) As a mom of 4 (a 4 year old and 1 year old triplets)…I've learned along the way that less is more sometimes. The less stuff I have to tote around with me to keep them entertained, the better! (Probably learned this better with the triplets than their older sister.) Helping kids learn how to entertain themselves is a great skill to have (this coming from a former elementary school teacher).

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    I totally remember the scary feeling of cutting their nails. And they seem to grow so fast, you have to cut them all the time. If you are worried about it, try and cut their nails while they are sleeping they move less.
    And LOVE the loungers, we used those for awhile.

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    My son has ptosis and we actually ended up at a pediatric opthamologist for it (he also had tear duct issues). We haven't been discharged yet because the ducts still pose a minor problem, but he had his vision and everything checked when he was about 15 months and all was good with the ptosis. In some pictures it is really noticeable and others not at all! Check out my blog to see the pictures…

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    I have to say I'm surprised by your somewhat snarky comment at the beginning of this post (about the pasta). I've been reading your blog for a few months and up until now I've thought you seem so sweet and positive. It's true, we're all entitled to different opinions (I personally think babies shouldn't learn that they need to be "entertained" constantly). But I agree, if you feel a product like the ilatch makes your life easier, especially with twins, why not use it. :) Enjoy your weekend with your precious babies.

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    After seeing the pillow from this etsy seller, I fell in love with it and ordered one for our little girl that is due in December! :) Can't wait for her to ship it so I can see it!! :)

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    I have never commented, but a great way to fix babies nails is to use a finger nail file and just file them off. Works like a charm and you don't have to worry about cutting their sweet little fingers. Your babies are precious, I couldn't be more happy for you:)

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    I LOVE the "Toddlers and Tiaras" pic….too cute! :)

    I'm glad they are both growing well and sleeping GREAT!!!! (that sounds like my daughters sleep schedule and she is 20 months! 😉 but she doesn't get up to eat, just cries! :))

    Have a great weekened!

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    Does K still have a clogged tear duct? A friend of mine mentioned that her baby had one and she said that breastmilk of all things cleared it up. She said she just rubbed it all around the baby's eye and it cleared it right up? Sounds crazy to me but she swears by it so I thought I'd share. :)

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    Sounds kinda gross but I used to bite my kids nails off when they were babies. And I would usually do it while they were nursing because they would be so still and all of my kids likes to touch my face anyways so it worked for me.

    The twins are adorable and I like reading about them.

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    Hey Megan :)

    Funny- I actually found Whimsey & Co on etsy too and ordered Brynley a cute onesie gown with her name going down the front in different fabrics. Love the stuff she sent!

    I have to agree, I love checking in on the twins each week too, and Twin Treats is the perfect name.


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    I cut E's nails one time and cut the tip of her finger. It bled for hours and even though she didn't care, I was horrified! It took me MONTHS to get brave enough to do it again. I bit her nails after that 😉

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