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Brent has gone to pick of breakfast. Since it’s almost 11am, it’s probably closer to lunch for him. I love breakfast food, though, so he’s being nice and agreeing to that :)

The babies aren’t really into their morning nap this morning. Lots of whines and wiggles.

We’ve had a great few days. The weekends go too fast, but luckily with Brent working from home some, he can sneak away for lunch, making it feel like the weekend.

I’ll do a weekend recap soon.

I hope you all don’t get tired of K & S pics :-)

If you want some cute glitter pumpkins, head to Target. These are only $2.50 each! Have I mentioned Target is in my back yard? Yeah, less than half a mile and it’s probably a good thing and a bad thing.

We’ve been debating how much longer we will stay in our house. The babes aren’t even walking and playing with toys yet, and I mean their blankets and clothes alone are everywhere, haha. We have three bedrooms. The master bedroom, the nursery and the guest room. Well, the guest room has basically turned into a room that houses boxes of diapers and such. I think we can handle at least another year or two. We will see.

Has anyone used this? Doctor says Knoxy has sensitive skin. He said even Dreft isn’t a “free & clear” as he might need. I also picked this up at Target yesterday. Curious to see how it works.

I’m still struggling about if what I eat is hurting Knox & Sloane’s tummies. Occasionally, they fuss a bit before they potty and they do have some gas. However, I feel like it’s kind of that way with any baby. Some people say they get what you eat from the meal immediately prior to feeding; Some say when you nurse, that feeding has what you have eaten a few hours prior. So I mean how could you determine by keeping up with what you eat? I will say they were rather fussy after I had Mexican food the other day. I didn’t have chili sauce or anything, but a lot of cheese and maybe the salsa had some things in it. I know, I’m probably worrying too much. I just don’t want to cause them any pain :(

Well, the Razorbacks did not perform as we had hoped yesterday. Brent lost a bet and had to sing the Bama fight song. He decked himself and the babes out in Arkansas gear before I videoed it. That’s also why there is a blanket hanging in the background. There is probably no sense in me posting the video because he didn’t really learn the song. He thought he would be able to read the lyrics, but that didn’t work out too well either and Knox & Sloane were over it. This picture is a little funny because they do all look sad.

We finally got a change to watch Revenge and we both really liked it! We are slowly going through our DVR and getting caught up. I think we did decide to get U-Verse soon.

I really want to see the Lion King. 

I feel like my back is breaking. I’m not sure if it’s just that I’m leaning over so much with the twins or what, but man. I may go to a chiropractor for the first time soon.

We are trying to decide what Knox & Sloane should be for Halloween. So many options!

Hope you all have a good Sunday!



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    The gas thing is just normal. We used Mylicon drops some, but I dont know if they really helped. The gas thing just kind of goes away at about 4months and they are so much less fussy.

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    I really like the method laundry detergent. It works well! I use that for everything but my "unmentionables". I use Forever New or other lye free detergent so that they last longer.

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    My 13 month old is allergic to most foods and a few other things. We found that Tide Free works the best for her. :) Then Bounce Free dryer sheets. For soaps either Aveeno or Cetaphil. (just have to be careful that it doesn't get in their eyes) Your babies are precious.

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    Our daughter needed something "better" than Dreft too. Thankfully, All Free & Clear has worked well. Never tried the Method one…keep us posted on how they do! Love those sweet baby pics!

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    Ha! I bought those pumpkins too. We use the Method detergent also since my oldest has sensitive skin and my husband is all pro-green. 😉 I like it a lot. Hadley is really gassy too but I don't nurse. :/

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    I was pulling for the Hogs. My Volunteer blood just won't let me pull for Bama – unless they're playing Florida! Plus my uncle, is a UA alumni – got to keep it in the family!

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    Their gas will probably get worse before better It is so sad to see them struggle with so much gas. I did cut out diary for almost 6 months and lived off chicken and rice. It helped a lot and then I just gradually added items back in until I figured out what triggered it more than others. BUT, that is rough cutting stuff out and they will still be gassy regardless.

    I have used the Method laundry and can't complain. I LOVE the way Dreft smells but I keep hearing it is filled with chemicals from perfumes and such. All Free and Clear or similar is on our list from dr along with Tide F&C., Costco brand F&C. JW Watkins is also another old school one that we keep around the house. Works well with our cloth diapers.

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    2 of my 3 kiddos had eczema. Deft is actually really bad for sensitive skin b/c it is heavily fragranced. We found that All free and clear worked the best for us and sorry but no fabric softner they are the worst for sensitive skin..I know stinks in winter… I found that salsa type foods bothered one of our kids as well as sloppy joes(which I love-boo)….every babe is different,good luck.
    ps…we had uverse and LOVED it..then we moved and they dont have it here-so sad-its great.

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    Anxious to hear what you think about Method…my dd has sensitive skin too, and I'm looking for a new detergent. LOVE those glitter pumpkins!!! I'll be heading to Target SOON!!

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    I would recommend a chiropractor for your back. I went through both pregnancies and in between. It saves me – especially now that I am toting around a 2 year old!

    Tummies are hard to figure out. I pumped and bottle fed for 12 weeks. My daughter had mild reflux though so I never knew if it was reflux or something I ate. We went through a lot of gas drops!

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    1.I'll never get tired of cute baby pics!
    2. I wouldn't stress too much about the gassiness…it's tricky to figure out, and I think most babies get gassy when they're teeny. Mine used to, but he's mostly outgrown that at 6 mos.
    3. You could try cloth diaper detergents for baby clothes..they are completely clean-rinsing…I use rockin green for diapers and for baby clothes.

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    I use Method (with Mrs Meyers basil fabric softener) and we love it! Of course I don't have sensitive baby skin to deal with but I've been very pleased with it! And that little bottle lasts forever!

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    I just watched Revenge that I had DVR'd and LOVED it too!!.. just a side note about Uverse.. my hubby works for a cable company and said they've been extra busy lately re-installing people who had recently switched to U-verse.. evidently if you have more than one tv going and try to get on the internet the tv will just cut off, or vice versa.. it doesn't sound user friendly for using both… i haven't had any experience with it though and you might LOVE it! :) Just wanted to let you know!

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    The tummy stuff is pretty normal. I would think you would have to digest your food before it is in your milk. I've heard it takes a couple hours.
    I had some back pain but it subsided somewhere between 8-10 weeks. Man, I would be so sore…and bath time just killed my back. I think it's just your body re-adjusting to how you are carrying that baby weight. :)
    We've been talking about adding on since before the girls arrived. We'll definitely need the extra space if we have more kiddos.

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    The gas is normal. However, you should call the Lactation Consultant at the hospital where you delivered your Twin Treats! : ) She should have all the advice you need on what foods you should monitor (foods that cause you gas, too much dairy, etc.) and when the babies will get the effect after you eat certain foods. It will make it easier for you to keep up with! There are no certain foods that are totally off limit when breastfeeding: it is all about moderation and timing. Love all the pis of K & S! : )

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    We are HUGE Alabama fans, so yesterday was a little more fun for us, but your babies look so cute in their Razorback gear! I love Method cleaners – and Seventh Generation too! Now, I'm off to Target to get some glitter pumpkins for our house! :-) Happy Sunday!

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    about the laundry soap, my daughter & i both have really sensitive skin, we both use tide free & clear & it works wonders. maybe you can try that out if you havent. i havent used method for anything other than their hand soap but havent had any skin problems with it. we havent had any skin problems using the tide free & clear since we started using it 3 years ago.

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    Definitely update us on how the method detergent works. My little guy gets eczema pretty bad, and even though we use the (Target brand) Dreft, it didn't help much. (ps. the hubs works for target, so yes, I'm addicted too… SO going to get those pumpkins!)

    My boy had really bad colic, and we tried everything. Mylicon (again, Target brand… like $10 cheaper for the same thing) helped, but it was all over after 4 months, like another reader said. However, I have a friend who decided to cut out dairy to see if that did it for her newborn. Still awaiting the verdict. :) Good luck!

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    i just wanted to echo some others comments. Tide free and clear is amazing and was one of the only ones that "worked" for my son. The gas thing I would also say is normal. I would bicycle his legs to help with the gas. My back was giving me issues after birth so i went to a chiropractor. He actually told me that women are "supposed" to visit one after pregnancy because the hips and back usually need lots of help!

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    Pretty sure the "back issue" is caused by the epidural/spinal, as that happened to my daughter after her twins were born, not to mention often lifting two at a time. Her pediatrician told her to put the babies on their backs and gently bicycle their legs…worked great to expel gas!! So far for Halloween, they have been: Capt. Hook & Tinkerbell, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Panther football player & cheerleader,and… this year…Little Red Riding Hood & the Wolf!!! Yikes!

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    your kiddos are adorable! I would recommend Charlie's Soap for laundry…you can buy it in bulk through amazon and need SO little per load and it's compeltely free of anything irritable for little skin. We use it for our cloth diapers and all of our clothes and LOVE it.

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    They are just precious and getting so big! Love those pumpkins, did not see them today when I was there…must go back!

    We are excited about Revenge too!!

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    Charlie Soap is wonderful for people with skin sensitivities. It's what people who cloth diaper use because it leaves absolutely no residue on/in the fabric. Not terribly expensive either – I buy it at Whole Foods or you can google it if thefe's not a WF nearby.

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    Hey Megan :)

    I think you're doing fine with what you eat and breastfeed. I agree that it's too hard to determine just what you ate and just what triggers the gas. My husband and I were laughing because everything that people brought over was gassy (cabbage and tomatoes, beans, etc) and I kept saying "oh no this is going to be bad for Brynley" but was so hungry and no time to cook at the same time, so I ate it. It didn't seem to bother her, but some days when I eat bland foods she seems gassy and has about 2 or 3 blowouts in one feeding haha!

    Never get tired of Knox & Sloane pics :) They are just adorable! How are they doing with their night feedings? I was so happy to get TWO back to back 3 hour stretches last night. I'm still like a zombie I'm so tired, so it gives me hope knowing you are finally feeling good enough to watch shows on DVR, as I keep wishing I had energy to.

    Love the pumpkins, and can't wait to hear what the little bits are going to be for Halloween!


    ps- sorry this was such a long response. I love all method products including the one you showed. I have also been using seventh generation dishwasher detergent bleach and chlorine free and so much better than the yuck yuck stuff! I always find it at Target

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    my son has sensitive skin also and i use melaleuca products they are on the web i love them there laundry soap is wonderful and they have some wonderful skin lotion called renew is awesome for sensitive skin.

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    I had to cut out dairy and vegetables form my diet. Landon wasn't gassy from them, but TMI alert, his poop was super runny, like water. Baby poop should obviously be runny, but this was too funny and pouring out of his diaper. I called his Dr. and was told to cut out dairy, fruits, and veggies, and to eat white carbs and that's helped tremendously. I felt like a big failure and so bad that what I was eating caused my son to have a reaction.

    I have glittery pumpkins from Michaels that I got last year. I love them! My husband not so much ahhaha

    We have a 3 bedroom condo and even with just 1 baby we have out grown it. Landon's stuff is all over the place! We want to move by the time Landon is 1 in June and we are going to get our house ready to sell come January.

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    Never too many pics of the babies!!
    Just my two cents- i ended up cutting out dairy when Evie was 3 months and it was night and day. They can have a hard time digesting the proteins in diary. Wish I had known sooner!! I didn't get crazy reading every label, just skipped milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. Might be worth a shot and I eat all of it now.

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    Have you ever heard of Melaleuca? One of my patient's clued a co-worker and I into it. Her baby had eczema and it is the only thing that has helped him, and his was terrible! They have everything from laundry detergent to cleaning products to lotion. I actually use the lotion on my little ones now and love it. I also use their all purpose cleaner and love it too!

    I have to go get some glitter pumpkins!

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    Charlie's Soap is the best! (I actually had a ped. tell me that Dreft is full of additives and not-so-good stuff for babies, so I never used it.) 7th Generation is great, too. We used both with my daughter and plan to use them with our twins on the way, too.

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    I think whatever you get gets to the baby eventually but every baby is different (you could have even more trouble with that b/c they're twins!) so you just kind of have to watch what bothers them…I worried about Mexican b/c of the onions…also stayed away from garlic, all spicy foods and trying not to eat way too much dairy. Mylicon drops were my savior! :) It doesn't hurt to give it to them with every feeding just to be safe but I only did it if I ate something that could cause ME trouble (with reflux or whatever) or if my babe protested.

    Be VERY careful with your back – having two c-sections so close together can cause havoc for your back. I had 2 c-sections 15 months apart and kept having trouble with my back…blaming my somewhat large babe…and then had so much trouble b/c I kept ignoring it. When you have major abdominal surgery they cut through your abdominal muscles… takes time for them to grow back…in the meantime, your back over-compensates for the "missing" abdominal muscles. So, be very careful as the babes get bigger – especially when picking them up while bending over. I had about 9 months of misery. :( So, it's good that you're already realizing it and knowing that maybe you should see the chiro or whoever! I wish I had realized what was going on at the time!!!

    And the picture of Hog sadness is very fitting. Yesterday was ROUGH! :(

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    My daughter had that gassy fussiness and I noticed that dairy and spicy food really did it to her. I minimized my dairy and poof (or toot) the gas and fussiness were gone. Every baby is different and you're not wrong to wonder. You're their mommy and you know what's best :) Enjoy those cutie pies!

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    have you checked out yet? it's a great resource for breastfeeding.

    dairy can be the first issue for a lot of babies. just having milk on my cereal caused my 2 babies issues for the first couple months or so. cheese, butter, ice cream and other dairy were ok though. some women's babies are as sensitive with butter even.

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    We use Tide Free and Gentle. One of my twins has sensitive skin, but this detergent has never bothered him. And we have U-Verse and LOVE it. Seriously awesome. All three of my kids have been gassy…I think it's just a baby thing. Who knows?

    Cute picture!

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    Hi! I've been a lurker here for some time. The babies are TOO cute! Congrats!! All my children have had sensitive skin. We've been using All free and clear for a long time now. The Aveeno baby lotion worked well for us as well as California Baby baby wash. Bonus is that smells like lavender!
    If they are having skin issues, they might be more sensitive to what you eat. Even things that are "normal" could make their tummies unhappy. Good news is it does get better!
    Oh and chiropractors are GREAT!!

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    My back was very sore during my son's first year of life. It took me a while to figure it out, but I finally did. For me it was that I was kind of hunching over to meet my son while breastfeeding rather than using my arms/breastfeeding pillow to lift him up to me. Getting a really good breastfeeding pillow helped me. I used a boppy at first then switched to the my brestfriend pillow. That one really helped me get my son in the right position and save my back. I believe they have a twin version of the pillow too!

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    I could NEVER get tired of seeing pics of K & S! Never!

    And, I have a Target close to me, too…definitely a good AND bad thing. 😉 I've used Method laundry detergent in the past, but we use All Free & Clear now. Once that runs out, I plan on making my own detergent..maybe. Ha!

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    now that you mention it, i think i remember my back killing me for several weeks after i had my daughter. i did not have a c-section with her, so i wouldn't say it's related strictly to that (i saw a previous commenter mention that), but that's not to say it might not make it worse… i don't know. i do think it may be at least partly related to leaning/bending over with the babies, like you mentioned. it definitely takes some getting used to. hope you can get some relief soon!
    p.s. i NEVER get tired of seeing pictures of those precious babies! i'm expecting my 2nd baby (a boy this time!) in early January, and seeing pictures of Knox and Sloane just get me more and more anxious and excited to get my hands on him! so happy for you guys! :)

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    I have had to eliminate ALOT of stuff with my son due to reflux and bad gas pains. Dairy Soy Veggies Garlic Beans and eggs. I have add some veg and eggs back in, he's now 4 months. I tested milk and garlic and those 2 are big nono's with him. So yes, I do think you shoudl start to eliminate. See Dr Sears website for some great info

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    We use 7th Generation free and clear. Only detergent that hasnt affected my son. I forgot..there is a gripe water called colic calm helps with gas colic and reflux (my sone had all 3) totally helps! They sell it at cvs. Mylicon and plain old gripe water did not work for us.

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    Hi Megan, I had some of the same problems when I was breastfeeding my daughter. I talked with her doctor and she said not to change anything. They get used to what you eat. So now everyone can't believe that my daughter will eat anything we give her. Don't know if there is a connection or not, but it is what our doctor said from the beginning! Good Luck!

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    I make the Duggar's homemade laundry detergent. So easy, smells good, and I think it does great at getting our clothes clean.

    I also agree that gas is normal for babies. Kinda like crying is. They are getting used to eating, etc. I nursed for 11 months, 7 months and 8 months. And some foods bothered them more than others. Like dairy, spicy, etc. Just keep eating and feeding them. Drink lots of water.

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    I can't remember where I heard this, maybe it was just one of my mom's friends, but I've heard that no matter how big the house, you (or me, or anybody) will manage to fill it up with stuff over time. That's not to say your family doesn't really need more room, but I think it's an interesting thing to think about when making the Big decision :) We are still renters and have stayed put for 3 years now! I'm already dreading the next move because who knows how much more junk I have accumulated since last pack-and-purge!

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    The babies are ADORABLE!! Gripe Water is the best for getting rid of upset tummies for babies. It worked miracles for Zoee. Congratulations, take care, and God Bless you all!

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    I am so behind on blogs so forive the late comments! I ate whatever I wanted when I was BF and I don'tthink it mattered much with peebs. I also read that was a myth on a few different boards? Kelly mom is a great website for that info.
    You better turn that Guest room into a playroom stat! Best thing I ever did was that. Now toys are confined to one room.
    peebs also had such sensitive skin as a babe and it helped if I didn't bath him so often. or if you do nightly baths because of MOC then just skip teh soap on some nights.
    I FINALLY mailed ya'll some trinkets today!

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    My husband had very sensitive skin as a baby and his mom started using SA8… you can only get it online, though, on amway. Unfortunately we STILL have to use it for my husband's sake. The upside though, is it literally lasts us AGES… we might buy bag every year or so, seriously. It's very gentle and cleans well!

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    Megan- been catching up on your wonderful life this morning for the first time. Can't tell you how happy and filled with joy I am to see those twins pictures! Brian and I are so thrilled for you guys! Knox and Sloane are precious. Message me your address on Facebook – we want to mail some baby gifts to you. Hopefully we can come by during the holidays when we are in Tulsa. Sending you lots of love and congratulations from the Fraziers!! Love, Jenny

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