Twins’ Slideshow :)

Happy one week birthday to Knox & Sloane!

My mother-in-law, who is a great photographer, was allowed to be in the operating room during my c-section with them, to take pictures. Very thankful the doctors allowed that. The same with Cohen. I cannot IMAGINE not having all those pics from his slideshow.

These aren’t all, but some really great ones! I’m pretty sure she got one of Sloane still in her sac. I’m also pretty sure the doctor made Brent look at that, haha. We figure you may not all want to see that. The end ones are a lot that I took with my phone in our room.

The slideshow makes me cry…and cry. Happy tears!

Knox was little delayed getting to me (and in some of the first few pics) because they were working to make sure his temp was going up! 

Hope you enjoy :)

Just click the link & turn volume up :)

Happy Friday!



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    This slideshow is awesome! I was watching it with my 2 yr old, and she kept saying "Babies!" over and over again. Congrats on your 2 beautiful bundles! Welcome to the world Knox and Sloane!

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    what a wonderful slideshow and a perfect song to go with! Knox and Sloane are both so beautiful and what a wonderful blessing. God is good. You did good Momma!

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    Such a wonderful video!! I am just so happy for you guys! Life as you know it will never be the same…but will be so so amazing!! I gre up with 2 sets of twin friends and always wanted to be a twin. They will be great friends! Congrats again guys!!
    Blessings, Kristin

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    1. Oh my gosh, what an amazing heart is so full of joy for you guys.

    2. I love the "double delight" – so cute!

    3. As a less important sidenote, only YOU could look gorgeous during birth!

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with everyone. :)

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    So wonderful! And look at all the love you two were surrounded by the day they were born, that is just beautiful! :)
    I love the first pic of all 4 (how weird/cool is that, to say "the four of us") of you together. Your face is so cute, it looks like you are asking yourself "is this real?". Can't say it enough, SO happy for you guys!

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    That is absolutely beautiful. What an amazing slideshow of moments you'll cherish forever. You have been doubly blessed and so deserve all the happiness. Congratulation!

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    love the slideshow! As a new mom myself, those pictures brought back the joy from my delivery day. It's all soo exciting!! Congratulations again!

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    Brent and Megan, you guys make the most gorgeous babies! Sloane and Knox have captured my heart. I am so happy for you and your healthy, joyful, Blessings!
    Congratulations! …hope you're getting some sleep!

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    Beautiful job! I got to be in the OR with my daughter and her husband for one of their littles as well. I love how you 'shared' the babies with everyone – even the children. They are precious and the pride and joy on mama and daddy's face was very obvious!

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    That was so beautiful! I started crying during it!!! You guys make a beautiful family and the twins are so lucky to have Cohen shining down on them. Congrats to you guys!!

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    Such a pretty, sweet slideshow! Love it! Your MIL does great work! Have to ask- what is the song that is playing? Love it too, will probably be stuck in my head :)

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    Loved it!!! Beautiful slide show of the babies! Perfect song too! The babies are so precious! Congratulations and welcome to the world little ones!!!

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    Amazing! The babies are beautiful beyond words. Congratulations to you fromt he bottom of my heart! I have followed your story since I first learned of you from my friend Jamie who also has a heart baby in heaven. God bless your precious family!

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    That just made my day a little bit brighter…thank you for sharing. What a wonderful treasure that a grandmother has made to pass on to these lovely lovely babies. Enjoy both deserve it.

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    I have got to stop watching this stuff at work! Good thing I brought my makeup cause I am crying now! SO happy for you and your family! They are such blessings! Congrats again :)

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    How incredibly sweet! Your littles are absolutely beautiful, you & Brent look so wonderfully happy : ) I'm all teared up like everyone else! And P.S. you even look peaceful & pretty while having your c-section-too cute!

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    Is it strange that I don't even know you in real life & I LOVE YOUR BABIES! I never knew I could be so happy for someone I've never met. I love the pic of BT w/ Sloane. So sweet! I just know big brother Cohen is so excited looking down on his new little brother & sister. 😉

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    I don't know when I've been happier for someone – and someone I don't even know! You've worked so hard to get to this place. Enjoy every single minute of it! And thank you for sharing it with all of us.

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    Great pictures! Great moments! Great song! This is the beginning of not only a great friendship between Knox & Sloane but a wonderful family! Congrats!

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    So, so beautiful. This made me cry…probably should have waited until I was not at work to watch. Ha!

    So happy for you and Brent!

    Has Mr. Elton met his new brother and sister?

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    That was just precious! You have a beautiful family and if they were both dressed the same I would have a hard time telling one from the other! You have been truly blessed, enjoy every minute of them! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

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    They are perfect,precious and absolutely beautiful!!!! Congratulations again! Still grabs my heart that they were born on my little girl's 1st birthday….

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    Love that! It made me cry too just seeing everyone there and how happy you guys must've felt. I'm sure it was a rush of emotions but they're both just perfect.

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    I loved the slideshow! So beautiful :) You guys are so blessed to have such an amazing photographer in your family! I think Sloane looks exactly like Brent. Happy 1 Week to the babes.

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    Amazing! Just Perfect!!! You look so happy and your family looks good with a pink and a blue! Hope you are feeling great! Thanks for sharing your little miracles! There are just too much!!!

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    we have never met, but I have followed your blog for the past year. Love the slideshow, brought a tear to my eye. Congrats and enjoy every minute! thanks for sharing your journey with all of us!

    blessings and prayers for a happy healthy life for you 2 beautiful babies.
    michelle from nebraska

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    Congatulations again and what a great slideshow. Your mother-in-law did an amazing job on the slideshow and took wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

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    I just can't wait to see them grow and change! Right now they looks so similar. I wonder if that will stay. I can see you both in them, but I think they favor daddy more. In some photos Sloane really looks like him. So cute.

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    Was that BT I saw in one of the pics? Because I was okay until I saw that picture and the tears started in!! They are just beautiful! I'm so happy for your family!

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    Thank you for sharing that beautiful slideshow… so awesome to see God's craftmanship :) So happy for you and thanking God for answered prayers!

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    Amazing! You have such beautiful babies and that was such a touching slide show.

    I was doing okay watching it and then the pick with Cohen's puppy did me in. :-) Our first baby is also in heaven and I remember the whirlwind of emotions that came with our second baby. Take care of yourself.

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    My face is drenched… not only are the pictures beautiful, but I cannot explain how happy I am for you. Congratulations… and I can't help but think of the smile that must be on big angel brother Cohen's face… to see his mom and dad so happy. Enjoy those beautiful little babies. They are perfect in every single way.

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    They are absolutely adorable! I can't remember really when my twin brothers were born but I don't think it was as beautifully choreographed and photographed as that!

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    love the slideshow – so precious! definitely made me tear up, thinking about all the joy you two experienced that day. congratulations on your blessings again and again!
    oh, and can i just say… one week old ALREADY?! i've been checking in on you guys every day, but somehow it floored me to read that they are already a week old! how did i miss that?! lol. as a mommy of a little one myself, i know how fast time goes by, but man alive! i know you are enjoying every second with them. so thankful you are blogging so we can watch them grow with you.
    God bless! :)

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    OMG, Brent & Megan, I am crying tears of joy!! I am thanking God for carrying you through this amazing journey! Thanks for allowing us to follow your journey.

    You have two precious bundles of joy! PRECIOUS is the only way I can think to describe your " double delight". I can definitely see Cohen in them!

    God Bless! Still praying for you all!


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    Such a beautiful slideshow. Great memories for you to have forever! What gorgeous babies,they are. You truly were double blessed. God bless them. Just my opinion, but I think Sloane looks so much like her Daddy. I happened to see the slideshow from your wedding, and she looks a lot like Brent when he was little, but I also see features of you in her also. That is true of Knox also. I think he favors you, but I see some of Brent also. Guess they got lucky, and got great features from you both! Of course Angel Cohen is present in them both also. I think Knox, especially asleep, has the same expressions as Cohen around his mouth.
    They are simple just as precious as they come. Enjoy each and every moment with them. Such a beautiful family! Hope Elton will love them both also! I am sure they will all be buddies in the future.

    Sending Hugs,
    A Mom-Mom in NJ

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    Wow..I am literally speachless!

    First of all I am crying like a baby after watching the slideshow, and the song is adorable, great choice! I loved how it told the whole story of their births and you look amazing!

    I seriously cried when I saw the picture of BT snuggled next to one of the twins. My heart is so full of JOY for you both and thank you for sharing such personal, sweet pictures with all of us!

    Your family has truly touched me, and I am so happy and excited for all of life's great moments to come for Sloane and Knox! Love all of their cute monogrammed blankets and onesies, and they are just ADORABLE :)

    Happy 1 Week


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    Oh my GOSH! I love this! What an awesome way to capture that very special day. There is so much going on it's hard to take it all in and remember it. LOVED the video :)

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    Aww! That was just magical to see them! Praise God that they are here! They are perfect, and look so much like their brother, and their mama and daddy, already! So happy for you! XXOO

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